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    23 Shoe Hacks You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner

    Because shoes should be things of beauty, not torture chambers.

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    1. Scrub off sneaker scuffs with an eraser or toothpaste.

    2. Give well-worn stilettos new life by popping on some heel replacement caps — no need to consult a cobbler.

    3. Stretch out pinchy shoes by filling quart-size plastic bags about a quarter of the way with water, placing one in each shoe, then putting the shoes in the freezer until the water turns to ice.

    4. Avoid the tragedy of having a pair that felt great in the store feel like little torture chambers by 3 p.m. on their first day out by going shoe shopping at night or in the afternoon.

    5. Vanquish tripping and constant retying by installing a pair of no-tie shoe laces on your go-to kicks.

    6. Or, if you like the look of having your shoes tied in a nice, neat bow, make your own no-tie laces by replacing regular shoelaces with some elastic cord sewn to the tongue. Then, reattach just the bow of your old laces. No one will be the wiser.

    7. Use bread (yes, bread) to scrub stains off of suede.

    8. Forget fancy treatments and sprays and instead waterproof your shoes by rubbing them with a small candle, then using a hairdryer to set the wax coating.

    9. If leather shoes do get wet, fill them with crumpled newspaper as soon as you get home to absorb the moisture.

    10. Use lip balm as blister balm — just apply some to any areas that are prone to blisters before you head out the door.

    11. Or spritz on some PreHeels, a special spray that dries to create a strong, protective barrier around your foot to prevent blisters for up to six hours.

    12. Make walking in tall heels less miserable by taping your middle and fourth toes together, which will relieve pressure on a sensitive nerve in your foot.

    13. Sick of an old pair? Attach a pretty appliqué to some blank shoe clips to turn simple shoes into a major statement.

    14. Know what size you are in other countries with a handy (or should I say foot-y) conversion chart. You'll never be stumped while shopping again.

    15. Use a bread tag or a flat washer to reattach a loose flip-flop strap.

    16. Make walking in heels outdoors way easier with a pair of heel protectors to prevent your stilettos from sinking in the grass and gravel.

    17. Remedy slippery soles by affixing a couple adhesive bandages or even a fun glitter glue design to the bottom of your shoes.

    18. Banish grody odors by putting tea bags in your shoes. Not only do the bags themselves smell nice, but they'll absorb all of your kicks' gross emanations.

    19. Or make your own all-natural deodorizing spray by mixing equal parts rubbing alcohol and apple cider vinegar, plus a few drops of tea tree oil.

    20. Restore white sneakers to their former, glistening glory with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

    21. Get squeaky shoes to STFU by sprinkling some baby powder inside.

    22. Extend the life of a well-worn pair by patching holes and peeling spots with Shoe Goo.

    23. And finally, now that you know how to care for your shoe collection, invest in a clever way to store them, like this roomy and versatile shoe rack.

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    Me to every pair of shoes I see, now that I know I can handle even the trickiest pairs: