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    30 Gloriously Geeky Gifts For The Biggest Nerd You Know

    You say "geek" like it's a bad thing.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Hey! While we try to keep our posts updated as much as we can, this post was last updated in 2018, so we can't guarantee that the pricing and/or availability of the products featured are accurate. Check out the 2019 version of this post for our most up-to-date geeky gift recommendations!

    1. Harry Potter wand makeup brushes if their idea of a dream store would be a hybrid of Ollivander's and Sephora.

    Storybook Cosmetics

    Get a set of five plus a storage pouch from Storybook Cosmetics for $55.

    2. A dancing Groot bobblehead who'll guard their desk or dashboard just like he guards the galaxy.,

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99.

    3. A Hawkins Middle School A.V. Club sweatshirt to comfort your friend who feels like their world will be turned upside down once Stranger Things ends.


    On a scale of one to ten, they'll rate this gift an Eleven.

    Promising review: "I love this sweatshirt! I'm not exaggerating when I say I was waiting by the mailbox for this to arrive. I'm 5'7" and weigh 165 lbs. and bought a size medium. It fits perfectly. I have room in the arms but the bottom hemline stops right at my hips. This sweatshirt is pretty thin, but for Stranger Things geeks such as myself, it's a must-have. Love this thing!!!" β€”Meri

    Get it from Amazon for $20.95+ (available in sizes S-5X and in four colors).

    4. Or a Southside Serpents moto jacket if their allegiance is to a different fictional school.

    Hot Topic

    Get it from Hot Topic for $84.90 (available in sizes 0X-5X).

    5. The Art of Disney: The Golden Age (1937-1961) card book, a collection of 100 gorgeous postcards with artwork from different stages of the animation process of classic Disney films. It's basically a history of Disney in a box, so prepare for geeky gushing., Amazon

    Promising review: "These are absolutely amazing postcards that show all the hard work that went into the classic Disney films. The postcards feature scenes, concept art, character designs and backgrounds from some of Disney's most iconic films. The images are beautifully presented and the cards and are perfect for framing or sending! The set contains postcards from films like Snow White, Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, 101 Dalmatians, Cinderella, and Alice in Wonderland. They're a must-have for hardcore Disney, animation, or art fanatics!" β€”OSU Fan

    Get it from Amazon for $15.82.

    6. A geeky enamel pin or two or three (or more), because it's an empirical fact that there's nothing geeks love more than decorating their bags and con lanyards with flair.

    TweeStitch/Etsy, SentimentalDollieZ/Etsy, FandomFlairPins/Etsy

    Get the Weasley Christmas sweater pin from TweeStitch on Etsy for $10+ (available in two designs and two back styles), the Dark Magician Girl pin from SentimentalDollieZ on Etsy for $15, and the Spock pin from FandomFlairPins on Etsy for $6.75.

    7. Aww-worthy socks paying homage to Dobby that'll set any Harry Potter fan free and then make them cry.


    Get them from Amazon for $1.66+ (available in three colors).

    8. A Super Mario-themed chess set that comes with a bright board and super-detailed figurines, but unfortunately not with a flagpole onto which you can jump when you emerge victorious.


    Get it from Amazon for $39.97 or Firebox for $64.09.

    9. A LOL-worthy set of dry-erase magnets so they can make their fridge look like their beloved gaming console of yesteryear.


    Get a set of six magnets from Amazon for $22.99.

    10. A Supernatural-themed edition of Clue even the Winchester brothers themselves would approve of.


    Instead of figuring out who the murderer is, the objective is to figure out which character was possessed and opened the demon portal.

    Promising review: "I hadn't played Clue since I was a kid, but I love board games and Supernatural so this was a no-brainer. I'm really glad I got it. The board is really nice and the pieces and cards will please any fan of the show. The gameplay is quick and easy to learn. We own quite a few games and this is a favorite amongst our friend group." β€”kimber

    Get it from Amazon for $31.09.

    11. A Bob's Burgers wall calendar so they can ring in 2019 with their faithful friends the Belchers.


    Each month features a LOL-worthy screenshot and quote from the show.

    Get it from Amazon for $10.19.

    12. Squee-worthy Pickachu soap sure to be their best friend when it's their hygiene they must defend.


    Get a set of five from 3Ddreaming on Etsy for $10.59+ (available in five scents, with or without glitter, and in 39 colors).

    13. Or a bar of D20 gaming dice soap to keep your favorite Dungeon Master squeaky clean.


    They don't have to SMELL like a dungeon, after all.

    Get it from SnowsCutSoaps on Etsy for $5.50 (available in six colors).

    14. A Fair Isle Totoro sweater that just might be the Miyaza-key to becoming the best gift giver ever.

    Hot Topic

    Get it from Hot Topic for $44.90 (available in sizes XS-3X).

    15. The Geeky Chef Cookbook: Real-Life Recipes for Your Favorite Fantasy Foods for anyone who has ever wanted to try Romulan ale or pumpkin pasties IRL, or who needs motivation to step away from their books and games and actually cook for once.


    Promising review: "I love this book. If you watch sci-fi or fantasy shows then this is the book for you! I love that there's a combination of recipes from all sorts of fandoms like Firefly, Futurama, Legend of Zelda, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, etc. When the title says 'geeky' it lives true to its word. The recipes are decent as well. I've made a few for my children and their friends and they were quite the hit. So many recipes, so little time." β€”kwilliams

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99.

    16. A Black Panther-inspired necklace which may not be made of genuine Vibranium, but will help ensure they never freeze.


    Get it from Amazon for $8.99.

    17. An uproariously funny bottle of "You Smell Nothing, Jon Snow," toilet spray they can use when they feel that a rather odiferous bowel movement, not just winter, is coming.


    Yes, it's a great gag gift, but it's practical too β€” it's a gift that'll help the next person to use the bathroom not gag at the residual smell! All they have to do is spray the toilet water a few times before they go.

    Get it from VictoryScreechLabs on Etsy for $12.

    18. A Funko Pop! figure from the new Fantastic Beasts movie to say thank you to that friend who was kind enough not to spoil the movie even though they saw it a day before you.

    Barnes & Noble

    I'm still shook, tbh. Also, I kept spoilers secret from several friends for days, so if anyone wants to get me a little Jude Law out of gratitude, I really wouldn't mind.

    Get young Dumbledore from Barnes & Noble for $9.95 or a set of two baby Nifflers from Barnes & Noble for $19.95.

    19. Or a DIY Funko Pop! you can customize to look like your friend, you and your S.O., or even your loved one's fave obscure character that Funko hasn't gotten around to making yet (sigh). Because the only thing missing from their copious Pop! collection is probably their own face.,

    Promising review: "I ordered these to make an anniversary present for my partner. It was the perfect blank canvas to work on, and it took Apoixe sculpt really well β€” was easy to paint and held it perfectly. This is so much easier than modifying a pre-made Funko." β€”Shayracha

    Get the female-bodied figure for $10.49 and the male-bodied figure for $10.99, both from Amazon.

    20. A sleek purse for anyone who is Loki obsessed with Marvel.


    Get it from Amazon for $68.

    21. A Sherlock typography print featuring the iconic detective and printed with quotes from the show to prove you've got this geeky gift-giving thing on (Sher)lock.


    Get it from Amazon for $15.

    22. A set of pencils emblazoned with iconic quotes from a galaxy far, far away so that everything they jot down will be written in the stars, and the Star Wars.


    Get a set of seven from DefineDesignEtc on Etsy for $15.

    23. A set of Yuri!!! On Ice BFF necklaces to share with the sexiest pork cutlet bowl you know.

    Hot Topic

    Or gift them to your fave Victuuri shipper who'll gladly keep the whole set for themselves.

    Get a set of four necklaces from Hot Topic for $12.90.

    24. A Tardis throw blanket any aspiring Time Lord (be they two- or four-legged) will wanna curl up with.,

    Promising review: "My father is a huge Doctor Who fan so I got this blanket for him for Christmas to compliment his Doctor Who-themed study. He loves it and takes it all over the house. Great product!" β€”Richie Reviews

    Get it from Amazon for $20.17.

    25. A gorgeous dragon-emblazoned mug any LOTR or GOT fan, or any other geek whose fandom can't be represented by one of the aforementioned acronyms, will love.


    Get it from pagepottery on Etsy for $36.

    26. A VHS case-inspired clutch featuring a fave Disney movie that's sure to hit any '90s kid right in the childhood.

    Shop Disney

    Check out BuzzFeed's full write-up on Disney's '90s Flashback collection.

    Get the Hercules or Aladdin clutch from Shop Disney for $24.95. Find more movies here.

    27. A step-by-step manga drawing book that features everything from basic tutorials to intensive step-by-step projects that are sure to help your favorite budding fan artist get a heck of a lot more reblogs, and maybe even create manga of their own.


    Perhaps most importantly in the age of Tumblr, it has tips for both classic pencil-and-paper drawing and drawing on a computer!

    Promising review: "This is very well done! It's better than many how-to-draw manga books I've read. It has good basic instructions that can be applied to general figure drawing as well as manga. I highly recommend!" β€”LCVSY

    Get it from Amazon for $10.39.

    28. A chic mini backpack that'll stand in Stark contrast to all the other significantly more boring gifts they'll get this year.

    Box Lunch

    Get it from Box Lunch for $68.90.

    29. A totally badass Wonder Woman cuff bracelet that'll have them feeling like as much of a boss as the princess of Themyscira.


    They can adjust the size to fit their wrist!

    Promising reviews (I had to include two because they're making me emotional!):

    "I LOVE this cuff bracelet. I've been fighting and beating chronic lyme disease and co-infections since the '70s. I AM Wonder Woman!" β€”LadySelene

    "This picture doesn't show the true beauty of this Wonder Woman cuff. It's so nice and served as the PERFECT master's degree graduation gift for a friend who works full time, is a mom, and goes to school." β€”EMC

    Get it from Amazon for $28.80+ (available in two colors).

    30. And a Triforce lamp for a gamer gift that totally Hy-rules.


    Promising review: "This was an awesome gift for my Zelda-obsessed sons and husband! It's the perfect nightlight, not too dim and not too bright. I love that it projects the Triforce symbol on the wall." β€”Ronald Callahan

    Get it from Amazon for $27.99.

    Me when anyone gives me a gift not related to one of my fandoms tbh:

    Warner Bros.

    The reviews used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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