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What Products Help You Unwind After A Long Day?

♬ Relax, just do it ♬

We all have days when it feels like there are approximately 8,917,501 things on our mind, and we basically can't make sense of any of them.

You get home and feel a little, well, dead.

But after adulting and working hard for eight hours straight, you totally deserve to treat yourself.

So tell us, what fave products do you turn to when you need to unwind?

Maybe it's an essential oil diffuser to basically turn your room into a spa.

Perhaps you're not truly relaxed unless you're curled up with a super-soft blanket.

Or do you find yourself returning to the comfort of a favorite book when you need to escape from real life for a bit?

Tell us what products help you chill the eff out in the comments below for a chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!