What You Should Read, Based On What You Watch On TV

Remember when your parents told you to turn off the TV and pick up a book? With so many great shows on, we know it’s hard to cut back. But these books will sate your craving for drama, comedy, and suspense:

1. If you watch this:

2. Then you should read this:

Both dramas take you behind the scenes of Capital Hill, one with House Majority Whip, Frank Underwood, the other with House Fixer, Joe DeMarco. While House of Cards is far darker than Lawson’s political thriller, both will keep you up all night watching/reading.

3. If you watch this:

4. Then you should read this:

If you love watching Dexter attempt to mimic human emotion, navigate his relationships, and hide his true nature, then you’ll love this debut novel from S.E. Green. KILLER INSTINCT features Lane, a 16-year-old girl who has an obsession with studying serial killers. Why? Because she might be one herself.

5. If you watch this:

6. Then you should read this:

While Harry Stein’s personality is more Jeff Lebowski than Nancy Botwin, this “soft boiled” mystery has a similar mix of crime, humor, and Mary Jane.

8. Then you should read these:

Before Rizzoli and Isles entertained TNT viewers, they were solving crimes within the pages of Tess Gerritsen novels. See how this dynamic duo got their start.

9. If you watch this:

10. Then you should read this:

Intrigued by the idea of ordinary people being forced to commit crimes against their will to keep their loved ones safe? Then you’ll love STOLEN by Daniel Palmer, who has mastered the art of putting civilians in extraordinary circumstances. Both HOSTAGES and STOLEN pose the question, who would you hurt, even kill, to protect the ones you love?

11. If you watch this:

12. Then you should read these:

While Once Upon A Time transports viewers to Wonderland, Julie Kagawa transports readers to Faery realms in her Iron Fey series.

13. If you watch this:

14. Then you should read this:

For those of us who enjoy exploring the darker side of human nature, CHOKE is a must read. Like Walter White, Palahniuk’s protagonist, Victor Mancini, is incredibly flawed, makes unwise decisions, and slowly spirals out of control.

15. If you watch this:

16. Then you should read this:

We all love the 50’s. But if you prefer your drama with a little less scotch and a little more murder, then you’ll love Megan Abbott’s tale of two Femme Fatales.

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