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Books For Best Friends Day

June 8th is Best Friends day, so to celebrate BFF's, we've compiled our favorite literary besties!

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Lennie and George

While George takes care of Lennie and is responsible for watching over him, their friendship isn't a one way street. George's friendship with Lennie keeps his hope for a better future alive.

Nadia and Verlaine


Nadia moves to a new town and a new high school just as she's discovering her powers. Verlaine has silver hair and a passion for vintage fashion. Together, the two of them team up to defeat the dark power that's plaguing their town.

Elizabeth Bennett and Charlotte Lucas


Who said Pride and Prejudice was all about Mr. Darcy? Boyfriends come and go, but best friends are forever.

But they're not the only BFFs in Austen's classic novel...

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