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23 Times BFF's Tumblr Helped You Ascend To A Higher Plane

Delightful and nostalgic art. Puns. Butts. Butt puns. We've got it all.

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BuzzFeed's BFF division is a team of artists, designers, writers, and video producers whose entire mission is to bring more joy to your favorite social apps. On Tumblr, we make and write stuff you'll want to reblog on your blog that anyone who knows you IRL is forbidden from reading tbh, like the stuff below and ~so much more.~ Follow us now to make every day a little more fun. Also probably kind of weird.

1. Puns that will bring your inner self to a higher plane of understanding.

2. Beautiful comics that will remind you of all your childlike wonder.

3. Slightly incorrect names for food.

4. Because same, tbh.

5. We'll even help you be more popular and interesting in the office.

6. What other things does Kanye do all day?

7. Important butt exposés.

8. Useful pamphlets for when things go awry.

9. Jeff Goldblum.

10. Bob Ross.

11. Movies you desperately need made.

12. Meals you desperately wish you could attend.

13. A video game you desperately wish you could play.

14. The only dating ad you would ever want to see.

15. An appreciation for the best things in life.


17. This bullshit.

18. Sweet, sweet fantasies of what it would be like to ctrl+shift+C+rosebud through life.

19. Handy and inventive ways to describe your body.

20. If we cannot escape the fuckboys, we can at least take solace in knowing we are not alone.

21. Public service announcements.

22. Reminders that even small achievements really are achievements.

23. And of course, Chris Evans' sparkly nipples.

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