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    24 Of The Best Teeth Whiteners You Can Get On Amazon

    Get your teeth so shiny that Chip Skylark will wanna sing about them.

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    1. A miraculous, natural activated charcoal powder with over 13,000 (!!!!) positive reviews to make your gorgeous smile even more stunning.

    2. Or the same charcoal magic in the form of a whitening toothpaste if you prefer paste to powder.

    3. An amazingly affordable stain-fighting toothpaste that also helps strengthen enamel. And it lives up to the brand name Rembrandt, cause it'll turn your mouth into a true masterpiece.

    4. Crest Whitestrips, magical strips with the power to remove up to TEN YEARS of stains from your smile when used for just 30 minutes a day, and the results can last for six months or more!

    5. A handy LED light tray, which connects to your phone or laptop and reduces the time you need to keep whitening strips on your chompers. The best part? You don't even have to get up from your cozy seat to go sit by an outlet.

    6. Food-grade, vegan activated charcoal powder that can also be used to make a mask, so you can pamper your whole dang face with it.

    7. An alcohol-free pre-rinse mouthwash to use before brushing your teeth to give yourself an extra boost of whitening power plus fresher breath that lasts.

    8. White Wipes, travel-sized wonders that'll eliminate wine and coffee stains in a flash and leave you looking ready for your closeup.

    9. A mint-flavored charcoal that's perfect for sensitive teeth and will make your chompers look so polished, it'll live up to the brand name, Tuxedo. What's that Taylor Swift lyric again? "The ties were black, the teeth were white?" Sounds right to me.

    10. A pack of soft-bristled, charcoal-infused toothbrushes to add a gentle whitening boost to your everyday brushing routine (without taking any extra time).

    11. A fast-acting whitening pen that's easy to take on the go, so even the busiest of folks can have a show-stopping grin.

    12. POPWHITE Whitening Primer Toothpaste, a fun purple paste which'll make your pearly whites dazzle so dashingly, everyone you meet will think they just had a brush with a celebrity.

    13. An all-natural charcoal powder that's made from USA hardwood trees, is great for sensitive teeth, and works fast.

    14. An affordable pack of whitening strips that prove you don't have to rely on a name brand to get the bright stuff.

    15. A long-lasting supply of The Dirt powdered toothpaste, which doesn't sound like something that would get your teeth looking cleaner than ever, but it will.

    16. A vegan and gluten-free three-piece remineralization kit that not only whitens, but helps strengthen thin enamel that can cause painful sensitivity and freshens breath!

    17. An at-home, professional whitening kit with hands-free trays you can wear while getting on with the rest of your life. In other words, you can sink your teeth into your latest Netflix binge and an effective whitening treatment at the same damn time.

    18. A minty, natural, and organic charcoal powder that over 1,000 reviewers love, so honestly I wouldn't be surprised if those little cartoon sparkles start showing up whenever you smile.

    19. A breath-freshening and whitening powder made with charcoal and raw cacao. Whoever said chocolate was bad for your teeth clearly hadn't heard of this stuff.

    20. A Waterpik water flosser that not only will get your chompers super clean, but also comes with whitening tablets you can insert into the flosser itself. The tablet dissolves in the water to provide so much extra cleaning power, it could probably put your dentist out of business.

    21. Minty charcoal toothpaste so you can reap the awesome whitening benefits of charcoal without making a powdery mess.

    22. A two-step toothpaste kit that includes a paste that deep cleans like a trip to the dentist and a whitening gel to really pamper your pearly whites. Your teeth love it when you 1, 2 step.

    23. A natural, non-abrasive charcoal powder you use once or twice a week for an easy yet transformational addition to your self care routine.

    24. Supersmile's activating rods and whitening system to basically give yourself a professional-level whitening treatment at home, because let's face it, no one likes going to the dentist.

    Take it away, Chip!

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