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Book Trailer: O, DEMOCRACY! By Kathleen Rooney

Chicago politics + poignant prose = Kathleen Rooney's debut novel.

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O, DEMOCRACY! by Kathleen Rooney, out 4/22/14

It's late spring of 2008, and one of Illinois' two Democratic senators is poised to become the next president of the United States.

Colleen Dugan works for the other one—not on Capitol Hill, but in a Chicago skyscraper that overlooks Lake Michigan, among coworkers with little to do but field calls from angry constituents while the future of the nation gets decided elsewhere. In the coming weeks Colleen will navigate the perils of costumed protestors, thuggish union reps, vacuous interns, trifling bureaucrats, dirty tricks by the Senator's Republican rival, and the unexpected discovery of a scandalous secret that will give her the power to change the course of the election and shape her own fate—though not necessarily for the better.

A quarterlife crisis viewed from the ghostly perspective of the Founding Fathers, O, Democracy! is a hilarious and heartbreaking story about American politics and the difficult business of being a good citizen: walking the tricky line between self-sacrifice and self-sabotage, between doing your part and knowing your place.