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Pros And Cons Of E-Books

Do you prefer E-books over print? Or can you not resist the feeling of turning an actual page? We explore the pros and cons of using an e-reader to read your favorites.

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Pro: Fit Your Entire Library on One Device. / Via

You can carry your entire library with you in your bag. Who doesn't like having options? Also, your shoulders will be so grateful that you decided against that heavy tote bag.

Con: E-Books Are More Difficult to Browse / Via

Sure, E-books are fast and convenient, but what about wandering through a library or bookstore? You never know what book you'll come across, and it's fun to explore with no plan in mind. You can also get considerate recommendations from the staff.

Con: No New Book Smell and Feel / Via

There's nothing better than opening a book, feeling the pages between your fingers, and smelling the pages. We might just be book nerds, but there's nothing more gratifying than holding a book and turning a page. You could smell your e-reader I guess, but you might get some weird looks.

Pro: Adjustable Font / Via

Do you make this exact face when you read small font? On an E-book, you can adjust the font size if you have problems seeing. You can also mark passages, save pages and search for text ... it's almost like the real thing.

Con: E-Books Aren't Technically Yours. / Via

You don't actually own the books, even though you purchased them. Technically, the seller can take those books back or wipe them from your device. When you own a physical book, it can't be taken away, unless your friend who always borrows from you never returns it.

Pro: Instant Gratification / Via

If you hear about a new bestseller or a friend recommends a new book, you can instantly add it to your library. No need to wait in line at the bookstore, or wait for the library to have a book shipped. E-books are great if you just can't wait to start reading a book.

Con: Can't Share E-Books With Your Friends / Via

Most books prevent you from sharing them with your friends. Others, allow you to lend books but there is a deadline for when the book has to be returned. Print books are easily exchanged, gifted, and lent.