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    20 Products I Don't Understand How You've Lived Your Whole Life Without

    *Iconic David Guetta feat. Usher bop "Without You" plays in the background*

    1. A simple-yet-brilliant magnetic glasses holder to keep your specs safely on your shirt at all times, and prevent the panic that always ensues when you lose track of your favorite pair. It also works great for ID badges and corded earbuds!

    2. A lidded ice cube tray that you know has to be good, because why else would 1,400 reviewers actually be EXCITED about an ice cube tray??? The lid keeps it clean, allows you to squeeze out excess water, and makes it stackable (hello, more freezer space!).

    3. Bawdy Butt Mask, aka a sheet mask for your bodacious buns. Because why shouldn't the cheeks on your tush get the same pampering as the cheeks on your face?

    4. Chafe-preventing thigh bands, because nothing — not even the uncomfy rubbing that plagues us all in the summer — should stop you from wearing your fave dresses, skirts, and shorts. Time to breathe a thigh of relief.

    5. Or Body Glide Anti-Chafe Balm, an odorless formula that'll provide amazing protection all day long so even the sweatiest summer days won't ~rub~ you the wrong way.

    6. Weird-yet-wonderful prism glasses that shift your sightline 90 degrees, so you can do what you've always dreamed of. Yes, I'm talking about reading a book or watching TV while lying all the way down on your back. We have reached peak cozy.

    7. The Tile Pro, a handy little device here to ensure you never lose your phone, keys, wallet, kid's favorite toy, or any other precious item ever again.

    8. A set of springform pans for anyone who knows that the worst part of baking is trying to get your creation out of the dang pan. The sides of these are removable, so you can slide the food right out and onto a plate. Easy as ~pie~.

    9. The Pocket Palette, a tiny on-the-go makeup kit that packs major glam. Your bulky makeup bag may start to feel left out of your adventures now that this little guy has taken its place in your purse, backpack, and gym bag.

    10. A pair of Thinx, surprisingly cute undies that can hold up to two tampons worth of period flow. Yeah, that's right — it's an easier, more environmentally-friendly, and less cramp-inducing alternative to tampons, cups, and pads.

    11. A leakproof car garbage can and organizer, because I hate to break it to you — just stuffing things in your car's center console does not actually count as throwing them away. Shocking, I know.

    12. A BPA-free drain protector featuring a whimsical animal friend here to collect all the chunks of stuff you really don't want going down your drain.

    13. Amazing, discreet earplugs that don't totally block noise, but rather lower the volume in super loud settings. In other words, they're a dream come true for anyone who is sensitive to loud sounds or has ever left a concert with their ears ringing.

    14. A trendy neon-trimmed clear backpack so you can easily get into stadiums and concerts with strict bag policies — not to mention breeze through security at any event and look cute doing it.

    15. Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation, which not only has the cutest packaging ever, but also has SPF 15 and may be the most perfect foundation you've ever tried.

    16. Unbelievably adorable Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle Funko Pop! figures, because honestly, without these guys, how will you cut it as a Pokémon trainer?

    17. A genius multitasking ring that's your long-sought solution to the two most annoying purse problems: not having anywhere to put it at a bar or restaurant and not being able to see what you need in the depths of the bag.

    18. A handy mulit-tool featuring a compact spork to help you perform the most important survival function of all — eating!

    19. Jane Iredale Just Kissed lip and cheek stain, a two-for-one product that may be all you need to get a unique natural look — it reacts with the chemicals in your skin to create a tint thats just right for you. The lipgloss you've been using for years could never.

    20. And an absolutely OMG-worthy T-shirt representing the one Klein who's even more iconic than Calvin, which you knew you had to own the moment you saw. Because the only better catharsis that smashing freakin' Gordon's stuff with a baseball bat is shopping, am I right?

    You convincing your bank account that you absolutely need to own all of these things in order to survive:

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