17 Signs You Read Too Much YA

There’s a thin line between enthusiasm and dependency.

1. Your reading addiction is starting to affect your job performance.

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

2. Every one of your bookshelves, drawers, and closets are overflowing with books.

You’d put some books in storage, but you can’t bear to part with them.

3. All the Children’s librarians know you by name.

4. You spend more time in fantasy worlds than you do in reality.

Reality is overrated.

5. You’ve taken up witchcraft…

Could be handy in dealing with bullies and cute boys, right?

6. …and archery.

How else would you survive in the arena?

7. When people ask about your friends, you respond with fictional characters first.

Katniss Everdeen, Beatrice Prior, Nadia Caldani, and the list goes on…

8. You’ve already started camping out for the Divergent premiere.

You got in line for Twilight a day early and you were 5th in line. You will not make that same mistake again.

9. You get overly upset when you find out your favorite series is ending…

10. …and uncontrollably happy when you find out the author is starting a new series.

11. You’ll wait in line for hours to meet an author you love…

12. …but are always speechless when you actually meet them.

13. You wear this to the gym:

You also have “Prose before Hoes” and “I workout so I can ascend to the Iron Throne.”

14. You get personally offended when anyone bad-mouths YA.

What did they think TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD was? Or LORD OF THE FLIES?

15. You panic when you forget your book.

It’s worse than leaving your cell phone or car keys.

16. You’ve taken up Cosplay.

After your first comic-con you knew you had found your people.

17. You’re perfectly content to spend every free moment reading YA

(and every extra dollar you have on more books!)

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