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    30 Products That'll Help Upgrade Your Life For Under $25

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    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A nourishing shea butter and hyaluronic acid shower lotion designed to be applied when your skin is still wet and your pores are most open to absorb all the moisturizing goodness. Whoever came up with this is a skincare genius.

    diagram showing the lotion and instructions for using: turning off the shower, applying to wet skin, then patting dry

    2. The Laundress Crease Release spray, aka vegan and cruelty-free magic in a bottle that can make wrinkled clothes wearable with just a few spritzes — and no iron. Best of all, you can even use it on clothes you're already wearing and didn't have time to press...because you were, well, ~pressed~ for time.

    3. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sheets to work the same magic as the classic sponge version but in smaller, tighter spaces to give your home an even deeper clean.

    4. An incredibly helpful blind spot mirror that'll quite simply help you be a better, safer driver.

    small round blind spot mirror stuck to corner of car's side mirror

    5. The ChopStir, designed to (you guessed it) both chop and stir whatever you've got cooking, as well as ~crush~ the job of crushing ingredients. It's made from heat-resistant nylon, is dishwasher safe, and won't damage nonstick surfaces. Your other cooking tools will be jealous!

    6. A Tacosaurus so the ~rex~ of your taco Tuesday won't get all over you plate, tablecloth, and person. This fearsome friend can hold two tacos or other slim foods like sandwiches or donuts and will go down in (pre)history for how much fun he makes suppertime.

    green t rex figure holding two hard shell tacos on his back

    7. A rolling storage cart that can slide into small spaces in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or pretty much anywhere you're desperate for a little extra space.

    8. Clever boot inserts to hold your precious footwear upright instead of getting bent, creased, and collapsing in a heap on your closet floor.

    reviewer's droopy boots before and then upright organized boots after with black inserts in them

    9. Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later eyeshadow primer, a waterproof base to keep your shadows from creasing and to really make colors pop. And trust me, you will be thanking it later when your look is still perfect after hours of wear.

    10. A Curl Cap, aka a backless, satin-lined baseball hat designed especially for folks whose natural curls are damaged by or don't fit under traditional caps. ~Hats off~ to the inventor, who was inspired by her own experience of trying to rock the baseball cap look with natural hair.

    founder wears the denim version with her curls coming out the back

    11. A clip-on ring light you can just pop on the top of your phone or laptop to help you take the best selfies (or regular pics!) of your life and look your best on video calls.

    12. A luxe, soothing, weighted silk eye mask that's helped reviewers get a quality snooze. It even comes with a bonus gel eye mask for extra self-care goodness.

    model in purple eye mask

    13. Debrox earwax removal drops to flush out all the gunk you might not even know is clogging your ears. What's that I hear? Oh, it must be the over 1,000 reviewers ~waxing~ poetic about how much they love this stuff.

    14. A genius door pong game you can play solo or with your friends and fam that's perfect for smaller spaces. Who says you need to splurge on a table to play ping-pong???

    kid hitting the ball with a paddle, and the ball is on a string attached to clamp that clamps on door frame

    15. A classically autumnal felt fedora available in neutral hues and bold statement colors and with over 3,500 5-star reviews, because it's the perfect way to upgrade and (literally) top off any fall ensemble.

    16. The most delightful and wholesome doormat to make your day every time you come home and make all your guests feel oh so welcome.

    brown doormat with black writing reading "yay it's you"

    17. A cool and functional corner shelf over 3,000 reviewers swear by for turning their knickknacks and clutter into an ~aesthetic~.

    18. A sleek cotton pad and swab holder to keep your sink or vanity not just organized, but looking like a fancy spa bathroom. Now all your makeup application and removal essentials will be in one handy place, and the lid on top will keep your cotton pads clean.

    blue gray holder with two open compartments, one with a lid, and one divided compartment, with the center holding cotton pads and one of the sides holding cotton swabs

    19. An adorable but also durable squeaky plush duck that'll upgrade your pet's life — just ask the over 5,000 pet parents who've left positive reviews. It can survive longer than most toys even with pooches who love to tear things up, so it's sure to fit the ~bill~ and become the most indispensable toy in their box.

    20. A beyond handy wall-mounted magnetic knife bar with over 4,000 (!!!) 5-star reviews that looks way ~sharper~ and takes up less space than a traditional knife block. Win-win.

    silver strip holding scissors and knives on a reviewer's wall

    21. NYX brow gel, a cruelty-free formula some reviewers call an affordable dupe for Glossier's famous Boy Brow. It'll help you get your brows in exactly the style you want and lock in the look.

    22. Clever cleansing cuffs made from absorbent, velvety microfiber that'll change your face-washing routine (*extremely Elphaba-and-Glinda-as-soon-to-be-played-by-Cynthia-Erivo-and-Ariana-Grande voice*) FOR GOOD. No more water and suds dripping all over yourself in your attempts to give your face a good scrub.

    model wearing pink fabric cuff absorbing soapy water from hand and preventing it from dripping up their arm

    23. Glitzy faux-diamond stud earrings fully capable of passing for the real deal and will make even jeans and a sweater feel all ~high society~.

    reviewer wearing the white gold studs with a large stone in the center and smaller ones on the outer circle
    the studs in rose gold

    Promising review: "I bought these to match an expensive diamond/rose-gold necklace for a wedding (I’m the maid of honor). This was the third pair of earrings I bought off Amazon (the other ones were from other sellers/different styles). The other two were similarly priced, but low quality. These look like real rose gold and diamond, even at a foot away, and match my necklace perfectly. Very impressed!" —sherriecherries

    Get them from Amazon for $11.99+ (available in two sizes and three colors).

    24. A beyond clever microwavable popcorn lid you can ~pop~ right over the bowl of kernels to melt your butter as you go. No more unevenly distributed butter for you!

    yellow lid with five slots for butter pads over bowl of popcorn kernels

    It is BPA free and dishwasher safe and can also be used for steaming veggies! It's available at Lockwood, a queer- and woman-owned, Queens-based gift shop that has everything from cute home goods to fab accessories to beauty and wellness goodies to stationery!

    Get it from Lockwood for $13.95.

    25. A rocking garlic press, peeler, and scraper set that'll make meal prep way easier for the garlic lovers of the world. No more trying not to cut your fingers while mincing or trying to get pieces small enough — just peel the clove in the included peeling tube, and then crush it and rock the press back and forth over it for a perfect batch.

    26. The cutest darn cystic-acne-fighting soap you ever did see, made with natural antibacterial and hydrating ingredients. It may look adorable, but your zits are quaking in fear right now — they just can't ~bear~ it. Banishing your acne *and* serving as cute bathroom decor? Wins all around.

    teddy bear shaped soap

    27. A mouthwatering box of organic spices and seasonings to take your home-cooked meals and grill creations to the next level. They'd make a great gift too!

    28. A bold color-changing nail polish that adjusts based on temperature to seriously upgrade your manicure game. It'll be one hue when hot and another when cold, so you don't have to commit to just one gorgeous shade and can get a cool gradient effect as it changes.

    reviewer's nails sparkly teal, then changing to purple, then purple

    29. A lil' on-the-go razor with an equally adorable carrying case that's perfect for gym bags, travel, or even leaving at your partner's house so you don't have to schlep your usual razor back and forth.

    30. A beyond convenient document clip that attaches to your monitor via Command strip and can hold up to 30 sheets of paper for you to easily reference when studying, transcribing, or doing any other task. No more glancing up and down constantly and losing your place.

    black and gray clip holding papers right alongside reviewer's monitor

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