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    26 Fabulous Skirts That Are Perfect For Wearing With Tights

    Just because winter is coming, doesn't mean you can't wear skirts anymore.

    1. A stunning flared midi with pleats and pockets that's just begging to be paired with tights and heels at every winter event.

    2. A plaid belted mini I feel like Cher Horowitz would approve of. Give up wearing minis just because it's cold out? As if.

    3. A velvet skater skirt for a festive take on a classic shape.

    4. A snake-print slip skirt sure to go down in hissss-tory as your coolest outfit ever if you pair it with tights, booties, and a moto jacket.

    5. A sleek pencil with a slit that'll be great for the office all year round, with or without your trusty tights.

    6. A baroque-print satin pencil skirt with a sultry slit that can totally be office-appropriate with the right hosiery.

    7. A quirky-printed skater that, paired with opaque tights, will have you giving off major Jessica Day vibes.

    8. A plaid A-line number befitting a vintage vixen such as yourself.

    9. A sleek ribbed maxi that's the perfect starting point for a super cozy (and Insta-worthy) fall look — just add tights, heeled boots, a scarf, and a sweater. Bonus points for a wide-brimmed hat.

    10. A go-everywhere knee-length option you can easily dress up or down.

    11. A classic denim mini that'd look so rock 'n' roll with some fishnets.

    12. A cutout, scalloped skater skirt for anyone who believes in twirl power.

    13. A spooky metallic mini, which is, coincidentally, printed with the exact same emoji your friends will comment with on all your OOTD pics. It's truly to ~die~ for.

    14. A sexy zippered mini so you can check slay off your to-do list now, and continue to rock it without tights come spring.

    15. A cozy sweater skirt, because who says sweaters are reserved for the top half of your body?

    16. As swingy printed number for anyone who rejects the idea that winter fashion should just be basic black 24/7.

    17. An OMG-worthy cat-printed mini to provide you and everyone who sees it some a-mews-ment all day long.

    18. A fun plaid overall skirt you'll probably find yourself choosing ~over all~ your other skirts and dresses.

    19. An A-line mini that is four of my favorite things: 1) purple, 2) plaid, 3) machine washable, and 4) tights-friendly.

    20. A luxe-looking mini, which is faux leather but really cute.

    21. A mixed-print skirt you'll totally be able to wear again in the summer, but that would look fabulously grunge-glam right now paired with tights and combat boots.

    22. A soft mini skirt that's basically fashion cordu-royalty — it rules all year round for everything from a party to a casual day out with friends.

    23. A button-down taffeta mini, which would truly be Audrey Hepburn-level chic with some tights, a fitted top, and block-heel pumps. Pearl necklace optional but encouraged.

    24. A quirky and casual skater skirt bedecked with moons and stars and planets and Pusheens enjoying some noms that'll have you looking like a total ~snack~.

    25. A pretty jacquard skirt ready to hit every holiday party on your cal along with sheer tights, pumps, and a sparkly top.

    26. And a flouncy tweed number that's giving me serious BWE — Blair Waldorf energy. Just remember — Tights. Are. Not. Pants.

    Everyone when they see your awesome tights-and-a-skirt ensemble:

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