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    21 Things For People Who Genuinely Love Drinking Water

    The thirst is real.

    1. A sleek stainless steel bottle that's so good at keeping your drink the right temperature, Sean Paul should sing about it.

    2. Amazing, all-natural bottle cleaning tablets that'll make your least-favorite-yet-most-necessary-chore — cleaning your trusty water bottle — as easy as drop, fizz, wait.

    3. And a handy bottle brush set you can use along with the above tablets or with good old fashioned soap and water to give your bottle the cleaning it deserves.

    4. A set of beautiful coasters that are extra absorbent, so they'll keep the ~coast~ clear — your mom never has to know you had your ice cold tumbler anywhere near her mahogany table.

    5. A rainbow of unbreakable, reusable plastic straws that are sip-ly the best for any kind of drinkware.

    6. A dishwasher-safe, BPA-free infusion pitcher for when you want to add a little zest (possibly literally) to your go-to H2O.

    7. OMG-worthy earrings for anyone who just can't keep their love of staying hydrated ~bottled~ up — they've gotta represent it in their outfit.

    8. A sleek filtered water dispenser that (*extremely Stefon voice*) has got everything: a shape that easily fits into your fridge, enough room to hold up to 18 glasses of water, a filter that removes up to 99% of lead plus other ickiness and only needs to be replaced every six months, and an indicator light to let you know when to replace it.

    9. A cheeky enamel pin for anyone who is always thirsty — for both water and...other things.

    10. A genius clip-on cupholder that can be used on wheelchairs, strollers, golf carts, beach umbrellas, boats, exercise equipment, or pretty much anything clamp-able. Because if you're anything like me, if your water bottle is more than a foot away from you at any time you become very, very stressed.

    11. The perfect crossbody bag for travel, a concert, or any event where you need to to keep your hands free. It's got multiple cool features, like a RFID-blocking card and passport section and cut-proof material to keep your belongings safe, but the most important part is definitely the TWO generous water bottle pockets.

    12. Or a crochet water bottle sling for when you need to travel light with nothing but the essentials in your pockets and your H2O over your shoulder.

    13. Pretty, vintage-y tumblers, because why should alcohol drinkers get to have all the fun with their glassware? Water drinkers demand cute cups, too!

    14. A giant bottle with a built-in, removable ice pack that'll make standing up for refills or more ice a thing of the past, even for the thirstiest of folks. Hello, interruption-free work (or TV, lol) binges!

    15. A pack of 60 adorable stickers to give every beloved reusable water bottle in your collection some major VSCO girl vibes.

    16. Or this adorable guinea pig sticker who you will REALLY relate to.

    17. The LifeStraw, an incredible portable filter that'll let you safely drink from even the ickiest-looking natural water sources. No wonder it's got over 7,700 positive reviews.

    18. A unicorn ice cube mold that proves water is ~magical~ in both its liquid and solid forms.

    19. A super affordable, slim water backpack for staying hydrated on the go, because exercising without water at the ready and carrying a bottle around on a run or hike are both terrible options.

    20. An adorable sweatshirt to remind yourself and (because, who are we kidding, you don't need a reminder) others the importance of eight glasses a day.

    21. And finally, the GoGirl, a nifty little device that allows people with vaginas to easily pee standing up. Because the one consequence of drinking so much dang water? Having to go at very inconvenient times (read: all the time).

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