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    • katymaeg

      I work in theatre and get home late almost every night. When I lived in the suburbs I never thought about driving home late or getting attacked. I often ran/walked my dog at night because it was a cooler temperature. Now I live in the city and only 2 blocks away from my bus stop but the whole ride home I am paranoid to even look anyone else in the eye for fear they might see this as an invitation to follow me home. This happened to me once in broad daylight. I was on my way home from work and took a bus then a train to get home. The man followed me from the bus and onto the train platform asking where was I headed, telling me how beautiful he thought I was, and if I went to school at the local university. I had to tell him to get lost THREE times before he left the platform. I remember thinking why is no one helping me? Ever since, I can’t ride a bus without thinking someone might follow me off of it.

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