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    19 Of The Best Shoes For Teachers You Can Get On Amazon

    Start your school day off on the right foot (and heck, the left one too).

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A sleek pair of classic flats so comfy, cute, and versatile, they may be the single most perfect pair of flats in existence. Oh, and did I mention they're under $20???,

    Promising review: "If I could give these shoes six stars, I would. I didn't have high hopes for comfort and durability given the low price, so imagine my surprise and delight when I slipped them on and was met with a supportive cushioned sole and buttery soft faux leather. I'm a public school teacher who stands (and sometimes runs) 9+ hours a day while at work. These shoes are ridiculously comfortable and didn't need any breaking in. They fit like a well-worn and loved ballet slipper from the first moment I put them on. I'll be ordering these in every color." —Jennifer Robertson

    Price: $17+ (available in sizes 5.5-15 regular and wide and in six colors)

    2. Fabulous glitter sneakers that'll help you inspire you students to ~shine~, not to mention teach the important lesson that practical shoes can still be super fun.,

    Promising review: Promising review: "I love, love, love these shoes and receive so many compliments when I wear them. I'm very particular about my shoes. I usually buy expensive shoes to wear to work teaching second grade. I have three bulged discs in my lower back that make wearing good shoes important. These shoes have the support I need. I can wear them to teach in all day, to go shopping, and out and about. I've never had any problems when I wear them. I've worn these a ton and none of the glitter has worn off. I want to purchase the rose gold color next." —Teach2Learn

    Price: $10.20+ (available in sizes 5-11 and in 28 designs)

    3. ~Class~y heeled Oxfords to help you master that whole "academic chic" vibe. Bonus points for pairing with a cozy cardi and a scarf on top.,

    Promising review: "Am I wearing flats?????? As a teacher, I'm on my feet all day. I've never successfully worn anything resembling heels before to work. I’m shocked to say that these shoes are just as comfy as my flats! The designers who created these are geniuses." —mls046

    Price: $23.99+ (available in sizes 4.5-10.5 and in three colors)

    4. Elastic strap flats that over 2,500 love for a cute, comfy everyday footwear option even when they're ~strapped~ for cash.,

    Check out BuzzFeed's full write-up on these flats.

    Promising review: "THE MOST COMFORTABLE SHOE FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS/TEACHERS. As a student teacher, I'm constantly on my feet and moving from my own college campus to preschools and chasing after those 4-year-olds. I've had these for almost a month now and 1) they've only gotten more comfortable with each wear and 2) I haven't complained once about these shoes. The straps don't bother me and the part wrapping around my ankle doesn't irritate me at all. I will definitely be getting these in LOTS of colors :)" —Miss Katy

    Price: $12+ (available in sizes 5.5-11 and in 37 colors and prints)

    5. Cute Mary Jane heels, aka the one kind of Mary Jane that the principal won't confiscate. 😂,

    Promising review: "I love LOVE these shoes. Always getting compliments from students and other teachers!" —Lovelikegold

    Price: $21+ (available in sizes 5.5-11 and in 17 colors)

    6. Versatile lace-up wedge booties that over 1,400 reviewers have given an A+ in comfort and style.,

    Promising review: "So comfortable and I get so many compliments! I'm a preschool teacher and have been wearing them to run around with the kids and they've been great — even on my mulch-filled playground. It feels like I'm wearing sneakers." —Natalie Gonzalez

    Price: $26.49+ (available in sizes 5-12 and in 15 colors)

    7. Delightfully quirky composition book-printed Mary Jane flats, which have definitely got the ~write~ stuff to become your new faves.,

    Reviewers say they run a bit small!

    Promising review: "I just got these yesterday and I wore them today to school. I brought a backup pair with me, just in case, but I wore these all day. ALL DAY! That's from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m., and not a pinch, a rub, or a single pain all day. They're amazing! It's true they don't have much arch support, but I simple insole could be added. I was fine with the insole that came with the shoe. I have wide feet and have such a hard time finding shoes that fit the width of my feet and my high instep. Often Mary Jane styles cut into the tops of my feet so I can't wear them, especially after my feet start to swell a little bit. But I'm telling you — all day, and no pain or discomfort. I'm so in love with these shoes, and it doesn't hurt that the design is so interesting. My feet were the talk of the school today. My students loved them, and the other teachers asked me to send them the link so they can get their own pair. I'm going to get more of these. I love the designs, and can't wait to fill in my closet with more of these amazing shoes!!" —Emilia Park

    Price: $69.99 (available in sizes 5-11)

    Find more prints here.

    8. Adorable lace flats that'll serve as excellent role models for your students — they play nice with everyone, from pants to dresses.


    Promising review: "These shoes are SO adorable and comfortable! I just love them. I'm a teacher and they pair nicely with many of my work outfits. I really want all the colors." —nicolita

    Price: $25.99 (available in sizes 6-10 and in six colors)

    9. Game-changing simple pumps available in a huge variety of colors, prints, materials, and widths and that over 1,400 reviewers swear by for heels that are actually comfortable., Amazon

    Promising review: "I purchased these for my daughter's wedding on the recommendation of a 24-year-old teacher who said they were comfortable enough to wear all day. I am so glad I listened. I ordered them in taupe, navy and black since I found such a great deal on Amazon. Size is perfect, plenty of cushion, non-slip sole, and it's a shoe that you can wear anywhere. Nothing trendy here, but I know they will be the most worn shoes in my closet." —Mom/Nurse Ann

    Price: $21.99+ (available in sizes 5-12 regular and 6-12 narrow, wide, and extra-wide)

    10. Cushy, easy-to-fasten wedge sandals that are, believe it or not, Crocs. Not VSCO girl-style clog Crocs, but their grown-up, chicer older cousin.


    They've got a genius buckle that you buckle normally to whatever hole you want first time you wear them, and but then a hook clasp allows you to take them on and off without unbuckling after that!!!

    Promising review: "I absolutely ADORE these shoes. I’m a teacher, and I’m on my feet and moving ALL day. I love wedges because I’m flat-footed and need the support. I have this style in tan and black. I’m a little obsessed. I already have another tan and another black pair in a box for when I wear the others out! The faux hook buckle is the greatest invention ever. Why didn’t this exist when I was a little girl trying to buckle my black patent leather shoes? These look fabulous with dresses, a cute pair of shorts, ankle and cropped pants, boyfriend jeans, etc. People will compliment my shoes, and the first thing I tell them is that they’re CROCS! I love their reaction." —HP

    Price: $18.11+ (available in sizes 4-11 and in two colors)

    11. Surprisingly comfy strappy heels you can easily wear to hang out with grown-ups once school ends.


    Promising review: "I’m a teacher, and I’m on feel all day. I love these shoes. Every time I wear them someone tells me how cute they are, which is true. They are very cute, but even better than that, they are the comfiest pair of heels I own. The strap across the top of the foot provides stability, and the cushioning inside is awesome. Love love love these shoes!" —Nicole

    Price: $49.99+ (available in sizes 5-11 regular and 6-11 wide)

    12. Low-heel booties that are the the ultimate footwear staple — I'm talking as basic as the ABCs and 123s., Amazon

    Promising review: "These are so great for the price! They fit as expected and are comfortable. I'm a teacher and on my feet constantly, and I wore them all day and had no issues." —Rachel G.

    Price: $18.44+ (available in sizes 5.5-11 and in 30 colors and prints)

    13. Ankle-strap mini wedges for when you want something that's a ~step up~ from flats but that won't be making you miserable by lunchtime.


    Promising review: "I ordered this shoe in navy. And then I ordered it in gray, red, and nude. I had to cut myself off before I ordered every color, but I'll probably order more before you know it. I LOVE THESE SHOES. I get so many compliments, especially when I wear the red ones. They're comfortable. I'm a teacher, so I'm on my feet all day. There's no perfect shoe for that, but these are comfy enough that I don't mind them by the end of the day. Great quality, too." —Mary Claire Becan

    Price: $19.99+ (available in sizes 5-11 and in 13 colors)

    14. Stretchy Skechers flats that are a heck of a lot more flexible than your curriculum., Amazon

    Promising review: "I’m a teacher, so standing on my feet all day is the thing. Most shoes can be too tight or too loose as the day wears on, or they're ugly. These are comfy, expandable with swollen feet, and don't make me look like I’m a hundred years old. Bought them in every color." —CJ

    Price: $39.95+ (available in sizes 5-11 regular and wide and in four colors)

    15. Casual cutout booties you'll also want to wear on weekends.,

    Promising review: "I really love these boots! I was worried because some Soda shoes run small, but these fit my feet perfectly. They breathe nicely, and I wore them for my eight-hour work day without any discomfort. I'm a teacher, so comfortable, stylish shoes are a must! I will most likely purchase other colors." -Ashley

    Price: $19+ (available in sizes 5.5-11 and in 17 colors)

    16. Retro-inspired cutout detail Mary Janes that are giving me serious Jess Day vibes.


    Reviewers say they run a bit small!

    Promising review: "For the price, these heels absolutely deliver! The footbed is cushioned, which I wasn't expecting. They're cute and comfortable. I'm a teacher and wear these to work, and I've had no problems. I'll order them in another color later." —Julie Anne

    Price: $32+ (available in sizes 5.5-11 and in 19 colors)

    17. Clarks platform wedges that'll allow you to stand tall at the front of the class all dang day., Amazon

    Promising review: "These shoes are SO comfortable and also very stylish! As a teacher, I have to stand for long periods of time and these shoes never hurt my feet. If you're looking for comfort and style, these shoes are what you want!" —Customer

    Price: $45.99+ (available in sizes 5-12 regular and 6-12 wide and in five colors)

    18. Enthusiastic "science!" sneakers here to help you channel your inner Ms. Frizzle (and come along on your next field trip).


    Promising review: "Comfy and super geeky cute! My students think they're awesome and they didn't kill my feet after wearing them while teaching all day. Success!!" —Peasncarrots

    Price: $39.95 (available in sizes 6-12)

    19. Polished Aerosoles block heel pumps that may force you to ~block~ off some time in your lesson plan for compliments.


    Some reviewers say they run large!

    Promising review: "I'm a busy principal who walks the halls of my school each day. These shoes give much-needed support and are super comfortable, even right out of the box! Usually I have a break-in period with new shoes, but not these. I highly recommend them for teachers or any professional who is on their feet during the day. They're super stylish too!" —Amazon Customer

    Price: $37.10+ (available in sizes 5-12 regular and 6.5-12 wide and in six colors)

    Need something to wear with your new shoes? Also check out the best dresses for teachers you can get on Amazon!

    You getting ready to show off your awesome new footwear at school:

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