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    28 Ways To Never Have A Wardrobe Malfunction Again

    If your wardrobe rebels, you'll be ready.

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    1. Turn to a genius bra strap converter kit so visible straps become a thing of the past.

    2. Squeeze a dab of Liquid Stitch onto a hole to make your favorite garment as good as new.

    3. Solve all sorts of struggles with hairspray! From preventing runs in tights to getting out tricky stains.

    4. Prevent cringeworthy sweat stains by sticking garment guards to the inside of beloved shirts, dresses, and jackets.

    5. Avoid a faceplant and the icky feeling of having your laces dragging in the slush by swapping out your usual shoestrings for no-tie shoelaces.

    6. Opt for an adhesive bra when cutouts or backless numbers make other bras impossible.

    7. Depill a sweater with a razor for an effortlessly fuzz-free life.

    View this video on YouTube

    Get the full tutorial from Nifty.

    Get a two-in-one razor and trimmer from Amazon for $12.44 or Walmart for $12.57.

    8. Or try a magical fabric defuzzer that BuzzFeed editors —and thousands of other people — swear by.

    9. Snap some Quick Tips onto the worn-out bottoms of your favorite heels to give them a second life. They'll be just like new, so get pumped.

    10. Stock up on some highly reviewed fashion tape to keep everything in place next time you take a major plunge, or any time your clothes seem to have a mind of their own.

    11. Sprinkle some baby powder into squeaky shoes so you (and everyone around you) can have some gosh darn peace and quiet.

    12. Stick it to threadbare tights and loose buttons with a swipe of clear nail polish.

    13. Stash a handy little fashion emergency kit in your bag and become the hero of your friend group in any wardrobe crisis.

    14. Spritz on PreHeels, a magical spray that creates an invisible, protective layer around your tootsies, before slipping on potentially uncomfy shoes.

    15. Grab some white bread — yes, white bread — to dab out lipstick stains. This must be why they call it Wonder Bread.

    16. Pop on some heel stoppers for outdoor occasions, and your stilettos will never pull a Titanic in grass or gravel ever again.

    17. If people are constantly telling you to XYZ, secure your fly by fastening the zipper pull to the button with a key ring.

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    Get the full tutorial here. Get a set of three key rings from Amazon for $3.59.

    A paper clip or hair tie can also be used in a pinch.

    18. Slide on comfy spandex shorts or a half slip for a little insurance under short or sheer dresses. You want your outfit to be flashy without literally flashing anybody.

    19. Lose your earring back at work? No problem. Use a piece of an eraser instead.

    20. When rocking a plunging neckline, opt for pasties — be they funky or basic — so your slips can be nip-free.

    21. Refer to this handy stain guide when you need to deal with the aftermath of taking (style) chances, making (fashion) mistakes, and getting (your clothes) messy.

    22. Snag a trusty lint roller for those days when your clothes (or your furry friends) are in full shed mode.

    23. Make your own makeup-setting spray to prevent your fab face from smearing all over your equally fab OOTD.

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    Get the full tutorial from Nifty.

    Get a set of cute empty spray bottles for $5.06+, witch hazel for $7.99+, aloe vera for $15.95, and lavender essential oil for $6.99+, all from Amazon.

    24. Keep some single-use superglue tubes on hand for fixing broken glasses, jewelry, even worn shoe soles. Mix the glue with a drop of water to help it dry fast and avoid a sticky situation.

    25. Save yourself from the absolute torture of being stabbed by a protruding underwire by repairing your bra with moleskin.

    26. Use a shoelace and a paper clip to make your own zipper extender that'll protect you from the nightmare of getting home and being trapped in your dress (or never getting it on in the first place).

    View this video on YouTube

    Get the full tutorial here.

    Get a box of paper clips for $6.99 and extra shoelaces for $3.17+ (available in 28 colors), both from Amazon.

    27. Get a bottle of Static Guard so your clothes stop sticking to each other, you don't electrocute yourself every time you touch your tights, and you don't look like the Bride of Frankenstein whenever you take off your beanie.

    28. And of course, always have the savior of wardrobes everywhere, Tide to Go, on hand.

    Take Scar's advice and your clothes will never turn against you.