Books For Best Friends Day

June 8th is Best Friends day, so to celebrate BFF’s, we’ve compiled our favorite literary besties!

1. Harry Potter and Hermione

There’s no doubt: Harry wouldn’t be who he is without Hermione.

2. Marjike and Lily

Marjike is a track star and Lily is dedicated to her studies, but these two prove that opposites attract.

3. Gordie, Chris, Teddy and Vern

Good friends help you move, but best friends help you move (or just see) a body.

4. Lennie and George

While George takes care of Lennie and is responsible for watching over him, their friendship isn’t a one way street. George’s friendship with Lennie keeps his hope for a better future alive.

5. Sherlock Holmes and John Watson

Their relationship is the perfect mix of love and disdain, and while the friendship can sometimes be a strain, we all know they need each other.

6. Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn

These two were the original BFF’s of literature. Young, quick-witted, and inseparable.

7. Nadia and Verlaine

Nadia moves to a new town and a new high school just as she’s discovering her powers. Verlaine has silver hair and a passion for vintage fashion. Together, the two of them team up to defeat the dark power that’s plaguing their town.

8. Hassan and Amir

Hassan’s loyalty and good nature is the crux of the friendship, and changes Amir for the better.

9. Elizabeth Bennett and Charlotte Lucas

Who said Pride and Prejudice was all about Mr. Darcy? Boyfriends come and go, but best friends are forever.

But they’re not the only BFFs in Austen’s classic novel…

10. Darcy and Bingley

These two have the ultimate bromance. They even practice courting women together.

11. Calvin & Hobbes

We all had stuffed animals as kids. But this comic strip gave us all hope that one day, those stuffed animals would come to life and be our best friends.

12. Mowgli and the Baloo

From teaching the Bear Necessities to fighting off tigers and hypnotizing snakes, these two prove that friendship can cross species.

13. Sam and Frodo

A best friend always has your back, and Sam is always there for Frodo…even if that means destroying the ring and saving middle earth.

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