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    24 Things That'll Actually Make You Want To Cook For Once In Your Life

    Your days of making excuses are cooked.

    1. A set of fun size tools that may be little, but can do big (and delicious) things.

    2. A sassy oven mitt for anyone who enjoys delivering sick burns to everyone but themselves.

    3. This little piggy who has three simple goals in life: 1) to hold your spoon; 2) to prevent said spoon from making a darn mess of your kitchen counter; 3) to make cooking, like, a million times cuter.

    4. A genius meal planning pad that lets you map out your munchies for every day of the week, make your shopping list as you go, then tear off the list when you're ready to hit the store!

    5. A genius prep bowl with a cutout lid and interchangeable inserts that'll allow even the most inexperienced chefs do a grate job with any task, from mixing to slicing.

    6. "Special Shit" seasoning, which'll live up to its name and make everything from meat to seafood to veggies extra tasty. 'Tis always the season to season!

    7. A wearable palm peeler to make fruit and veggie prep much easier and, therefore, more a-peeling.

    8. A sweet set of kitty cat spoons, because even folks who don't consider cooking to be a chore can benefit from the encouragement of these little smiles just for good meowsure.

    9. A game-changing dicer that's an absolute must-have for anyone who hates chopping veggies. Plus, it makes cutting onions without tears a breeze. Now, if only it could stop you from sobbing at every episode of This Is Us.

    10. A nonstick mini griddle for cooking up perfect single-person servings of eggs, meat, skillet cookies, paninis, and so much more. Griddle me this: Is there anything you can't make on this baby?

    11. A stainless steel bar to magically rid your skin of stinkiness, so the fear of having grody hands for hours won't be an excuse not to cook ever again.

    12. A veggie spiralizer that's accomplished the impossible — I'm talking about making eating your vegetables easy and fun.

    13. A set of clever kitchen tools with silicone handles so you don't have to worry about being a clumsy cook. Plus, each one serves multiple functions. In other words, these aren't regular cooking tools, they're cool cooking tools.

    14. A simple-yet-ingenious dish squeegee, because we all know the worst part about cooking is knowing you'll have to clean up after. But this thing will actually make it kind

    15. A wearable steel finger guard so you can give your fears about ending up like that one traumatizing Julia Child SNL sketch the finger.

    16. A quirky and fun cookbook themed around a favorite book or movie — like Harry Potter or Mean Girls — that's full of gloriously geeky recipes you'll actually want to make.

    17. An LOL-worthy kitchen towel for anyone who gets both saucy and salty when people are surprised they can actually cook.

    18. A whimsical apron to keep a smile on your face and schmutz off your clothes.

    19. A very expressive emoji cookie cutter and cookie sheet set, which just might be the only thing that could convince you to bake cookies from scratch instead of running to the bakery.

    20. A super satisfying, dishwasher-safe sushi maker you just load up with rice and filling, then shoot out a perfect roll. Even culinary newbies can do it — it's not raw-cket science.

    21. A kitty cheese grater so preciously practical, you'll have to be careful no other chefs try to whisker away.

    22. Clever, flexible cutting boards that'll brighten your meal prep and make it easy to prevent cross-contamination.

    23. A simple pasta measurer perfect for anyone who has ever complained about always making the wrong amount of noodles.

    24. And finally, a gorgeous serving bowl or platter that'll make you want to whip up an equally gorgeous meal to serve on them.

    Now go forth and cook up something yummy!!!!

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