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Our 10 Favorite Authors On Twitter

Not all novelists have a knack for 140 characters or less, but these authors have it down.

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2. @JeffAbbott

Like Jennifer, Jeff isn't afraid to comment on books and the publishing industry, and he does it with the perfect mix of honesty, grace, and humor. He's also a Saints fan and our go-to page for #Saints tweeting.

3. @MargaretAtwood

This iconic talent is just as prolific on twitter as she is in her writing career. Whether she's tweeting informative articles, talking with readers and writers, or posting tidbits from her life in Toronto, Atwood entertains and informs (many times a day!)

4. @talexander

Tasha Alexander's twitter feed will make you question whether or not you're living life to the fullest. Whether she's baking cookies, galavanting around London, or experiencing all the wonders of Chicago, there never seems to be a dull moment in her life. Plus, she posts some amazing photos.

6. @GreggHurwitz


Hurwitz doesn't tweet too frequently, only 1-2 times a day, but everything this thriller author posts is interesting and poignant. From crime headlines of the day to interesting articles pertaining to Shakespeare or Batman, we're always happy when he comes up in our feed.

8. @andrewtshaffer / @EvilWylie

This satirist and humor author has dozens of twitter handles, but these two are our favorite. The first is witty musings, photos, and links from Andrew himself. The second inspired by agent Andrew Wylie, also known as "the Jackal." His reputation for poaching other people's clients and aggressive style was enough to warrant this twitter parody, but it was created after the scandal involving Wylie's decision to publish his clients' e-books directly through Amazon.

9. @judyblume

Yes, twitter, it's her...Judy! Not only is our favorite childhood author on twitter, but she's a twitter master. RTing readers, posting selfies with other authors, and always supporting fellow authors, Blume is a prime example of authors using social media effectively.

10. @cherylbradshaw

As soon as we read her bio - "I kill people for a living." - we knew she was a must follow. Posting about pop culture, writing, and any other tidbits from her life, Cheryl expertly balances the personal and the promotional.