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    20 Rechargeable Sex Toys For Anyone Who Doesn't Want To ~Fuck~ With Batteries

    In 2021, we don't need to ~fool around~ with batteries.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A vibe with a thrusting head that absolutely won't stop till you get off, and that knows rhythm is KEY for reaching new ~depths~ of pleasure.

    Hand holding long the teal toy
    Bellesa Boutique

    It's waterproof and has four settings.

    Promising review: "Was afraid my eyes would roll back permanently. This is 1,000 times better than sex." —Carla

    Get it from Bellesa Boutique for $199 (originally $239).

    2. The Satisfyer Pro 2, a waterproof, touch-free toy that clit owners everywhere swear by. Just place the mouth of this magical device around your clit, and the Satisfyer will stimulate it with vibrating airwaves (that kinda feel like the best head of your life) without actually touching it. What is this brilliant sorcery???

    The suction head toy submerged in water

    It ~comes~ with a magnetic USB cable for easy charging. Check out BuzzFeed's full write-up on the Satisfyer and more of the best sex toys you can get on Amazon.

    Promising review: "Okay. Real talk. I NEVER write reviews. But it was reviews I read that led me to purchase this mystical device and now I feel like I have to share to encourage others. I've always had an incredibly difficult time reaching completion. Sometimes it can take me hours with high-tech vibes, and even then no guarantees. In top of what is already a difficult thing for me, I’m also on some meds that kill sex drive. My partner and I are on year five of our relationship and it’s always been a source of frustration, as I can count on one hand the amount of times I have reached completion when we're together. I'd tried so many different things and was at the end of my emotional rope. Fast forward to this device. I honestly didn’t know what to think when I unboxed it. Probably the first time I have ever read the instructions on a sex toy. But I finished two, TWO, back-to-back Os in under 20 minutes. Which for me is a miracle. Then I went on to a third while participating in the deed through some creative positioning. I think I might still be a little lightheaded. I cried and then decided to write this review. For anyone who has tried it all, please buy this. I know it’s changed my life in one night and saved my marriage from the slow death of intimacy." —Samantha Cole

    Get it from Amazon for $29.95.

    3. A waterproof, textured cock ring that's awesome for partnered sex — it provides clitoral stimulation and is designed to help the wearer last longer. It charges fully via USB in an hour, so it'll get ~ready to rumble~ almost as fast as you 😉.

    Hand holding the cock ring with round textured attachment

    It's got five speeds and five patterns you can mix and match.

    Promising review: "This thing is great! The cock ring is very soft, flexible, and easy to use, but still provides a good grip around me, so no complaints from this guy. My wife also loves the different vibration settings. The ability to easily change the type and/or intensity of the vibration on the fly is pretty cool and has made for some really intense sex sessions. This was our first time bringing a toy into the bedroom and we are both very pleased. Cleanup and charging are both really easy too. 10/10 will continue to sex with it!" —Krasmer

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

    4. A sleek and flexible dual-stimulating vibe to bend to your every naughty whim.

    The pink rabbit-style vibrator

    Forget an S.O., this baby will be your partner for life — literally, because it comes with a lifetime warranty. Plus it has 10 settings, is USB rechargeable, and can last for over two hours on one charge.

    Promising review: "Um hello? This badboy should be shipped to people with soundproofed walls! It's very quiet and powerful and beyond cute — you'll be the noisy one! What I love is that you can bend it to your exact liking — tip to the left, arm to the right, no the other right...absolute perfection. My other toys need to be dusted — this one rules for sure!!!" —Caroline

    Get it from Amazon for $44.99 (available in two colors).

    5. A compact and versatile clit-stimulating toy with a rotating head that can be changed up with the five different included tips. It's easy to hold and a *major* upgrade to just teasing your clit with your finger.

    Hart's Desires

    This small but powerful wonder has a USB charger and 10 spin speeds. It can vibrate too! It's available at Hart's Desires, a Black-owned, D.C.-based erotic shop run by husband and wife duo Tony and Shani Hart.

    Promising review: "I bought one for the holidays, and it was simply amazing! The best toy I’ve used in years by far." —aundreah369

    Get it from Hart's Desires for $99.99.

    6. A compact silicone mini wand vibrator more powerful than any wand Ollivander ever made.

    Hand holding black wand vibe with bulbous head

    It's got 20 vibration speeds and eight patterns, a flexible head, a USB charger, and it's waterproof! Check out BuzzFeed's full write-up on this vibe.

    Promising review: "I've had this toy for a full year now. When I first bought it, I spent hours searching for a good toy with a reasonable price. I'm so ridiculously happy with this purchase. The only time it's ever disappointed me is when I forgot to charge it, but I don't even have to charge it often because it gets me off so quickly. It has lasted me a year now and still works like new. It's also quiet enough for when I'm home with my family — they can't hear a thing. I highly recommend it." —Chelsy

    Get it from Amazon for $27.95+ (available in three colors).

    7. A pocket-sized oral sex stimulator sure to leave you tongue-tied.


    It has three speeds and three patterns, is waterproof, and charges via USB.

    Promising review: "This toy is small but mighty! I was quite shocked by how tiny it is, but it definitely doesn't skimp on sensations! I've tried this toy on every setting and I have to say there isn't a single one that I don't like! The first, slower setting mimics exactly the kind of oral I personally like, and is definitely one for those who like to take it slow and be teased. The faster continuous settings also feel amazing, especially when moving the toy ever so slightly from side to side. They definitely manage to bring me close to orgasm much quicker! However, the last couple of settings are personally my favorite, giving you a variety of sensations, both fast and slow. I found these settings to be the closest to real oral and they definitely brought me to several amazing orgasms! The trick with this is not to use too much pressure and to allow the tongues to gently flick across the clitoris. Less is definitely more with this toy! The silicone tongues are super soft and I didn't find them too difficult to clean, especially since it's waterproof! I can't wait to try this out in the shower! It's not too loud, even on the faster, more powerful settings, and it's whisper quiet on the slower ones. It's already up there with my favorite toys!" —Kitten25

    Get it from Lovehoney for $49.99 (available in three colors).

    8. A double whammy of a toy that's perfect if you don't wanna have to choose between suction and vibration. One end of this wonder has an oral sex-mimicking clitoral stimulator, while the other is a classic vibe. Plus, reviewers say the lifetime warranty really has them coming back for more.

    The periwinkle toy in water

    Both the suction end and the vibrator have 20 modes, and you can control them separately to find your perfect combination. Plus, it's conveniently USB rechargeable and waterproof.

    Promising review: "First-time user. Never leave reviews. I think I blacked out. I lost sense of time and day. I was in another dimension. I was floating on a sea of pearls. I was dancing with flames from a volcano. I think I died and I was reincarnated. I don’t care if it sounds like I’m overexaggerating. Buy this." —Apurva Bhalerao

    Get it from Amazon for $54.99 (available in two colors).

    9. A realistic, 9-inch rabbit vibe to ensure your pursuit of pleasure won't be in vein.


    It includes a USB cord for charging and has seven different vibration speeds. Plus, the head is flexible so you can hit just the right spot.

    Promising review: "This has got to be the BEST toy I’ve ever bought. Even on its highest setting it’s VERY quiet. I love all the texture on it; it's such a wonderful tease! I also love how soft the material is and how easy it is to clean! It’s not abrasive to my skin like some other toys can be. I would highly recommend this product." —Jessica

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99.

    10. A whimsical, super quiet, and multipurpose octopus-shaped toy that can be used as a vibrator or a vibrating butt plug. The five speed, five mode vibe can also be removed and swapped for your fave bullet. For pleasure and versatility, this friend is a ~ten~tacle out of 10.

    Cute Little Fuckers

    This awesome brand, Cute Little Fuckers, is queer-owned and makes a whole line of waterproof, rechargeable, adorable, and inclusive toys!

    Promising review: "I love all of the Cute Little Fuckers so far, but this is my favorite. Easy to hold, which is important for someone like me with joint pain, and the settings go from gentle rumble to 'oh you better hang onto something.' The various speeds and pulses are very easy to figure out, and even a first time user like me got the hang of it very quickly. Overall, 10/10, cutest little buddy." —Liz

    Get it from Cute Little Fuckers for $69.

    11. A remote control prostate massager with eight patterns and 12 intensity settings that'll give you an out-of-this-world feeling — I'm talking sending you straight to Uranus — no butts about it.


    It comes with a discreet case and USB charging cord, and the vibrator (not the controller) is waterproof. Plus, it'll provide more than just internal stimulation — the vibrations reach the perineum, too.

    Promising review: "This is the first prostate-specific toy I've bought. I've had plenty of experience with dildos and vibes, so when this arrived it was a revelation. It's a completely different sensation altogether. If you're a bit worried about butt stuff, this is a sweet and unobtrusive way to tickle that little pleasure node. It's a comfortable fit and stays in easily. It won't stay in if you go jogging about, but on a low setting you can move a bit. It feels like a premium product and mine has lasted through a year of serious hammering with no deterioration. The settings are all fun, with a very intuitive controller that you could give to someone else if that floats your boat. The settings go from a low rumble to an internal hurricane, but it never gets distractingly loud. Charging and cleaning are easy. Basically, this opens up a whole new world of sensation, and that's from an experienced toy user." —Sophiesweets

    Get it from Lovehoney for $99.99.

    12. A gorgeous and subtle four-speed vibrator necklace for anyone looking for a new way to ac-sex-orize.


    It detaches from the chain and can be charged via USB. The brand, Crave, is a woman-led, San Francisco-based biz that also funds the Crave Foundation for Women, which fights for reproductive justice and to end gender-based violence like genital mutilation and sex trafficking.

    Promising review: "I bought this for my lady for her b-day. When she opened it, we were surprised by the size. It was a bit bigger then we'd anticipated. Despite the size, she wore it that night with little notice from other people. We brought it into the bedroom that night and WOW! She absolutely loved it. It warms up as you use it, its different settings are great, and it lasted about two and a half hours. Based on our experience, I would highly recommend this product." —Boom4real

    Get it from Amazon for $69 (nice, available in two metals).

    13. A waterproof, vibrating strapless "strap-on" that'll allow folks with vaginas to pleasure themselves while penetrating a partner. It vibrates at both ends and the area around the wearer's clitoris is textured for double the fun.

    The pink toy with a bulbous insertable part and a long shaft
    Adam & Eve

    It has nine modes and charges via USB.

    Promising review: "This product is absolutely phenomenal. My wife and I have made excuses just to use this in different ways and positions. I love that both of us have the option for mind-blowingly intense vibrations. Every time that we have used this we have both experienced amazing orgasms. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great new experience." —Igotpegged

    Get it from Adam & Eve for $79.95 (it's backordered till the end of the month, but definitely worth the wait).

    14. The Sweet Vibes Pixie, a compact clitoral massager with flexible arms you can get (*extremely Jesse McCartney voice*) right where you want them.


    It's USB-rechargeable and waterproof, it has 10 settings, and it even comes with a lifetime warranty to always keep you ~satisfied~.

    Promising review: "I love this cute little toy! It's a great travel companion; it fits in my toiletry bag and is super silent/discreet. It's now my favorite thing to bring on trips. My friend introduced me to the Sweet Vibrations brand and I LOVE all three toys I've purchased from them. The silicone is super soft and sleek, and they're waterproof and easy to clean. I love that this one has multiple pulse settings and patterns so it's fun to play with. I haven't used it with a partner yet, but I'm looking forward to breaking it out." —Anonymous in SF

    Get it from Amazon for $39.97+ (available in three colors).

    15. The PlusOne Air Pulsing Arouser that's pretty in pink and pretty powerful too. Siri, play vagina power anthem "Pynk" by Janelle Monáe.

    A hand holding the palm-sized toy

    If you're looking for affordable-yet-awesome toys, I definitely recommend this brand, which is designed to bring super high-quality toys to folks on a budget and who feel more comfortable/discreet shopping at general stores like Target or Amazon than a specialty sex toy shop. And it's got a magnetic USB charger!

    Promising review: "My first and last toy. I only charged it for 15 minutes and used it for maybe one minute?? Cause the first setting alone is HIGH. I continued to mess around and I never thought my body was capable of doing certain things, but this device made me climax to my fullest potential; squirt and all. I ended up in different positions. I would suggest putting a towel down before starting! After your first climax you'll want to keep exploring. I hold it upside down like the third direction in the pamphlet, and WOW! It's a whole different experience! Must-have! Fits in a makeup bag! Just get it!" —Sillae

    Get it from Amazon for $29.98 or Target for $37.99. Target is offering curbside pickup through their app.

    16. The We-Vibe Touch, a small, quiet, and gently curved silicone vibe that's the perfect shape to stimulate your clit and labia during sex or when you're on your own.

    We-Vibe, @wevibe / Via

    It has four patterns and four speeds, is waterproof, and charges via USB. It's also got a handy low power indicator so you won't reach for it only to have it die in the heat of the moment.

    Promising review: "I know, it's not new. But I just recently discovered the We-Vibe Touch. During quarantine, which was a lifesaver. For real. I am single, but thanks to the Touch, quarantine worries no more. This is amazing. Just a bit sad I didn't have it years ago..." —MeMyselfIsla

    Get it from We-Vibe for $69 (originally $99).

    17. A vibrating penis stroker with an ergonomic grip and the ability to stimulate the tip and part of the shaft of the penis with 14 sexsational vibration patterns. Cue the magic carpet montage, because it's time for a ♫ whole new world ♫ of sensations.

    The black stroker
    Bellesa Boutique

    Promising review: "So I have a few different types of stroker sleeve toys, and they all get the job done when you just need some relief. But THIS vibrating stroker is nothing short of awesome! As a slightly shorter than average length guy, I get an adequate amount of depth/penetration, and playing with the motors allows me time to build up to a great finish. I also really enjoy the fact that pressing on the top of the silicone cup during use lets you modify the pressure and sensation." —DaveJ

    Get it from Bellesa Boutique for $59.

    18. A splurge-worthy oral-stimulating vibrator that combines suction, a "licking" tongue attachment, and vibration that can all be turned on and off separately so you can customize exactly the experience you (and your vagina) want.

    Hart's Desires

    It also comes with two different shaped suction heads and a textured sleeve for the tongue part to play around with different feels further. Add 10 vibration settings and seven licking settings, and I think pretty much everyone will be able to find their best O with this baby. Plus it's got a magnetic USB charger.

    Promising review: "This one here is something. Once it’s in the correct goodness. Good investment. The suction is superb and the different levels of tongue stimulation are a wild mix. Lip biting, eye rolling good. Get one. You won’t regret it!" —DeAnna

    Get it from Hart's Desires for $149.99+ (available in two colors).

    19. Waterproof and adjustable vibrating nipple clamps with 12 vibration modes that make 'em a major upgrade to regular clamps or even your partner's fingers.

    The purple toy with nipple clamping prongs

    It's even got a travel lock feature, so it won't vibrate in your bag if you take it on the go. You can order it from Feelmore, a Black- and queer-owned sex toy shop based in Oakland.

    Get it from Feelmore for $42.99 (available in two colors).

    20. The wow-worthy We-Vibe Tango, aka a cordless and waterproof mini vibe boasting eight body-shaking modes in one amazingly compact bullet.

    @wevibe / Via, We-Vibe

    It even comes with a little packet of lube so you'll have everything you need to get going right away! Plus, it's got a low power indicator to let you know you should charge it up before your next play session.

    Promising review: "Everything about the Tango is just gorgeous! I got it as a birthday present from my besties and couldn't thank them enough. I love its design and it doesn't only look high-quality, but it also feels high-quality. The smooth material is a great change from the always-used silicone. And the vibrations — well, hours later I could still feel the tickling sensations!" —SamanthaJ

    Get it from We-Vibe for $59 (originally $79; available in two colors).

    Putting that fully-charged vibrator to good use like:

    4Kids Entertainment

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