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19 Signs You Might Be Addicted To Books

The first step to recovery is admitting you will never finish your reading list.

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1. You Are Constantly Thinking of Book Titles

2. This is Your Reaction When Someone Asks You "What is Your Favorite Book?"

3. You Make Literary References in Everyday Conversations

4. You Do a Happy Dance When There's a New Book in Your Favorite Series

5. You are Disgusted When Someone Tells You They Don't Like to Read

6. You Always Recommend Books to Your Friends

7. You Can't Stop Downloading Books Onto Your E-Reader

8. You Stay Up All Night Reading Even Though You Are Exhausted

9. You Freak Out After Your Friend Lost the Book You Loaned to Them

10. You Take It Personally When the Author Kills Off One of Your Favorite Characters

11. You Get Defensive When Someone Criticizes a Book You Love

12. You Try to Talk About YA Books With Young Adults (It Doesn't Always Work)

13. Nothing Blows Your Mind More Than an Amazing Plot Twist or Surprise Ending

14. You Cry After Finishing a Book You Couldn't Put Down

15. You've Been Known To Do This When You Don't Like the Ending of a Book

16. The Anticipation of Standing in Line at a Busy Bookstore Makes You Crazy

17. You behave like a teenage girl at a One Direction concert at an author signing

18. You Can't Wait For Your Friend to Finish a Book So You Can Talk About It

19. You Don't Understand Why Someone Would Suggest You Stop Reading and Leave the House

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