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    • kaworu876

      Not that this isn’t technically impressive in terms of detail and technique, but it’s not exactly… uh… saying much. And unfortunately because it’s suchaperfect reproduction ofaphoto, it has little aesthetic value overaphoto. Since this is suchapainstaking process, it begs the question…. wouldn’t takingaphoto be an easier way to achieve the same aesthetic effect? Comparing him to, say, an accomplished artist (Picsso, whatever) is justajoke. Picasso did unique and innovative things and created great Art-withacapital A. This fellow from Spain clearly has impeccable technique, which is great. But it does not equate to great art or thought-provoking art or viscerally moving art or emotional art or… etc.
      Imight respond more favourably if the image shown weren’t in the Maxim Magazine photographic style of pseudo-softporn closeups of beautiful female faces. This piece of “art” isn’t saying much more than “SEE THIS CHICK IS REALLY HOT ANDICAN DRAW HER WITH PERFECT REALISM AND SEEIADDED WATER SOICAN SHOW YOU HOW GOODIAM AT PHOTOREALISTIC TEXTURES SEE SEE”. More or less.

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