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5 Better Names For Washington's Football Team

It's time to rebrand the Washington Redskins. It's racist. Period.

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1. Washington

Ok, it's not that imaginative. But Mother Jones, Slate, Kansas City Star, The New Republic and Washington City Paper have all already decided to refer to the team as "Washington" or "Washington's pro football team." Mother Jones notes that if it gets "sassy" it might even say, "the Washington [Redacted]."

3. Skins

The Washington Post suggests, "Rename the team the 'Skins.' Plain old 'Skins.' It is a bit of a nonsense word for a mascot, but then so is the name of the Cleveland Browns (named for first head coach Paul Brown), or the New York Knicks (technically short for Knickerbockers, but just see how many fans at Madison Square Garden can tell you what a knickerbocker is)."

5. Warriors

Washington City Paper reports that Dan Snyder "bought the DC franchise rights for the AFL shortly after taking over the Redskins. He said back then that he was going to name the indoor team the Warriors, and registered trademarks for that name and for an arrow-and-feather logo and helmet design."

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