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    21 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts From Etsy To Show Them You Actually Do Pay Attention

    Gifts from small businesses pretty much guaranteed to make them go all heart-eyes.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Valentine’s Day, shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 14th!

    1. A 40-page blank notebook that's the perfect blank canvas for a homemade gift they'll treasure forever. Just have some tissues ready for happy tears.

    The notebook, which reads "Reasons why I love you"

    2. An incredibly cool song screenshot plaque to commemorate their favorite jam or a song that has meaning to both of you. Or maybe something truly romantic, like "WAP."

    The clear plaques printed to look like the display of a phone screen while playing a track on Spotify or Apple Music, in two sizes

    3. A downright delightful mini Poké Ball in a bottle with a sweet message for your favorite Pokémon trainer — yes, you still choose them, even though they spent half of your last road trip making you pull over so they could look for Legendaries on Pokémon Go.

    A hand holding the corked bottle with glitter and a Poké Ball that looks like it's floating, with a tag that reads "I choose you!"

    4. A delicate and gorgeous heart initial necklace they'll absolutely never want to take off, whether you select their initial or yours. This cutie gives a whole new meaning to the term "love letter."

    5. A heartwarming and full-of-pride rainbow card that's blank inside, so you can get even more sappy in your own words. Say it with me: "Awwwww!"

    The rainbow card with a heart that reads "You are my person"

    6. A truly unique necklace that may make them cry actual tears of joy — it's custom-carved into the shape of one of your kiddo's drawings, or even one of their own doodles.

    Several children's drawings next to rose gold and gold pendant necklaces of them

    7. An OMG-worthy personalized Animal Crossing island sign your ride-or-die gaming buddy will be overjoyed when they open, since it's basically straight out of their wildest, geekiest dreams.

    A large wooden sign that looks just like the animal crossing logo but with the words "Welcome to Amanda's Art Studio"

    8. An aww-worthy card for your long-distance S.O. (the distance is *too real* for so many of us, especially this year) to show them your heart is with them wherever they are.

    The card with paper cutouts of Illinois and Arizona, with a little heart dot on each state and a curvy line between them

    9. An aww-worthy The Holiday enamel pin your favorite rom-com enthusiast will squeal over and that is a sweet gift that'll last way longer than an actual corsage (and won't ruin their outfit).

    The black, white, peach, green, and gold pin with a corsage and the words "I'm looking for corny in my life"

    10. An adorable pack of Galentine's postcards to send to your besties to make their day, their week, and perhaps their month.

    The green, pink, green, and orange postcards with messages "love you cutie pie,"  "Hot stuff, yeah you are," "Very nice, I like your face, so cute," and "Wow that face...that cuteness"

    11. A stunning Swarovski crystal cocktail ring that looks and feels like an over-the-top romantic and splurge-worthy gift, but is actually within your budget. That won't stop them from rocking it and feeling like royalty, though.

    Hand wearing gold ring with small crystals and large emerald center stone

    12. A sweet sticker the Jonas Brothers fan in your life is sure to wanna tattoo inside their brain. It's a great way to express that — let's face it — they could say the word and you'd go anywhere, blindly.

    Hand holding the sticker shaped like a heart-shaped lollipop with a ribbon around it with the text "Sucker 4U"

    13. A US photo map you can fill out with pics of all your best adventures, plus leave space for pics of more romantic getaways post-quarantine. It's a perfect way to ~state~ how much you love being with them absolutely anywhere.

    14. A pretty notebook for your partner who just scored a major promotion or started their own small business this year. To truly express how proud of them you are and that you appreciate all their hard work, might I suggest gifting this alongside a nice bottle of wine or a foot rub?

    The pink notebook with the words "CEO Mindset" and an illustration of a stylish Black woman on the cover

    15. A surprisingly cute and cuddly plush uterus that will have your body-positive (or perhaps pregnant) partner positively fallo-peein' themselves with laughter and is such an ~eggs~ellent cuddle buddy, it might just replace you.

    The plush happy face uterus

    16. A funny stemless wineglass to let the best split-second-decision you ever made know you're so very app-y you found each other.

    The glass reading "I'm so happy we both swiped right" with hearts and an arrow pointing right

    17. A gloriously geeky necklace set so you can match with your Percy Jackson-obsessed S.O. — not to mention show that you forgive them for keeping you awake with the glow of their laptop light as they stay up reading Percabeth fanfic till 2 a.m.

    The silver half heart pendants on black cords that fit together. One says "Wise girl" with an owl symbol and the other "Seaweed brain" with a trident

    18. A sticker portrait of the two of you if they love to decorate their water bottle or laptop with personal touches. The one thing missing from their sticker collection? YOU.

    The faceless portrait stickers of couples, in regular and mini size

    19. A personalized cereal bowl for the partner who has two constants in life: your relationship and their morning bowl of Froot Loops.

    The white cereal bowl that reads "Jonathan I cerealsly love you!"

    20. A delicate fine silver and 24-karat gold flask necklace to gift to the scientist with whom you've got major ~chemistry~.

    The small silver Erlenmeyer flask-shaped charm with a gold heart on it on a silver chain

    21. An avocadorable mug for the person you'd actually let have the last bite of guac. Now *that's* love.

    The white mug with two halves of an Avocado holding hands with the text "You complete me" and the couple's name on the bottom

    Showing up with a super thoughtful gift for you S.O. like:

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