19 Life Lessons One Learns From "Suits"

    This list will make you a better person in life. How? Why? Just read on.

    1. Play the man, not the odds

    2. Be cool and keep your composure

    3. Sometimes, being cocky is okay

    4. Win your battles before they’ve even been fought

    5. Be a risk taker

    6. Study, learn and know your competition

    7. Take control of and own your responsibilities

    8. Don’t waste time trying to explain the problem, fix it instead

    9. Don't have dreams, have goals

    10. Your real friends are those that stand by you, regardless of the odds against you

    11. Following every single rule gets you nowhere

    12. Master the art of reading people

    13. Don’t think like a rookie even if you are one

    14. Do what you have to do

    15. Don’t try to lose small, try to win big

    16. Always have a Plan B

    17. Be confident, proactive and a delight to everyone out there

    18. Stand up for what is right

    19. Don’t wear a damn skinny tie to work