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    30 Impulse Buys Under $10 That Are Totally Worth It

    $10, a few business days of waiting, and...what's this on my doorstep? Serotonin?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI โ€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Elizavecca Milky Piggy carbonated bubble clay mask, a top-rated, blackhead-banishing mask that starts to bubble once you apply it. Even without the skin benefits, it'd be worth it for the selfies.


    It has over 5,000 (!!!!) positive reviews and comes with an application spatula.

    Promising review: "Wow! I purchased this on a whim after seeing one of my favorite Youtubers try it out. I didn't expect a lot from it. I tried it out and was shocked!!! The mask was simple (and fun) to use. I wasn't sure I felt a lot happening while it was on, but it was pretty cool how the bubbles started to grow off of my face. Upon inspection after using this mask I was completely amazed. My face felt cleaner than it has in a very long time AND my pores looked amazing! I don't remember a time when I felt like my pores looked great before using this mask. I would highly recommend this mask to anyone. It's also so much cheaper than the GlamGlow ones I have been using (and didn't see near these results from)." โ€”K. Textor

    Get it from Amazon for $8.86.

    2. And a pair of sleek silicone mask applicator brushes with several benefits that'll make a mask day more effortless (and therefore more relaxing): it evenly spreads a thick layer of product without any getting caught or wasted in bristles, it's easy to clean, and reduces mess!,

    Promising review: "GAME CHANGER! I love these! I no longer dread putting on my face products. I was using my fingers to apply the product to my face, and it was so messy and got in my nails too. When I came across these silicone brushes I knew I had to have them. They are amazing and the low price is a steal. These brushes really changed my routine. I use my facial products more often because I'm no longer worried about the annoying mess. The silicone brush is very flexible and spreads the product on my face nicely. Cleaning the brush is a simple task, just rinse and pat dry. Highly recommended!" โ€”Wells Family

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $3.98.

    3. As-seen-on-TV Debbie Meyer GreenBags here to save you major waste and $$$. They can keep your produce fresher much longer and be reused eight to 10 times!!!

    On the left, a barely browned banana in one of the bags. On the right, a banana with lots of brown spots, not in a bag

    The reviewer comparison above is what two bananas โ€” one kept in the bag and one not โ€” looked like after four or five days!

    Promising review: "I am a big warehouse shopper and in the past often couldnโ€™t eat all those berries or all that lettuce before they went bad. So I followed the directions and made sure the produce was dry (lettuce, spinach, asparagus, and blueberries). For the lettuce and asparagus, saw a little condensation in the bag, so put a paper towel in the bag where moisture was accumulating. Two weeks later, the berries were almost as fresh as day one. Lettuce was still crisp and crunchy and only a few pieces of spinach were starting to wilt. Asparagus were crisp as well. I would definitely recommend and will continue to try with other fruits and vegetables." โ€”BAS

    Get a pack of 20 (eight medium, eight large, and four extra-large) from Amazon for $9.99.

    4. A hilariously graphic cat butt coloring book that any animal lover will find to be a hole lot of fun. Besides, you've already exhausted all of your G-rated quarantine entertainment like paint-by-numbers and sourdough recipes.


    Promising review "Purchased to cheer up a friend. We and everyone else loved it! Therapeutic in many ways including a good laugh. The pages are thick and certainly won't bleed with the correct coloring utensils." โ€”DoctorByDay

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

    5. Maybelline's The Falsies Washable mascara, a super volumizing formula that over 1,000 reviewers swear by for fabulously long-looking lashes., Emma McAnaw/BuzzFeed

    Check out BuzzFeed Shopping editor Emma McAnaw's full mascara review (#6).

    Promising review: "I LOVE this mascara. Iโ€™m the kind of girl who likes to switch up her beauty products once itโ€™s time to buy more. I bought this mascara a couple years ago and loved it. But, I wanted to try something else. Fast forward two years, Iโ€™ve tried several different kinds of mascara since then and they were all just, meh. So once I finished my last tube, I decided to purchase this one again. And let me tell you, it didnโ€™t disappoint! I would definitely recommend applying two coats, waiting about 15 seconds between each one to let it dry some, but not totally, before applying the second coat. Iโ€™m so happy with this mascara!" โ€”Tori Menard

    Get it from Amazon for $6.97 (or $6.62 with the Subscribe and Save option; available in five colors).

    6. A set of fine-tip llama pens sure to make you say "Alpaca few in my bag so I always have something to write down my brilliant ideas."

    A hand holding the lavender, blue, green, and pink pens with matching llama-shaped toppers and their caps on

    They've got black ink!

    Promising review: "I bought these because I love llamas and they were just some cute pens to have. Well......these pens write like liquid butter. I was pleasantly surprised how well they write and with such ease! I would definitely buy these again! Looks like I will be hiding them from coworkers! ๐Ÿ˜" โ€”Anne Sunshine

    Get a set of four from Amazon for $5.46.

    7. Absolutely OMG-worthy bubble tea earrings that are basically tapioca-lling your name.


    One reviewer even used them as Barbie-sized beverages for their kiddo's dolls, LOL!

    Promising review: "I get compliments on these earrings all the time and my coworker wanted to buy them for her daughter. Came as pictured, seem durable, and have not broken or anything." โ€”Saral

    Get them from Amazon for $1.78+ (available in six designs).

    8. An positively iconic sticker in the form of No Face stuffing his face, aka the biggest mood of a scene in all of anime and perhaps all of cinema.

    A cutesy version of No Face from "Spirited Away" with his mouth open and surrounded by food like pizza, bread, donuts, and rice with the text "All carb diet"
    Teal Teacup

    This cutie is from an amazing Black-owned small business that makes tons of adorable and quirky (and often anime-themed) pins, stickers, pillows, and charms. The site even features a handy list of resources of ways to get involved with and places to donate to the Black Lives Matter movement.

    Get it from Teal Teacup for $3.

    9. A double-sided tongue scraper and brush, aka the oral hygiene gadget you never knew you needed. Buh-bye, bad breath and aftertastes, I won't miss you.


    Promising review: "This is one of those tools that you don't know you need until you actually use one. I'd never used a tongue scraper until my sister introduced me to them. Why would I need one when I use my toothbrush to scrape my tongue, right? Using this tool gets so much grime and grossness out of your mouth and tongue that you didn't even know you had. Your mouth won't feel clean until after you've used it, period." โ€”Katherine

    Get it from Amazon for $4.99.

    10. A bar of fancy French shea butter soap without the fancy price tag. That plus the over 1,500 positive reviews have me saying "Oui, s'il vous plaรฎt."

    A stack of the colorful soaps engraved with a bird and "Pre de Provence product of France" logo

    It's paraben-free and not tested on animals!

    Promising review: "I generally go through at least three bars of soap in month. This soap has lasted the entire month and I still have a good-sized portion left. It hasn't broken into tiny pieces like my usual soap. It also smells great and adds moisture to my dry skin. I'll be ordering more and trying the other fragrances. Great as a gift, too." โ€”Kuda

    Get it from Amazon for $4.99+ (or $4.74 with the Subscribe and Save option; available in 29 scents).

    11. A wonderfully spoopy peekaboo black cat pendant necklace that's perfect for Halloween, but also adorbs if you find yourself ~feline~ like wearing it year round.,

    Promising review: "Iโ€™m shook how cute this little necklace is and the quality for how cheap it was! I love it so much I ordered another for my daughter today ๐Ÿ˜Š" โ€”Reilly

    Get it from Amazon for $3.48.

    12. Pus-absorbing, pimple-eliminating patches, because they've got over 3,000 positive reviews and you've seen us mention them at least that many times in posts โ€” isn't it finally time you tried them?,

    These are my personal go-to brand of pimple patch. I find that they work best once a zit is already open, and it never ceases to amaze and satisfy me to see all the gunk that they pull from my pores. Check out my full write-up on Nexcare pimple patches.

    Promising review: "Okay, what is this sorcery?? I can't believe I never knew these existed. I seriously felt like a teenager again last weekend. Literally days after talking about how great my skin has been, this giant, painful, bulging zit was starting to form right in the middle of my chin. A week before my cousin's wedding, naturally. It was like it wouldn't stop growing, and spot treatment solution was doing absolutely nothing. It hurt so bad, and I couldn't help trying to pop it, but it refused. Then I heard about these. I placed one on my chin the second they arrived in the mail. After a few hours, I saw the white forming and I was curious and peeled it off. Then I put a fresh one on before bed, and come the next morning...HOLY COW, the entire dot of the patch was now a giant white blob. This zit was no joke. It's amazing how much fluid/pus had to get sucked out. Like I said, this is some magic. The zit completely went away within a day." โ€”Heather R. Weather

    Get a box of 36 from Amazon for $4.26.

    13. A Baby Yoda noshing on a frog enamel pin perfect for adorning your bag or jacket to have you looking like a ~snack~ as you traverse the galaxy.

    The pin on a felt pinboard

    Get it from Toynk for $9.99.

    14. Fruity Revlon Kiss lip balm, a tinted SPF 20 lippie that's like your fave scented lip balm of your youth all grown up and made more practical. Listen, sun safety is sexy!, Amazon

    Promising review "This balm is awesome. I didn't even realize it had SPF. Winning. It's lightly tinted, but has enough color that you can see it. It has some shine, but isn't overly glossy. I love the pink (strawberry) and red (cherry) colors. You can definitely tell the difference. The red is pretty colorful. If you are looking for a less made-up look, but want some color, it's perfect. It does wear off when you eat or drink, but who really cares. And it has a fruity/sweet taste and smell, not super strong but it's there. Kind of pleasant. I bought more." โ€”MDK

    Get it from Amazon for $2.58+ (available in six flavors).

    15. A whimsical double-layer bear face glass ~ear~ to make your morning juice, your afternoon tea, and everything in between a little sweeter.

    A hand holding the short glass, which has a clear outer layer like a regular glass and an inner layer shaped like an upside-down bear head with ears, eyes, a nose, and mouth. Filled with milk, the head looks white

    Promising review: "I expected this to be plastic, but it's actually glass which I am thrilled about! This is adorable. Not even ashamed to say I bought this for myself, but it would make a perfect gift! :)" โ€”Katherine Beccera

    Get it from Amazon for $8.68+ (available in two colors).

    16. A silicone dishwasher bag you can roll up smaller items in vertically or horizontally, so you literally won't have to sweat the small stuff when doing dishes anymore.


    Plus, smaller bottle caps won't come out filled with water like they usually do!

    Promising review: "This is an amazing product. It's perfect for when you want to separate pump parts from dirty flatware, etc. and donโ€™t have a lot of room in your dishwasher. Itโ€™s nice thick silicone so itโ€™s very sturdy, and BPA-free. It stretches, bends and squeezes into small spaces. You can bend it to any shape and size you want. Iโ€™m getting this for all my new mom friends โ€” why add another bulky crate to the dishwasher? It can hold plenty of bottle parts. Also, you can really use it for anything...measuring spoons, etc." โ€”Anne Taylor Robertson

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    17. A Rapid Ramen Cooker with over 2,000 5-star reviews that can cook your noodles in the microwave in three minutes and must have been designed by someone with a pretty genius ~noodle~ themselves.

    A reviewer's cooked ramen in the black rectangular bowl

    It's BPA-free and dishwasher-safe! Plus, since you use less water, you can also use less seasoning and therefore reduce your sodium intake. It was presented on Shark Tank, and the Black-owned company now makes rapid cookers for everything from noodles to oatmeal to desserts!

    Promising review: "Possibly the best thing I have ever purchased. Like legit, it cooks the ramen perfectly and it's super easy to clean. I gave the red one to my friend who is also an avid ramen lover. I don't even put the flavoring in anymore โ€” I can just mix in kimchi with some fish and it's like using spaghetti. Seriously sweet when you don't want to clean up a million pots and pans or wait or sweat your butt off over a hot stove." โ€”P Y

    Get it from Amazon for $9.94+ (available in two colors).

    18. A sheet of peel-and-stick marble-effect paper to customize pretty much any of the surfaces in your home โ€” from floors to countertops to drab pieces of decor โ€” to make them look like they belong in a million-dollar listing. Not to mention give you a fun and Insta-worthy at-home project.,

    It can easily be removed and re-stuck if you don't get it perfect on the first try (I feel you)!

    Promising review: "So Pinteresting! I used this adhesive film to turn two cheap Ikea tables into less cheap-looking Ikea tables because I'm not made of money but I would like others to believe I am. Super simple to use and a ton of it for the price; I was really pleased overall. The pattern actually looks like marble, not a weird pixel-y repetitive pattern, so that's great as well." โ€”Spencer House

    Get a 17-inch x 78-inch roll from Amazon for $9.67.

    19. A cruelty-free nail polish remover that works on pretty much all polish types and will put every other remover you've tried to shame (take it from me).

    A bottle of the purple remover labeled "Genius Remover for gel, laquer, + hybrid" with Instagram Story text "The *fastest* remover!!"
    Katy Herman/BuzzFeed

    I know โ€” nail polish remover is not one of those things that feels like an exciting impulse buy. In fact, it's one of those products that everyone low-key hates but needs. But folks, let me tell you โ€” I got a sample of this stuff along with some polish from Orly and did my nails last weekend. After one swipe, I said aloud, "This is the best remover I have ever used" (and that sentiment is echoed in the reviews on the product listing). I was sure I wasn't using enough, but one swipe to my nail took pretty much E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G off with zero effort! My nails were clean and ready to repaint in a minute or less, with no scrubbing. The remover itself is even a pretty purple color! The only thing I don't love about it is the frustrating pop top, but that can easily be avoided by screwing off the cap like you do with most remover bottles.

    Promising review: "Through the years I have tried an abundance of polish remover, only to be dissatisfied with them all....until I tried Orly! I am amazed at the speed and efficiency that this remover possesses! I used to use at least five cotton pads to remove my polish, but now with this I can do both hands with just one cotton pad. This was a very pleasant surprise for me and I've even ordered some for my mom." โ€”Pat70

    Get it from Orly for $5.40.

    20. Crunchy garlic chili oil for adding just the right amount of spice to all your homemade meals and sure to make you (gar)lick your lips.


    Promising review: "Amazing. I had never tried chili oil prior to buying this incredible product, and it is much more than a chili oil. It's a low-heat condiment that is fabulous on many things. From crackers with a sharp cheddar cheese spread to topping potatoes of any kind, as well as topping chicken, shrimp, and steak. It's quite addicting and I wish I could buy a case at a time. If you desire more heat, add a touch of cayenne pepper. You won't be sorry. This I promise." โ€”Boomer

    Get it from Amazon for $6.98.

    21. A LOL-worthy screaming goat figure who is honestly a very, very big mood (especially in 2020). Just press him and he lets out a shriek!

    The goat standing on a stump figurine, its packaging, and the mini booklet

    He also comes with a little book of equally delightful goat facts.

    Promising review: "This is one of those things you don't know you need in your life until you see it. Yes, it may have been a late night, altered state kind of purchase that surprised me a bit when it showed up, but it's one of the best things that's ever happened to me. For just a few dollars, you too can receive an informational mini-book full of goat facts to awe and impress your friends as well as a miniature screaming goat. If you're a fan of the screaming goat videos on YouTube, this will be right up your alley. It sounds best when set on a hard surface like a table or desk, so the sound can echo. It's just loud enough for coworkers to ask 'did y'all just hear a screaming goat?' Yes. Yes you did, Phil. If you've read this far, it's been decided: you need this. This will be there for you longer than that dumb T-shirt you're considering. This screaming goat will complete you. Better get one for your best friend too, while you're at it." โ€”echobunny

    Get it from Amazon for $8.82.

    22. A three-in-one burger press with molds sized for regular patties and sliders, plus a tool that'll make creating stuffed patties super easy. Major *chef's kiss.*


    It's dishwasher safe and nonstick.

    Promising review: "Hubby was not real thrilled when I decided to buy this item after watching someone in a video make a stuffed burger using one. He said his burgers were 'just fine.' Well, let me tell you, after the first use, he came inside while grilling and said 'OK, so you were right. The burgers turned out perfectly sized, and because they are all shaped evenly, they cook better and don't fall through the grates.' I loved the fact that I could stick some cheese or olives in the middle of it and have a stuffed burger. Just buy it. I think you'll love your new burger patty maker!" โ€”Rebecca R.

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    23. A hilarious fruit-shaped cat cap that'll pretty much pay for itself in entertainment value with just one picture of your kitty (though you'll be taking approximately 863).,

    Promising review: "I would give these 10 stars if I could, but I'm sure Freya would give it a -3. I think she looks like an angelic banana, but she is not amused. I don't believe this causes her physical discomfort, but her self-esteem has plummeted. Long story short, makes your cat look stupid, as planned. LOL." โ€”Amazon Customer

    Get one in a random fruit from Amazon for $7.49.

    24. A vinyl name decal in Disney font you need if your middle name is basically Disney โ€” now your first name can be, too.

    A mockup showing different names in Disney font

    Side note, I know I'm not the only one who looked at the Disney "D" as like a backwards "G" for their whole life? Like I just got how it's a "D" a couple years ago??

    Promising review: "Perfect! My daughter loved seeing her name in Disney letters!" โ€”olymartin21

    Get it from CraftyBelleDesignCo on Etsy for $2.50+ (available in three sizes and in 28 colors).

    25. A nontoxic nail pawlish pen made just for puppers so you can do an at-home spa day together. In fact, their nails will probably be less of a pain to do than yours, since this stuff comes in an easy-to-apply pen form, dries quickly, and has very little scent!,

    This is the way to go if you want to give your pup a mani/pedi, since regular human polish isn't safe for them!

    Promising review: "Got this on a whim because my girlfriend wanted to paint the dog's nails. We received it really quickly and the polish went on easily and stayed on. We were cutting the grass and the dog went out and played in the fresh cut grass, running around, and it's still on! A little scuffed but still pretty much solidly on. So far two days have gone by and it's still on. We're going to get more colors." โ€”Diaztortillas

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99 (available in 13 colors).

    26. An ingenious blind cleaner brush that'll make cleaning those hard-to-reach crevices way easier. After all, letting all that dust sit there just because blinds are hard to clean would be downright (window)sill-y.

    A hand using the three-pronged tool โ€” with each part covered in microfiber โ€” to reach in between blinds

    It comes with five microfiber sleeves!

    Promising review: "Where has this blind cleaner been for the past 50 years???? I have struggled to keep my blinds clean for so many years, and happily found this item. It WORKS!!! And I love that it comes with extra sleeves, and the sleeves are machine washable. The handle is plastic, but I feel confident it won't break any time soon." โ€”marionvgt
    Get it from Amazon for $7.99+ (available in two colors).

    27. A simple-yet-brilliant bracelet fastener sure to have you wishing you'd invented it yourself. Because every bracelet-wearing human knows the struggle of being unable to fasten a clasp by themselves without an extra limb.


    Promising review: "I can't believe I waited this long to buy one of these. My eyesight is failing, including my depth perception, so wearing bracelets has been difficult unless they're slip-on. This jewelry helper is easy to use. Now I can wear bracelets again." โ€”Cat Mom

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99 (available in two colors).

    28. A beyond clever cruelty-free concealer pen that looks like the highlighters you had in your pencil case in high school, so it'll blend in in your bag just as well as the moisturizing, lightweight matte formula blends into your skin.

    Four of the highlighter-shaped pens in different colors
    @thecrayoncase / Via

    It's from The Crayon Case, a super cool and affordable Black woman-owned makeup brand that whimsically designs all of its products like school supplies and specifically strives to make makeup accessible for beauty beginners. Check out some handy charts and quizzes (here and here) to find your perfect concealer shade match on the brand's Instagram!

    Promising review: "This concealer has amazing coverage, yet it has a great light and spreadable consistency. I could use it as a foundation if I wanted to. I've never found a concealer that matched me so perfectly." โ€”Krista M.

    Get it from The Crayon Case for $5 (available in 30 shades).

    29. An aww-dorable Piggy Pop mold tray for anyone who's ever thought that pigs in a blanket should look a heck of a lot more like actual pigs, or who has ever wanted pretty much anything else in their life (from chocolate to ice to soap) to be pig-shaped. Truly, who among us has not.


    It comes with 12 recipe ideas!

    Promising review: "Love love love this! I was looking for something fun to get my daughter excited about eating better. This did not disappoint! In fact, I was only disappointed when my daughter took all my piggies and ate both of ours! Super easy to use, doesnโ€™t stick to the pan if you spray first, and they look pretty dang cute! My daughter now begs for them! So happy I purchased this! I used crescent rolls for my dough." โ€”Hoboken Girl

    Get it from Amazon for $9.

    30. A Golden Girls clean/dirty dishwasher magnet that'll have all your housemates saying ~thank you for being a friend~ for sparing them the eternal struggle of whether or not it's okay for them to put their gross cereal bowl in the machine.

    A hand holding the magnet, which reads "dirty" with a picture of Blanche if flipped one way and "Clean" with a picture of Rose the other

    Get it from TheRedSwanGiftShop on Etsy for $7.25+ (available in two styles).

    You when you see all these wonderful impulse purchases:


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