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    The Ultimate Guide To Accessorizing Like A Pro

    It's all in the details.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Stack bracelets to give any outfit a personal, eye-catching accent. The trick to a great stack? Mixing the width and texture of your arm candy, while keeping a consistent color scheme.

    2. Similar rules apply when layering necklaces. Mix chunkier ones with more delicate pendants and, of course, make sure they're all slightly different lengths. You can also cheat and buy a statement necklace like the one below, which looks like two pieces but is actually only one (I won't tell).

    3. Pay attention to the neckline of your top or dress when picking out a necklace — certain lengths go better with different clothes.

    4. Snag a long strand of faux pearls — everyone needs one, IMHO. They can literally be from the party store, it doesn't matter. No matter what, layering some of these babies over a dress-and-jacket combo, a sweater, or anything else lends an instant pinch of panache.

    5. Give your look an edgy shot of texture by letting funky socks peek out.

    6. When wearing a multicolored print, pick one of the less prominent colors in said print and make it pop by adding an accessory that matches that shade, be it a piece of jewelry, a bag, or, yes, a pocket square.

    7. Or work the same kind of magic with makeup. I've always been a firm believer in lipstick as an accessory, so use a bright red or pink to pull a similar shade out of a pattern or add a pop to a neutral look.

    8. Upgrade your everyday stud earrings beyond basic gold or silver — an opalescent pair picks up the colors in any ensemble and is way more interesting.

    9. Don't be afraid to try the one earring trend. Rock a small stud in one ear and a major dangler in the other for an eclectic, high-fashion vibe.

    10. Mix up your scarf-tying game so you're knot stuck in a rut.

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    11. If you'd love to coordinate your bag to your outfit more often, but internally groan at the idea of moving all your shit in and out of your go-to carryall (same), try a handy purse organizer so all you have to do is move one pouch between bags.

    12. If you wear mostly solid colors or neutrals, invest in a patterned bag. Leopard, stripes, and even plaids and florals go with way more than you think.

    13. When it comes to mixing patterns in accessories or clothes, the two most important things to remember are to make sure there's a similar color somewhere in the two prints and to pay attention to scale.

    14. Don't be afraid of a fanny pack (or, if you want to call it something a bit fancier, a ~belt bag~). It's a great hands-free option for things like concerts and outdoor events, and can even be worn across your torso like a crossbody instead of around your waist.

    15. If you're bored with your go-to bag, but don't want to splurge on a new one, give your carryall a fresh twist by adding a cute bag charm or keyring or replacing the strap.

    16. Or try knotting a fave scarf around the handle of your bag for a look that screams "I just got off the red-eye from Paris."

    17. Rock a (faux) layered look even when it's warm out by popping on a detachable collar with a round- or V-neck sweater, dress, or top.

    18. Spice up your wheels with some bright spoke covers that are just wheel-y cool, you guys.

    19. Contrary to what you may have learned, mixing metals is A-OK. But if you're like me and still feel a little meh about pairing a silver bracelet with gold earrings, unite the look with one piece of mixed-metal jewelry that ties it all together.

    20. A watch can be a perfect (and practical) addition to a bracelet stack. Because yes, I know, you already have a clock on your phone, so let the watch's function be fashion.

    21. If you're looking to rock multiple rings, they can look super cool even if they're mismatched. Collect ones you love with personal significance and wear them all together, or speed up the process by buying an eclectic pre-made set.

    22. Don't dismiss brooches as pieces that only belong in your grandma's jewelry box. They make any jacket way more interesting, and can even be fastened on the strap of a dress or at the collar of a blouse when you don't have a necklace that fits the bill.

    23. When belting something other than pants, pay attention to proportions.

    24. Want to wear a made-for-pants belt around your waist? Even if there aren't enough holes, just cinch it as tight as you want and make a knot. It'll keep it tight and add extra interest to your OOTD.

    25. Learn a few easy headwrap styles that you'll actually have time to do in the morning.

    26. Opt for a fun hair tie to give your pony more pizzazz than basic black elastics can offer.

    27. Think beyond basic black tights. Tights aren't just for staying warm — they can add a whole other level to a look. Fishnets are especially awesome, since they're so lightweight. Rock them with shorts, dresses, or even under ripped jeans.

    28. Learn which styles of sunglasses work best for your face shape, so you don't have to try on a million different kinds in search of the perfect fit. And don't worry, most styles work on multiple face shapes.

    29. For a hip-yet-practical touch, try a glam sunglass strap that serves as jewelry and a way to ensure you don't lose your precious shades.

    30. Upgrade an old pair of shoes or make a casual pair temporarily more ~formal~ with removable shoe clips, which are basically jewelry for your kicks!

    31. Or zhuzh up your sneaks by sliding cute charms onto your shoelaces.

    32. Don't pigeonhole hats as mere bad-hair-day coverups. They're an effortlessly chic way to top off an outfit. A neutral Panama hat works on pretty much everyone, and you can wear it with absolutely everything this summer.

    33. Personalize a plain denim jacket with an assortment of fun enamel pins.

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    Congratulations, you're now an accessory pro. You may even be able to tell the difference between those two belts from The Devil Wears Prada.

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