What Celebrity/Animal Duo Are You?

Take a revealing and entirely accurate quiz heavily influenced by pug photography.

  1. Pick the Perfect Hideaway
    1. Secluded Lake House
    2. Amazon Treehouse Lodge
    3. Way Out Back
    1. Bamboo Lagoon
    2. Mountain Cabin
    3. Beach Tent
  2. Pick a Onesie Baby
    1. Panda Bby
    2. Dinosaur Bby
    3. Snuggle Bby
    1. Duck Bby
    2. Ewok Bby
    3. Dalmation Bby
  3. Pick a Pet Name
    1. Bae
    2. Honey
    3. Sweetheart
    1. Darling
    2. Not about that life
    3. Babe
  4. What Trait Do You Value Most?
    1. Funny
    2. Spontaneous
    3. Loyal
    1. Attractive
    2. Intelligent
    3. Honest
  5. If You Owned a Pug, What Would You Name It?
    1. Leo
    2. Olivia
    3. Zorro
    1. Thomas
    2. Coco
    3. Cheerio
  6. Pick Your Favorite HP Movie Scene
    1. Harry & Ron in Flying Car
    2. Hermione & Ron Finally Kiss
    3. Any time Hermione is a Badass
    1. Ron Learns to Dance
    2. Any Fred & George Prank
    3. Tender Moments with Sirius Black
  7. My Life Would Be Produced As A...
    1. Romantic Comedy
    2. Tear-jerker
    3. Music Video
    1. Musical
    2. Movie ft. Strong Female Lead
    3. My life is none of your business
  8. What's Your Current Pam Beasley Mood?
    1. This
    2. This
    3. This
    1. This
    2. This
    3. This
  9. Pick A Color
    1. This one.
    2. This one.
    3. This one.
    1. This one.
    2. This one.
    3. This one.
  10. What Meme Best Represents You?
    1. Socially Awkward Penguin
    2. Good Guy Greg
    3. Grumpy Cat
    1. Overly Attached Girlfriend
    2. Boromir
    3. Willy Wonka

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