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    34 Things That'll Prevent You From Saying "I Have Nothing To Wear" Ever Again

    Fall into a rut? With these fab pieces in your wardrobe? Never.

    Hey! While we try to keep our posts updated as much as we can, this post was last updated in 2018, so we can't guarantee that the pricing and/or availability of the products featured are accurate. Check out the 2019 version of this post for our most up-to-date fashion recommendations!

    1. Major statement earrings with so many great qualities — low price tag, hint of sparkle, eye-catching color — I can't decide which is their biggest tas-selling point.

    2. A practically perfect fit-and-flare dress that's got it all: pockets, comfort, and the ability to work for the office, a party, or anything in between.

    3. A clear trench you'll be so excited to wear, you'll actually look forward to rainy days.

    4. A velvet cami that'll make even a basic jeans outfit look like a million bucks.

    5. A lightweight ruffle-sleeved sweatshirt for anyone whose dream look is "pajamas, but make it fashion."

    6. A super cozy plaid blanket scarf beloved by over 1,000 Amazon reviewers who know the snuggle is real.

    7. A high-neck floral dress that'll be awesomely autumnal paired with tall boots, because florals for fall actually are groundbreaking.

    8. A subscription to Trunk Club, Nordstrom's styling service, so you can let the pros get you out of your fashion rut.

    9. A funky floral sweater that'll have every outfit coming up roses.

    10. An absolutely stunning faux-leather dress so you'll never feel marooned in your closet with zero options.

    11. A floral-embroidered mesh tee that's great for every day with a tank underneath or for a night out with just a bralette — either way, I'm sure your styling will be a stroke of sheer style genius.

    12. A cropped sweater and mini skirt set you can rock together or break up to create all kinds of cool looks.

    13. Fabulous glitter sneakers that'll make your boring old tennis shoes hide their face in shame.

    14. Vegan over-the-knee boots with a sleek block heel that'll literally elevate every fall look.

    15. A go-with-everything rainbow statement necklace that'll even refresh outfits you've worn a zillion times.

    16. An amazingly versatile and affordable little black dress you'll wear so often, the cost per wear will be like a fraction of a cent.

    17. An adorable cardi embroidered with a feathered friend everyone will be craning their necks to see.

    18. An amazing convertible maxi dress that can be tied over 24 (!!!!) different ways so you'll have a "new" dress to wear to absolutely every event.

    19. A houndstooth bomber jacket you'll really wanna sink your chompers into.

    20. Tie-waist trousers for when you're just (*extremely Ne-Yo voice*) SO SICK of wearing jeans.

    21. A sharp plaid coat so your cold-weather gear can make your outfit instead of ruining it for once.

    22. A unique twofer dress that looks like you layered a sweater over a skirt, but is really one easy piece. Consider it the ultimate tulle in your quest to be best dressed.

    23. A sleeveless tie-neck blouse to master that Blair Waldorf look your high school self would have killed for.

    24. A quilted moto jacket you can toss on with absolutely everything.

    25. A double-breasted jumpsuit that'll let everyone know who's boss (it's you, btw).

    26. An elastic-waisted floral midi skirt proving that just because something is work appropriate, doesn't mean it can't be comfy.

    27. Totally groovy embroidered flares that are oh-sew jean-ius.

    28. A crossbody beaded bag almost as magical as Hermione Granger's famous one, in the sense that it has the power to transfigure even the simplest outfits into a ~lewk~.

    29. A grungy tank dress that's so breezy and comfy, it's like your favorite pajamas squared.

    30. A chic-as-heck plaid pencil skirt you can wear to every job interview or meeting where you need to feel like badass.

    31. A leopard blazer and matching pants that are purr-fect for proving that suits don't have to be boring.

    32. A stunning velvet tuxedo blazer with a faux-leather collar that's really damn chic.

    33. OMG-worthy unicorn tights guaranteed to bring a magical touch to any ensemble and become legendary among your friends.

    34. And an embellished, open-back tulle dress that's fit for a princess and 100% guaranteed not to turn to rags if you stay out past midnight.

    You with your now endless wardrobe:

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