28 Things You Need In Your Wardrobe For The Winter To Spring Transition

    Everything you need to be prepared for even the most unpredictable weather.

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    1. A lightweight scarf (be it a funky floral or perchance covered in pugs) you'll want to get wrapped up in.

    2. A sunny raincoat to brighten even the grayest of early spring days.

    3. A gorgeous midi dress that combines long sleeves with florals to get the best of both winter and spring worlds. Hannah Montana would be proud.

    4. A midweight utility jacket you can pop over all your fave summer dresses so you can wear them right. this. second.

    5. Cheeky cropped pants (or even a whole dang suit) so you can show off some cute shoes that are NOT snowboots 🙌.

    6. Speaking of cute shoes — versatile cutout booties for days when you're dying to wear sandals but the weather isn't cooperating just yet.

    7. A bright quilted vest you'll want to bring with you on all your spring adventures, just in case it gets chilly.

    8. The perfect pair of ripped jeans to let your knees enjoy the early spring breeze.

    9. A solid or floral pleather jacket that'll keep you warm and finish off every look with a bang, faux real.

    10. A pretty midi skirt you'll wanna twirl around in and exclaim, "Look Ma, no tights!"

    11. A cute and roomy bag for stashing the countless layers and the umbrella you'll inevitably be schlepping for most of the season.

    12. A lightweight turtleneck that's just as awesome as a base layer as it is on its own.

    13. Fun peep toe booties so your tootsies can slowly begin to emerge from their months of hibernation.

    14. A 3/4 sleeve floral blouse for when it's only 3/4 of the way to spring but you just can't wait any more, dammit.

    15. An oversized jean jacket (with or without a warm fleece lining) so classic and easy to layer, you'll have it in your closet forever.

    16. Waterproof block-heeled booties, because you're sick of letting the weather stop you from rocking heels.

    17. A patterned bomber that's as comfy as your go-to sweatshirt but way cuter.

    18. A whimsical umbrella so you'll be able to see clearly even before the rain has gone.

    19. A swingy velvet smock dress that strikes just the right balance between cozy and breezy.

    20. A pair of dressy shorts to pair with over-the knee boots for a transitional weather going-out look that's sexy as hell.

    21. A hella glam floppy hat basically begging to be paired with a maxi dress and a denim jacket.

    22. A chic trench befitting a spy from a classic movie. It even has a hood so you won't be recognized or, you know, splashed in the face with raindrops.

    23. A cropped, flowery jumpsuit that basically comes with Insta likes included, especially if you pair it with a moto jacket.

    24. A sleek and simple bodysuit so even if you're wearing multiple layers, your look won't feel bulky. Tucked into jeans and flippy skirts, it's sure to become your new spring uniform.

    25. A snuggly wool-blend cardigan great for keeping at your desk if your office temperature is even more unpredictable than the weather outside.

    26. Posh sunglasses (be they cat-eye or an oversized wayfarer style) for when the future of beautiful weather is looking a little too bright.

    27. A short sleeve knit pullover because sweater weather isn't quite over yet.

    28. And finally, a show-stopping party dress that basically screams, "So long, tights weather!"

    Thankfully, now that you're prepared for any weather, you won't have to rely on Karen.

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