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21 Things Every Redhead Knows To Be True

We earn a freckle for every soul we steal.

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1. You've referred to yourself as "strawberry blonde" on more than ten occasions.

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2. You're constantly getting mistaken for another ginger.

Walt Disney Pictures

Yes, we have the same color hair. No, we are not related.

3. And if there are more than two of you at a party, someone's gonna have to go.

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4. Childhood trips to the hair salon would undoubtedly consist of random people asking for your exact shade.


5. And they were always the first to remind you that you'd never be able to get your natural color back if you dyed it.


6. Your legs always had more bruises than the average kid on the playground.


7. But you were NEVER left out of your friends' Spice Girls tribute band thanks to this queen.

Virgin / EMI

8. All your friends think it's funny to tag you in the latest ginger gathering post on Facebook.

You Deserve A Drink / Via

9. You’re always the most popular person in the bar on St Patrick’s Day because red hair = Irish, right?

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10. If something bad happens, everyone automatically blames you.

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11. You take genuine offense when a celebrity redhead dyes their hair.

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12. Under NO circumstances will you be caught dead wearing orange.


13. Ron Weasley is, quite literally, your king.

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14. You're overcome with envy when you see a redhead with visible eyebrows.

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15. You've perfected your reply to the inevitable "carpet matching the drapes" question.

16. No one EVER calls you by your actual name.

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Just "Ginge" or "Red."

17. In fact, you've been called some of the most unimaginative nicknames out there.

Warner Bros.

18. But you always had a killer comeback line waiting on the edge of your razor-sharp tongue.

Screen Gems

"At least I can dye my hair, but what are you gonna do about that face?"

19. You don't even think about stepping outside without first applying your trusty SPF 75.


20. You've mastered the art of going on vacation and returning paler than when you left.


21. But you did manage to get a tan that one time, and you'll continue to remind people at every opportunity until the day you die.

NBC / Via

Haters gonna hate.

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