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21 Images That Will Change Your Life (Not Really)

Misuse of public space has a whole new meaning. A very funny one.

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1. One Must Not Ignore Important Road Signs

2. This Family That Brags A Bit Much

3. This PG That Offers A Wife On Each Floor

4. And This PG That Lives Upto It's Name

5. This Truck That Is Drunk And Drunk

6. Did Someone Say "Wets"?

7. Father Of The Chinese Entrée

8. Just The Kinda Crap You Eat

9. This Man Who Claims To Be The Father Of Fingering


11. The Food Here Must Taste Like Pure Vegetarian Crap

12. Moo! I Am Your Bus Conductor For Today

13. Maybe You Should All Take A Pregnancy Test

14. Just A General Quote By Some Random Rand

15. Not Sure If They Sell Mint Or Click Photos

16. Erode + Textile = ?

17. So What's Your Favorite Kind Of Mom? Veg Or Cheken?

18. Must Be One Shitty Institute

Tatti = Shit (in colloquial Hindi)

Tatti = Shit (in colloquial Hindi)

19. A Very Disturbed Man's Car

20. He Came, He Peed, They Watched

21. Cock-a-Cola, Open Happiness

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