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    10 Most Persuasive Print Ads Of 2014

    Which print ads influenced us the most this year? Persuasion expert, Jim Crimmins, offers his top ten picks!

    1. Playtex Binky Pacifiers

    Engaging and worthy of a smile, Binky by Playtex sheds a new light on the difficult little people we can't help but adore.

    2. Anti-Smoking PSA

    Striking visual metaphor that takes the pleasure out of smoking.

    3. Vera Wang

    Being a Vera Wang bride = pure happiness. Who doesn't want to walk down the aisle in that dress?

    4. Art of Shaving


    Simple, attractive, and groomed to perfection. This ad manages to turn this daily ritual into an art.

    5. Colgate Total

    Next time you brush your teeth, Colgate Total will be there to defend against the evil empire in your mouth!

    6. Depend

    When people think of Depends, they don't think of young attractive women walking around in heels and underwear. But the "Underwareness" campaign succeeds in changing that.

    7. Snickers


    Using a well-known figure like Honest Abe makes it easy for consumers to see how different they are when they're hungry. But never fear, Snickers to the rescue!

    8. Huggies Wipes

    For toddlers, thought bubbles are mess bubbles. So simple and so true. Huggies Wipes are the answer.

    9. Sony Experia


    You can’t look away from this captivating image; an underwater illustration of what Experia can do.

    10. Brawny

    Touches our heart and makes a point about the brand at the same time. Brawny gets the job done.


    Jim Crimmins has learned the secrets of persuasion through a lifetime of fascination with the science of why people do what they do and a career influencing how people choose.

    His website is dedicated to rating advertisements on how well they persuade while inviting you to join in on the conversation.

    For more, like him on Facebook, and follow him on Twitter @persuadelizard.