Literary Fantasy Worlds We Wished We Live In

The real world can be so boring.


An easily accessible entrance in your very own wardrobe

You are greeted by half-man half-beast Mr. Tumnus who will show you around, introduce you to all the talking creatures and get you set on your way exploring the enchanted corners of Narnia.


Lyra lives in Oxford but it’s Oxford in a parallel universe. Just imagine the possibilities! In this world every person has a Daemon, an animal that represents their soul. There are also witches and polar bears that rule over kingdoms in the north. How cool is that?


Tolkien created his share of truly awe-inspiring sights for his epic fantasy. From hobbits to dwarfs, each culture has a unique world unto themselves but if we had to choose, we’d never leave the shire’s idyllic setting.


Okay, so you may not necessarily want to live in a fantasy world where there are such a thing as Rodents of Unusual Size.

However, any fantasy world that includes Westley is worth any danger.

7. OZ

Congratulations! You were lucky enough to be swept up by a nasty tornado and plunked down into OZ. Put on your ruby slippers to tour the emerald city, walk through forests teaming with wildlife and take a nice nap among the peonies.


We all hate to lose our childlike wonder. Get sprinkled with some pixie dust and you’ll be on your way to Neverland. There is a lot to be said for never wanting to grow up.


Transport yourself into a world where every teen must train to be a space cadet. Living in space, staring at the cosmos would be great not to mention feeling weight less.


If you’re a wizard, chances are that you were educated at magnificent and haunted Hogwarts school. Not a bad way to spend your angsty teenage years.

Start by taking in a game of quidditch, then stop by the leaky cauldron for some butterbeer and go shopping for a new wand. Life as a wizard is so much easier.


A cheerful population of Whos. They love Christmas and singing in unison. There is so much happiness in whoville it would be hard to be the grinch.

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