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    31 Awesome Problem-Solving Home Products

    The fewer pesky problems you have to deal with, the more your house feels like a home.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Sunny & Honey Carpet Miracle, a cruelty-free formula you can use in most any carpet cleaning machine to battle stains made by humans and pets alike. Your dog isn't the only one who sometimes has accidents, though yours are less the bathroom variety and more the spilling-a-full-glass-of-Merlot variety.

    It's from a family-run small business that specializes in cleaning products, especially ones for homes with pets!

    Promising review: "Worth every penny. I’ve bought this product so many times now I have it on auto ship! Saw the reviews and figured I’d give it a try. My cat likes to pee over the litter box and stained the brand-new carpet. I used this in my Bissell and it took all the stain and smell out!!! I’ll never use another cleaner." —Wendy

    Get it from Amazon for $19.97 (or Subscribe & Save for $18.97).

    2. Game-changing ceiling fan pulls, because apparently I'm not the only one who cannot for the life of me remember which cord controls the light and which controls the fan. Honestly, why don't they make all ceiling fans with these?!?

    3. The Thaw Claw, a handy tool you can attach to the bottom of your sink to keep packages of food in place while you thaw them underwater — because yes, you did forget to take that steak out of the freezer, even though you were reminded multiple times. ~Meat~ the product that'll help you thaw your protein in under half an hour, up to seven times (!!!) faster than usual.

    4. A super-easy-to-put-up-and-take-down pet door made for sliding doors, because you want your doggo to have freedom to wander outside *sometimes* but not all the time. And you definitely don't want to deal with installing a regular doggy door. Plus, the opening on this one goes all the way to the ground, so senior fur babies won't have to step over anything.

    5. Super-convenient shower curtain clips to put an end to those small (and not-so-small) bathroom floor floods once and for all.

    6. Command adhesive towel bar that's such a clever solution for anyone who rents — you can finally add some extra storage to your bathroom or kitchen without losing your deposit (or spending more than $15)!

    It holds up to three pounds and works on most types of surfaces.

    Promising review: "I rent my house and needed a solution without putting new holes in the wall. This looks and feels like a 'real' towel bar! I’m so glad I was able to find such a great solution for a rental property." —caraashley

    Get it from Amazon for $13.79.

    7. The Laundress Crease Release spray, aka vegan and cruelty-free magic in a bottle that can make wrinkled clothes wearable with just a few spritzes — and no iron. Best of all, you can even use it on clothes you're already wearing and didn't have time to press...because you were, well, ~pressed~ for time.

    8. A rolling storage cart that can slide into small spaces in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or pretty much anywhere you're desperate for a little extra space.

    9. An amazingly convenient veggie chopper from the kitchen geniuses at Oxo that'll not only save you a ton of time dicing ingredients, but also allow you to smoothly and easily pour out the cut vegetables when you're done. I bet this can shave 10 minutes off meal prep and cleanup, easily.

    10. Oh Yuk jetted tub cleaner that'll clean your jets in just 15 minutes and is named for exactly what you'll say when you see all the gunk that was hiding in them. This'll solve a problem you didn't even know you and your bathtub had!

    11. A roll-up dish rack that's so much more than a dish rack. It'll save you a ridiculous amount of counter space, both during cooking and cleanup, since you can use it to dry dishes, thaw meat, and strain veggies, or even as just another place to put cutting boards and dishes during meal prep. And when you're done, you can just roll it up and put it under the sink!

    12. A convenient book weight to hold your place hands-free whether you're reading a magazine outside on a breezy day, propping open a cookbook on the counter, or using your hands to munch some popcorn while you devour a new thriller.

    long weight holding down both sides of a book

    13. Adjustable bedsheet fasteners that'll actually keep your fitted sheet in place ONCE 👏 AND 👏 FOR 👏 ALL. Really.

    14. A simple-yet-brilliant lid organizer with adjustable dividers so you can finally, finally, FINALLY find the lid that actually fits the container you're using. *Extremely dramatic infomercial voice* If your reusable container drawer looks like a lawless wasteland, please know that you're not alone — but there is hope.

    15. A creative and customizable cord- and router-concealing box made from vintage books to hide your eyesore of a router and tangles of wires in the most ~highbrow~ of ways.

    16. A convenient bed shelf that perches on the edge of your bed frame to make splurging on a bedside table totally unnecessary (or, if you already have a bedside table, give you extra space for your endless water glasses and unread books, or make some room on the other side of the bed for when your partner sleeps over).

    the wood shelf perched on the side of a bed holding a mug, smart home device, earbuds, a phone, and a journal

    17. An endlessly reusable, nonadhesive hair remover roller you can just glide over your furniture to suck up the seemingly impossible amounts of fuzz your beloved fur baby deposits on a daily basis. Yes, you can now wear black pants and have company over! Maybe even both at the same time!

    18. Glisten Disposal Care foaming cleaner, which'll not only stop your garbage disposal from smelling like something died down there, but also look dang cool doing it.

    the cleaner starting to form a blue foam in a reviewer's disposal
    the blue foam filling the sink

    All you gotta do is run some hot water, pop one of the packets in your disposer, let it foam, then wait for the foam to fully disappear. Then, kiss all the ickiness that's been living down there goodbye!

    Promising review: "WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE???! Holy cow, I didn't realize how easy and quick it was to clean a garbage disposal until I bought this product! Typically, I'd just use vinegar and baking soda down the drain and call it good. I didn't know that there was an actual disposal cleaning product available until I stumbled across it through a BuzzFeed article. I had to try it. The instructions are very simple. It literally takes five minutes and some hot water and VOILÀ! you have a clean, no-longer-stinky garbage disposal. Any time I got a whiff of an odor, all I did was drop one of these packs in the disposal and the smell was GONE! Plus, the blue foam bubbling in the sink was amusing to watch. Worth every penny!!" —VadersGirl

    Get two bags of four packets each from Amazon for $9.90.

    19. A double-pocket caddy that can rest perfectly over the arm of your sofa to ensure you'll never lose your phone or remote in the abyss between the cushions again. Only TRULY organized people can claim to know where the remote is at all times, so congrats.

    the tan caddy resting on a sofa arm and holding a remote in one large pocket

    20. A snaking tool to free your drain of all the hair that's already there. I've always thought I had a strong stomach for before and after photos, but, people, I think we have found my limit.

    21. A super-helpful strainer bin set for anyone who has v little patience for hand-washing clothes (same). It not only speeds up the process, but also works great for small spaces (it's designed to fit in sinks) and saves you from sticking your hands in the icky water. You don't even need to tip it over to empty it when you're done — the base bucket has a drainage plug!

    22. A super-handy adjustable jar opener so you'll never again have to give up on having a pickle or spaghetti sauce because dang, do they superglue that stuff closed!?!?!

    hands using the opener

    23. Wet & Forget shower spray, which'll revolutionize the way you clean your bathroom. True to its name, all you have to do is spray your shower or tub, let it sit overnight, and rinse it the next morning to reveal a cleaning miracle. It works so well, you only need to use it once a week!

    reviewer's shower tile with huge white stain
    the tile clean and bright

    Promising review: "This stuff is amazing! I had a horrible gray ring in the bottom of my shower that was impossible to remove. I had tried the Dawn dish soap method (with a lot of scrubbing) and had even used toilet bowl cleaner to try to remove the soap scum. My next step was to tear out and replace the shower pan and tile. I figured this was my last chance. I ordered the Wet & Forget spray and really coated the shower walls and floor pan and walked away. I CANNOT begin to tell you how happy I was to rinse down the walls sometime later and watch all that crud roll right down the drain!! This is the best product I have ever used in my life!! Works great and no toxic fumes!!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $16.89.

    24. A draft stopper that'll close up the space under your door to keep out the chilly breeze this time of year. Reviewers ❤️ it for a multitude of other uses, too — blocking warm air in the summer, reducing noise, keeping bugs out, or even keeping pets from sticking paws or knocking toys under doors and appliances.

    25. A genuinely genius butter spreader knife with little holes to help you get spreadable butter from even the hardest sticks, because you're never more impatient than when you're hungry, and hanger and impossible-to-spread butter and broken toast really do not mix well.

    Reviewer's knife with holes that pull up strips of butter from the stick

    26. A clever four-slot spoon rest that's a serious upgrade to the basic one you've been using, because who actually uses just one utensil when cooking?? This baby was designed with all your drippy spoons, spatulas, and tongs in mind.

    27. A hairbrush-cleaning tool for anyone who, like me, becomes disgusted by hair the second it is no longer attached to a head and always procrastinates cleaning buildup from their brushes so they don't have to — *gasp* — touch it. This thing is willing to deal with that grossness for you.

    28. A remarkably clever and reliable spray bottle hanger to save tons of space in cabinets, laundry rooms, bathrooms, or anywhere you store cleaning products. You just stick 'em to the wall like you would a regular Command strip — which means they can adhere super strongly to multiple surfaces without leaving damage or requiring you to break out a hammer and nails.

    A reviewer's wall with eight spray bottles each mounted on one of these hangers

    29. A genius