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    33 Products I Don't Understand How You've Lived Your Whole Life Without

    Hats that won't damage natural hair, tools to minimize noise while working from home, nail polish for your pet, and so much more stuff you should add to your cart immediately.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A genius visual grocery list pad so you can just circle what you need and be able to check at the store at a glance — no more struggling to read your own handwriting (I feel ya). The rows are even organized by category and have spaces next to each to write down other items, so you won't have to keep doubling back to an aisle you've already been in for something farther down the list.

    The colorful pad with food icons arranged in categories from fruits to pet care to deli to snacks

    2. Washable microfiber mop pads that'll fit on your trusty Swiffer WetJet or similar mops so you can kick wasteful and pricey disposable pads to the curb. They even pick up more gunk, so you'll wonder why you haven't been using these the whole time.

    3. A rotary cheese grater, because everyone knows that pasta just tastes better with cheese from one of these things, I don't make the rules. With one of your very own, you not only won't miss restaurants as much, but also won't have to deal with the awkwardness of having a waiter stand over you for an uncomfortably long time (because no, that is *still* not enough cheese).

    4. As-seen-on-TV Debbie Meyer GreenBags here to save you major waste and $$$. They can keep your produce fresher much longer and be reused eight to 10 times!!!

    On the left, a barely browned banana in one of the bags. On the right, a banana with lots of brown spots, not in a bag

    5. The Honey Pot overnight pads, which aren't regular pads, they're cool pads — literally. In addition to being plant-based and made with pesticide-free cotton, they're formulated with mint, lavender, and aloe for a cooling, soothing effect that'll keep you feeling fresh and provide a nice scent that doesn't smell like the unidentifiable chemicals of other scented pads.

    6. Or a beginner-friendly, collapsible, adjustable-size, medical-grade silicone menstrual cup ready to play the role of your BFF helping you compose a devastating breakup speech when you're ready to ditch pads and tampons for good.

    The pink cup with a removal loop at the bottom expanded, and one completely squished down into the thin round case

    7. A Grace Eleyae satin-lined beanie that may look like a regular winter hat, but has a secret superpower — it'll protect, not damage, natural hair.

    8. Adhesive weather- and sound-proofing strips to block drafts, leaks, and the sound of the people next door who haven't been quiet for even a second since stay-at-home started. Did you expect to find sympathy and salvation in the form of 33 feet of foam? No, but 2020 has been full of surprises.

    9. Or some versatile silicone putty earplugs that you can mold to get a perfect fit and use for everything from snoozing to swimming. The obnoxious construction next door and your S.O.'s snores are no match for these babies.

    A reviewer's ear with the semi-opaque white, putty-like earplugs covering the opening

    10. Glossier's Body Hero exfoliating bar, which will exfoliate thoroughly but gently and moisturize, so you'll end every shower with skin softer and smoother than you ever thought possible.

    11. Hilarious yet practical pop-up fire hydrant pee pads that'll not only look way less unsightly around your house than plain ones, but also be easier for your pup to find (and aim at).

    Small dog sitting on square pad with red fire hydrant

    12. A sleek bralette made with recycled nylon that's perfectly easy and comfy enough for every day. In fact, several reviewers say it's like not wearing a bra at all — which is basically the holy grail quality we all dream of in a bra.

    13. A 4-in-1 hole repair product that is a squeeze bottle of spackle with a built-in primer, plus has a built-in putty knife on the top and a sanding pad on the cap, so even the least handy people ever (me) can easily keep their walls looking like new.

    14. A Tile Pro tracker if you've spent all of quarantine (and your life) losing things around the house. Just hook this little guy to your keys, purse, or wallet, and you'll be able to ring it through an app up to 400 feet away.

    15. A genius dongle case that can clip to a keyring and that literally everyone with an iPhone needs. Because who among us has not found ourselves dongle-less when we were desperate to listen to music or watch a video?

    Two of the black, flat, rounded triangular cases with a dongle-shaped slot, one of which is holding a dongle, clipped to a keyring

    16. A hard water stain remover you can t-rust to cut through even the toughest stains you were starting to think were just gonna have to be permanent fixtures in your home and your life.

    17. A silicone dishwasher bag you'll wonder how you ever did dishes without. You can roll up smaller items in it vertically or horizontally so they'll fit anywhere and won't come out filled with water like they usually do!

    18. A memory foam gel cushion to turn your desk chair into a luxurious, not miserable, experience for your tush. Truly, how have you and your glutes been working from home for eight months without this?

    The cushion on a rolling desk chair

    19. A pair of sleek silicone mask applicator brushes with several benefits that'll make a mask day more effortless (and therefore more relaxing): it evenly spreads a thick layer of product without any getting caught or wasted in bristles, it's easy to clean, and reduces mess!

    20. A neutral color-blocked tote that checks all the boxes on the criteria for the perfect everyday carryall. Room for all your crap? Chic? Ethically produced? Matches everything? Check to all the above.

    A model carrying the large tan tote with a black bottom panel

    21. A nontoxic nail pawlish pen made just for puppers so you can fulfill your lifelong dream of doing a spa day together. In fact, their nails will probably be less of a pain to do than yours, since this stuff comes in an easy-to-apply pen form, dries quickly, and has very little scent!

    22. A Stasher reusable silicone bag able to survive the oven, microwave, dishwasher, freezer, and sous vide that will probably make you wonder why you ever wasted time (and plastic) using disposable versions.

    23. A hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-mold, and anti-yeast panty wash formulated by an actual gynecologist — so yes, she really *does* understand the problem you've had your whole vagina-having life and haven't wanted to talk about. It'll be delicate on your delicates but tough on all the gunk (yes, I am talking about discharge) you need to wash out of them.

    Bottles of the detergent

    24. An amazing antifungal nail treatment to give you results so satisfying, you won't even miss having a reason to say "there's a fungus among us" (even though yes, that is fun to say).

    On the left, a reviewer's toenails looking uneven and fungus-y, with the text "May 12." On the right, the same reviewer's toenails looking clearer and more even with the text "June 14"

    25. A freezable headache cap that can be worn on top of your head or all the way over your eyes and that may look a little silly, but the game-changing cold and compression relief it'll provide is no laughing matter.

    26. Handy silicone dish gloves with scrubby bristles on the inner palm and fingers that'll change the way you do dishes forever. Why bother reaching for sponges and brushes when you can ~hand~le all the gunk with your own digits?

    27. An absolutely amazing and iconic Disney logo belt that's basically a required purchase for anyone who loves fashion and Disney in equal measure (same). Forget the houses of Gucci, Feragamo, Chanel, etc. — this season it's all about the House of Mouse.

    The black belt with a gold Disney "D" buckle

    28. The Lip Bar's Skin Serum Foundation, which'll do everything you've ever wanted your foundation to do: last all day, come in a shade that's perfect for you, and save you time in your beauty routine. How, you ask? It's made with hyaluronic acid so it's like a serum and foundation in one, and it's got an easy built-in brush pen design — just click the top to dispense product onto it!

    29. A vegan pair of Dr. Martens so animal-friendly shoppers can finally get their feet into a pair of these classic and durable boots that'll take every outfit from zero to badass in seconds.

    model wearing the thick-soled black combat boots

    30. Majorly space-saving hangers to transform your tiny closet into something you can work with until the day you can afford to move into a mansion with a Cher Horowitz-type closet with room for your whole wardrobe.

    31. A Rapid Ramen Cooker with over 2,000 5-star reviews that's a lazy cook's dream — it can cook your noodles in the microwave in three minutes and must have been designed by someone with a pretty genius ~noodle~ themselves.

    A reviewer's cooked ramen in the black rectangular bowl

    32. A classic Levi's denim jacket to fill the GAPING hole that surely exists in your wardrobe if you don't already have a go-to jean jacket.

    33. And finally, the Schitt's Creek Funko Pop! figure of your fave character you've literally been dreaming of since you first watched the pilot.

    You seeing every item on this list:

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