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23 Stages Of NaNoWriMO

So you decided to sign up for National Novel Writing Month. Here's what you can expect for the next 30 days.

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1. Well, You finally did it....

2. ...You Signed up for NaNoWriMo.

3. 30 days to write a book? No big deal!

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4. You've done the necessary preparation.

5. And you have such a great idea for a storyline, it practically writes itself.

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6. Week 1: You got this. You're making your daily word count, and life is good.

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7. It's so good, in fact, that you think about taking a day off to have some fun.

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8. Week 2: You're a little behind now, so you've got to focus.


No distractions. Just you and your thoughts.

9. Only 12,000 words, and you hit your first wall.

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10. So you turn to your writing group for a quick pep talk, and that inspires you to keep going.

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11. Week 3: You're in too deep to get out.

12. You still have so many more words to write, but you've run out of things to say.

13. You're pressured by the clock, and it's unnerving.

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14. So you manufacture a plot twist, even though it doesn't make sense, just to keep the action going.

15. You ignore your inner critic and try to convince yourself that the book won't turn into complete rubbish.

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16. A few thousand words later, and you are back on track.

17. Week 4: You can't give up. You decide to fight and slay this NaNoWriMo beast.

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18. You rush through Thanksgiving dinner with your family, in hopes of getting some writing time in.

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19. ...and you type until the tryptophan takes hold.

20. Final Day: You consume nothing but coffee and sugar for 24 hours, not leaving your computer until you type that final word.

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21. And now you're done! 50,000 words, a real novel!

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22. That means more sleep and less stress!

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23. Until next year.

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