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    23 Pieces Of Decor That No One Will Believe Are From Amazon

    You, picking up your phone: Who's this? HGTV? You want me to replace Chip and Joanna? I think I can make some room in my schedule...

    1. A cool and functional corner shelf that hundreds of reviewers love.

    2. A velvet pillowcase to add a luxe touch that's also fun to touch.

    3. A customizable set of bamboo coasters that make a personal state-ment. You can choose any four states that are meaningful to your family for your set!

    4. Geometric string lights ready to whip even the most ho-hum of spaces into shape.

    5. A funky shag rug that's so soft, it may make you want to invite way too many friends to stay at your place so you'll have no excuse but to sleep on the floor. With this, that doesn't sound so bad.

    6. An OMG-worthy storage ottoman if you're ready to take a walk on the wild side with your decor choices.

    7. Cool peel-and-stick wallpaper printed with a cityscape that's not regular wallpaper, it's easy wallpaper, so it's perfect for treating your walls to a quick vacation from the same old same old.

    8. A chic-as-heck desk lamp with an adjustable angle and height so you can get it *extremely Jesse McCartney voice* right where you want it.

    9. A gorgeous unicorn jewelry dish to add a fantastical touch to your dresser.

    10. A gorgeous piece of wall art printed on a vintage dictionary page for an eye-catching accent that's totally word.

    11. A stunning tapestry everyone will think you picked up in your world travels.

    12. An unbelievably adorable posable dog lamp who is an incredibly good boy — he's got three brightness settings and the power/dimmer button right on top of his head, so all you have to do is give him a boop to get him to obey.

    13. An absolutely hysterical Jeff Goldblum shower curtain that not only will no one will believe you got on Amazon, but no one will be able to believe you got at all. I don't know why or how this exists, but I'm damn glad it does.

    14. A duo of sleek, modern planters to make your plants instantly Pintrest-worthy.

    15. A golden turtle trinket box that'll make the perfect luxe touch if you're willing to shell out a little extra dough.

    16. A too-cute-for-words mat to brighten up your kitchen, bathroom, or entryway with a colorful rendering of your favorite breed of pup. But be warned — your actual doggo might get jealous.

    17. A fleecy ombre throw blanket that'll look just as good draped over your couch as it'll feel draped over your shoulders.

    18. A rose gold hanging grid organizer to transform your desk from a cluttered pile of papers to the HQ of an HBIC in minutes.

    19. A classy metal wall clock so you'll never have to ask "What time is it?" unless you're jamming to the High School Musical 2 soundtrack.

    20. A rustic photo display rack you can totally tell people you DIYed — I won't tell.

    21. A dachshund bookend set that anyone who loves books and doggos will think is a total wiener.

    22. A quirky blown glass holiday ornament, because what tree would be complete without a nod to your obsession with guac or undersea life?

    23. And a hella glam round mirror to reflect your excellent taste.

    Looking around your home once it's decorated with all this lovely stuff:

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