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    33 Things I Don't Understand How You've Lived Without To Try In 2021

    New year, new tongue scraper.

    1. An Amazon Fire TV Stick, because after almost a year of stay-at-home, we could all use a TV upgrade. Specifically, a smart TV device that's super easy to install (even for low tech folks), has Alexa voice commands, and will let you do way more than just watch TV.

    2. Surprisingly affordable bike shorts, which, like any of the trusty pairs you've been living in this year, are great for wearing for workouts, while chillaxing, or under dresses. What makes these babies must-haves? POCKETS and over 4,000 (!!!) positive reviews.

    3. A paws-itively amazing rubber pet hair broom with a built-in squeegee designed to sweep up all that shedding (and even liquids!) like no other.

    4. An ingenious washable, reusable, cotton-blend bacon towel, because ♫ grease is the word that you heard ♫ — heard needs cleaning up and uses up a lot of paper towels in your home, that is.

    bacon sitting on the quilted towel

    5. A simple yet revolutionary habit calendar that just might be what you need to finally do all the stuff you keep saying you're gonna do in 2021. It's got 12 months' worth of planning pages with space to track daily, weekly, and monthly habits and goals to help you be your most badass self.

    6. A fleece-lined hoodie/blanket/poncho thing, which would have been a fun impulse buy pre-quarantine but is now basically a necessity.

    7. A time-stamped glass water bottle, because you've said it every year of your life, but this — THIS — is finally the year you're gonna start drinking more water.

    The bottle marked with times 8 am to 12 pm on one side and 2pm to 6 pm on the other, leading down to an icon that says "refill" with motivational phrases along the way

    8. An unbelievably awww-worthy animal waffle maker that'll make both kids and adults alike wonder why they've ever let breakfast be boring.

    9. A double-sided tongue scraper and brush, aka the oral hygiene gadget you never knew you needed. Bad breath and aftertastes can be left behind in 2020, thank you very much.

    10. A visual grocery list pad so you can just circle what you need and be able to check at the store at a glance — no more struggling to read your own handwriting (I feel ya). The rows are even organized by category and have spaces next to each to write down other items, so you won't have to keep doubling back to an aisle you've already been in for something farther down the list.

    The colorful pad with food icons arranged in categories from fruits to pet care to deli to snacks

    11. A 2021 wall calendar featuring a different unlikely animal friendship and the story of how they met each month, because goodness knows we could all use a little more wholesomeness in our lives.

    12. A hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-mold, and anti-yeast panty wash formulated by an actual gynecologist — so yes, she really *does* understand the problem you've had your whole vagina-having life and haven't wanted to talk about. It'll be delicate on your delicates but tough on all the gunk (yes, I am talking about discharge) you need to wash out of them.

    Bottles of the detergent

    13. A purring plush toy that'll be a game-changer for your anxious kitty and help them have a better 2021. When touched, a recorded purr will sooth them for two minutes. And even when it's quiet, it's sure to be their new BFF (sorry, you've been replaced).

    14. As-seen-on-TV Debbie Meyer GreenBags here to save you major waste and $$$ this year. They can keep your produce fresher much longer and be reused eight to 10 times!!!

    On the left, a barely browned banana in one of the bags. On the right, a banana with lots of brown spots, not in a bag

    15. A pair of sleek silicone mask applicator brushes with several benefits that'll make a mask day more effortless (and therefore more relaxing): it evenly spreads a thick layer of product without any getting caught or wasted in bristles, it's easy to clean, and reduces mess!

    16. A compact and cord-free milk frother so you can save some $$$ and wow your friends by creating Starbucks-worthy drinks at home. Because if there's one thing you truly can't live without? It's coffee.

    17. A genius dongle case that can clip to a keyring and that literally everyone with an iPhone needs. Because who among us has not found ourselves dongle-less when we were desperate to listen to music or watch a video?

    Two of the black, flat, rounded triangular cases with a dongle-shaped slot, one of which is holding a dongle, clipped to a keyring

    18. The Skincare Set from cult-fave brand Glossier, so finally finding that perfect skincare routine this year will be as easy as clicking "add to cart."

    19. Adhesive weather- and sound-proofing strips to block drafts, leaks, and the sound of the people next door who haven't been quiet for even a second since stay-at-home started. Did you expect to find sympathy and salvation in the form of 33 feet of foam? No, but this year has been full of surprises.

    20. A Grace Eleyae satin-lined beanie that may look like a regular winter hat, but has a secret superpower — it'll protect, not damage, natural hair.

    21. Athena Club's natural, plant-based, aluminum- and cruelty-free deodorant, which not only comes in pretty packaging but will make you take back pretty much everything bad you've ever said about natural deodorant. Trust me — it was my fave daily routine update of 2020.

    The pink cylindrical tube with the caption "Natural deo that actually works!" with a heart eyes emoji

    22. A countertop dishwasher here to make the dreams of anyone with a small kitchen come true. Turns out that hand-washing dishes and spending an arm and a leg on having a full-size dishwasher installed aren't your only two options.

    23. A too-llamazing-for-words Emperor's New Groove potion crossbody bag that every Disney fan's wardrobe is, I'm sorry, incomplete without. Hit add to cart, Kronk.

    A model carrying the tall, thin crossbody bag shaped like a corked potion vial with details that make it look like it holds pink liquid and is labeled with the folded over llama label that could be easily confused for a skull

    24. Clever pant waist extenders for making old jeans (that are just a little too tight) feel comfy again — or for making your fave trousers work during early pregnancy or after a medical procedure. And, of course, you can also use these to make real (read: nonsweat) pants more quarantine-level comfy.

    25. Washable microfiber mop pads that'll fit on your trusty Swiffer WetJet or similar mops so you can kick wasteful and pricey disposable pads to the curb. They even pick up more gunk, so you'll wonder why you haven't been using these the whole time.

    26. A memory foam gel cushion to turn your desk chair into a luxurious, not miserable, experience for your tush. Truly, how have you and your glutes been working from home for nine months without this?

    The cushion on a rolling desk chair

    27. A beyond brilliant four-in-one convertible makeup brush (you read that right — I'm talking a concealer sponge plus blush, eyebrow, and shadow brushes all together), because makeup bag clutter and wasting time during your morning routine are two annoyances best left in 2020.

    28. Majorly space-saving hangers to transform your tiny closet into something you can work with until the day you can afford to move into a mansion with a Cher Horowitz-type closet with room for your whole wardrobe.

    29. A truly wonderful Wonder Woman chair cape, because after all these months, your work-from-home space needs a ~super~ makeover. You may not be an Amazonian/demigod princess, have super speed or strength, or travel by invisible plane, but everything you were able to accomplish despite the hellscape that was 2020? That should be enough to earn you a spot in the Justice League.

    An office swivel chair with the red, white, blue, and yellow cape attached to it

    30. A dishwasher-safe can colander sure to make anyone who stocked up on canned foods this year (same) but hates getting pungent liquid on their fingers (double same) say "I can't believe I went so long without this!"

    31. A primer mask that's a genius invention, IMHO. It'll help you get glowing and leave your whole dang face primed for a great makeup look in a far more luxe and spa-like way than your usual liquid primer. Oh, and did I mention it's only two bucks???

    32. A Rapid Ramen Cooker with over 2,000 5-star reviews that's a lazy cook's dream — it can cook your noodles in the microwave in three minutes and must have been designed by someone with a pretty genius ~noodle~ themselves.

    A reviewer's cooked ramen in the black rectangular bowl

    33. And a truly majestic piece of art that no home should be without this year, next year, or any year. Yes, I'm talking about Handsome Squidward.

    A figurine of Handsome Squidward from "SpongeBob," complete with tight clothes, a hint of chest hair, and chiseled jaw

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