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Fictional Chicks Who Kick Ass

Move aside Nancy Drew, we want these fearless females in our corner!

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Emma Caldridge


She can survive for weeks in the jungle, save a cruise ship from Somali pirates, and escape from the prison a Mexican drug cartel. There isn't much this ultra-marathon runner and bio chemist can't do.

Tris Prior

Tris's unique abilities are what sets her apart from the other faction members. Being able to be categorized is so overrated. Plus, she eagerly leaps off buildings and moving trains, and she isn't someone you'd want to get in a fight with.

Jane Eyre

After overcoming both mental and physical abuse, orphaned Jane pulls herself up by her bootstraps and becomes a governess. Like the other women in this list, she has a strong moral code and values freedom and independence.

Hester Prynne

Having a child out of wedlock is never easy, but doing it as a Puritan in 17th century Boston takes true courage. Hester goes to great lengths to shield her daughter from shame and ridicule, and refuses to let anyone separate them.