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16 Awesome Retellings Of Classic Literature

Is anything original anymore? That beach read you breezed through or the YA book your niece gave you was probably based on one of the classics.

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Watch out Barrie, Schulz has twisted your characters into something new and magical. In HOOK'S REVENGE, Captain Hook's daughter goes to seek revenge for her father's death. This feisty ex-ballerina will have you wondering if Peter Pan was ever really the nice-guy.



There are a few retellings of THE WIZARD OF OZ, but WICKED still takes the cake (or should I say ruby slippers?). This story features the Wicked Witch of the West, who isn't all that wicked. Elphaba is just a misunderstood, green-skinned girl trying to survive life in Oz.



MURDER MOST PERSUASIVE features Jane Austen's biggest fan, Elizabeth Parker, who has to play detective and match wits with a murderer. Move PERSUASION to present-day New England, add a dash of humor and murder, and you'll get Kiely's entertaining mystery.



If you like a little bit of crazy, then you will love THE MADMAN'S DAUGHTER. The main character is fierce, heroic, and determined to stop her father (a familiar and insane Dr.) and his inhumane experiments on animals.



This is a loose interpretation, but a wonderful one, exploring what it's like to be an "ordinary" teen. Here, a young girl's wish to become a fly on the wall (we are kind of glad it's not a cock roach) in the boys locker room comes true.



THE HOURS is actually three stories, three days, and three generations of women affected by Virginia Wolf. The first is Mrs. Dalloway herself, the second is a woman reading the novel, the third is a woman celebrating a literary award.