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    15 Mind-Blowing Ways To Drink Your Bourbon And Eat It, Too

    It's an old-fashioned kind of love.

    1. Root Beer Floats with Bourbon Caramel

    2. Bourbon Butterscotch Oatmeal Cookies

    3. Old Fashioned Cocktail

    4. Crockpot Honey Bourbon Chicken

    5. Ultimate Cranberry Sauce

    6. Cinnamon Bourbon Ice Cream

    7. Fruity Bourbon Smash

    8. Fig and Bourbon Fizz

    9. Bourbon Pecan Cream Crescent Rolls

    10. Blackberry Bourbon “Jammer” with Fresh Rosemary

    11. Bourbon Apple Tart with Brown Sugar Crumble

    12. Boozy Chocolate Milkshake

    13. Bourbon Butterscotch Pudding

    14. The Boozy Maple Orchard

    15. Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade