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    19 Life Lessons One Learns From "Suits"

    This list will make you a better person in life. How? Why? Just read on.

    1. Play the man, not the odds

    If you structure your life in a way that only uses logic, 99% of the time you’re going to come up short.

    2. Be cool and keep your composure

    Be cool even in tough situations. Keeping your composure during difficult times allows others to have confidence in you.

    3. Sometimes, being cocky is okay

    4. Win your battles before they’ve even been fought

    Harvey likes to win his cases outside of court because going to court is expensive.

    Just like with anything else, if you can find an option that allows you to win your battles without actually having to go to war, take it.

    5. Be a risk taker

    If you never take any chances, I guarantee you will have a dull, boring life.

    6. Study, learn and know your competition

    The world is full of very talented people. But talent gets you nowhere if you aren't street smart.

    Stay one step ahead, always.

    7. Take control of and own your responsibilities

    Harvey brought Mike on board so he knows that if Mike screws up, it’s on him. You choose your behavior, so you choose your consequences.

    8. Don’t waste time trying to explain the problem, fix it instead

    In the time constrained society that we live in today, every second counts and a second spent talking rather than doing is a second wasted.

    9. Don't have dreams, have goals

    Dreaming about a plan is only the first half of Step 1.

    10. Your real friends are those that stand by you, regardless of the odds against you

    Donna is Harvey's person. He values her opinions, knows that she will never wrong him, trusts her with all his secrets and lets her peer into his weaknesses.

    If you have one such person in your life, celebrate them. Cherish all the moments you have them and promise yourself that you have many more to come.

    11. Following every single rule gets you nowhere

    If you’re not willing to break the rules once in a while, you’re going to be at a huge disadvantage.

    12. Master the art of reading people

    People around you are always giving out tiny signals and if you are able to catch them and use them to your advantage, you will be extremely successful in business.

    Learn to predict what others are going to do before they actually do it.

    13. Don’t think like a rookie even if you are one

    Everyone has to start somewhere, but that doesn’t mean you can’t open your mind up to think like a veteran.

    14. Do what you have to do

    15. Don’t try to lose small, try to win big

    This is one of those glass half empty or glass half full kinda things. If you frame your mind in a way that always looks to minimize your losses, you’re never going to make it big in life.

    16. Always have a Plan B

    Always be prepared with a different plan if something in life doesn't work out.

    17. Be confident, proactive and a delight to everyone out there

    Be Donna at work. Be Donna outside of work. Be Donna always.

    18. Stand up for what is right

    And don't stop until you've set things straight.

    19. Don’t wear a damn skinny tie to work

    Seriously, just don't.

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