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    35 Products That'll Make You Say, "Oh, Other People Have That Problem Too"

    Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks there has to be a better way to butter corn on the cob.

    1. Game-changing ceiling fan pulls, because apparently I'm not the only one who cannot for the life of me remember which cord controls the light and which controls the fan. Honestly, why don't they make all ceiling fans with these?!?

    2. Sleep-saving LED light-blocking stickers to take the annoying lights on all your household gadgets from wayyyyy too bright to *just right*. These are lifesavers for anyone who's ever stared with loathing at their clock in the middle of the night, wishing they could somehow reprogram it to be less bright and obnoxious.

    3. Clever pant waist extenders for making old jeans that are just a little too tight feel comfy again, or for making your fave trousers work during early pregnancy or after a medical procedure. And, of course, you can also use these to make real (read: non-sweat) pants more quarantine-level comfy. No, these aren't just something out of your dreams — we could all use a little extra room.

    4. A clean/dirty dishwasher magnet that's so simple yet game-changing, because apparently shouting "HEY ARE THESE DISHES CLEAN OR DIRTY" is a common refrain in other people's homes, too.

    The white octagonal magnet that reads "CLEAN" in black block letters when turned one way and "DIRTY" the other

    5. A convinient corn on the cob-buttering knife sure to make you wonder why you've ever let the joyous experience of corn on the cob be ruined by greasy fingers, unevenly seasoned corn, and inferior butter knives. See, I'm not a messy eater!!! Corn is just impossible!!!

    6. Beyond handy grocery bag handles made for anyone who REFUSES to make multiple trips into the house with their baggage. These babies make it possible to carry way more at once and can even hold the bags together in the back of the car so they don't spill.

    7. A wall-mountable mixer attachment organizer, because your fave stand mixer attachments are sooo helpful, but also so bulky that they pose a very unique storage struggle.

    8. Double-sided carpet tape for anyone who is pretty much unable to step onto their favorite rug without slipping so much it's like a full-on, Disney-movie-montage-worthy magic carpet ride. Your clumsy self can enter ~a whole new world~ with this stuff.

    reviewer's rug on wood floor with a roll of the tape

    9. A simply brilliant bracelet fastening tool, because you are correct — lobster claw bracelets are just unnecessarily impossible to fasten. This allows you to hold one end of your bauble steady instead of trying to contort your hands into unnatural positions just to put on your jewelry.

    10. Smart double shower hooks designed by someone who must have understood your desire to swap out just your curtain or just your liner without having to basically dismantle your whole shower setup every time. Let's leave the shower curtain struggles to the Bates Motel, shall we?

    11. A winged eyeliner stamp 5,000+ reviewers swear by because it takes getting a perfect cat-eye from time-consuming and near-impossible to quick and easy. Because not everyone was born with beauty YouTuber-level skills, and that is very much okay.

    12. A waterproof notepad that was probably invented by someone who shares your habit of having (then promptly forgetting) vitally important shower thoughts. we think they came up with the shower???

    A hand writing on the notepad suction cupped to the shower wall

    13. A special "bib" for your splashy faucet, because *everyone* drips water at least a bit when they wash their hands or dishes — you're not doing it wrong. Especially if you live in an NYC apartment with a very strange water pressure-to-sink-basin ratio like I do.

    14. A handy little gadget designed to ensure you never accidentally forget about your furry friend (and so you can stop second guessing whether or not you did when they give you those puppy dog eyes).

    15. An oh-so-helpful plastic bag holder for those moments when you feel like you'd need one or two additional limbs to stop meal prep from being such a mess. We've all been there — so why have we lived without these for so long?

    16. The ToiletShroom, a flexible unclogging tool for anyone who has ever been in a ~situation~ where a regular plunger was just not going to cut it, or who has ever been disgusted by the splashy mess plunging can result in. There is a better way — poo knew?

    17. An efficient blind cleaner brush that recognizes how tough it is to reach those crevices, it really does. But letting all that dust sit there would just be (window)sill-y.

    A hand using the three-pronged tool — with each part covered in microfiber — to reach in between blinds

    18. A simple-yet-brilliant lid organizer with adjustable dividers so you can finally, finally, FINALLY find the lid that actually fits the container you're using. *Extremely dramatic infomercial voice* If your reusable container drawer looks like a lawless wasteland, please know that you're not alone — but there is hope.

    19. A motion-activated toilet light that's a dream come true for people who always have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night (big mood) and want to be able to see what they're doing without subjecting their sleepy eyes to the harsh bathroom light.

    20. Adjustable bedsheet fasteners, because apparently you're not the only one who wakes up with their fitted sheet in a crumpled mess at least twice a week. Trust me — same.

    The black clip-on straps, which look like a three-pronged suspender, securing the edges of a fitted sheet around the bottom of a mattress

    21. Latex-free, reusable toe covers here to solve the lifelong problem of bandages and other covers never staying on your toes. These will keep you comfy no matter what blisters, corns, ingrown toenails, and calluses have to say about it.

    22. Specially designed hoodie hangers for those of you who have developed quite the hoodie collection in quarantine (or before) and struggle to keep them organized but still easily accessible in your closet.

    hoodies hanging on the orange hooks, which look like half hangers with an extra clip closing the circle on top

    23. A low-key genius burger holder sure to make anyone who tends to make a mess while eating feel super seen. No more spilling on your shirt, losing precious toppings out the back of the bun, or having to strategically calculate which bites to take for minimum mess. It's great for when you're on the go without real plates available, too.

    24. The Thaw Claw, a handy tool you can attach to the bottom of your sink to keep packages of food in place while you thaw them underwater — because yes, you did forget to take that steak out of the freezer even though you were reminded multiple times. ~Meat~ the product that'll help you thaw your protein in under half an hour, up to seven times (!!!) faster than usual.

    25. A game-changing salicylic acid, tea tree oil, and witch hazel body acne spray, because even if we don't like to talk about it, pretty much *everyone* sometimes gets zits places other than their face. Don't turn your back on backne, people!

    A hand spraying the product

    26. The Drop Stop, a car seat gap filler for anyone who has ever lost a pair of keys, a phone, or a french fry in the depths of their vehicle. This simple product is sure to make you wonder, why aren't all cars just made like this?!?!

    27. An Oxo dish squeegee for folks who hate touching icky food residue as much as I do, or who think that the REAL conversation we need to be having is how cleaning up the sink after doing dishes is worse than doing the dishes themselves. This baby can help with all of that (and cut down on your paper towel usage in the process).

    28. Super convenient shower curtain clips to put an end to those small (and not-so-small) bathroom floor floods you seem to cause every morning once and for all.

    29. A genius dongle case, because you're definitely not the only one who's always losing yours in the abyss of your bag or pockets. Just clip this to your wallet or keyring and never be dongle-less when you want to listen to music or watch a video again.

    Two of the black, flat, rounded triangular cases with a dongle-shaped slot, one of which is holding a dongle, clipped to a keyring

    30. A beyond helpful treat dispensing pad if your pupper despises baths above all else. You can just cover it in a spreadable treat like peanut butter and stick to the wall of your tub to trick your dirty doggo into standing still.

    31. An ingenious split pie pan made for anyone who is either super indecisive about flavors or who has a smaller household. You can make two types at once *or* make only half if you're craving gooey apple goodness but a full pie would just go to waste.

    32. An absolutely inspired car dipping sauce holder that is finally the conclusive proof you've been waiting for that other people eat in their cars as much as you do, and have also realized the center consoles were not made for ketchup. You'll pity your fellow fast food patrons who are still spilling ranch all over their seats.

    A reviewer dipping a chicken tender into a sauce cup stored in the red holder clipped to a car air vent

    33. Bushbalm's nude oil, aka a cruelty-free and vegan tea tree, jojoba, copaiba, and grapeseed oil blend made just for healing and preventing ingrown hairs — especially in more private places. Glad to know I'm not alone in this constant summer struggle.