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    28 Office Products You Can Get On Amazon That People Actually Swear By

    Game-changing products that might be even better at their job than you are at yours.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Jumbo sticky note divider tabs that'll give you the most organized notes of your life.

    2. A pencil case to top all pencil cases, with enough room to stash tons of supplies, plus plenty of compartments for keeping everything organized. You'll come to realize that not unlike dresses, pencil pouches without pockets are simply inferior.

    3. A pretty file folder that can expand to hold up to 150-200 sheets of paper, I sheet you not.

    4. A sweet mini vacuum here to make sure the crumbs from that sandwich you ate at your desk on Tuesday don't bug you all week.

    reviewer photo of them holding the red lady bug vacuum cleaner

    5. Adhesive cable clips so a tangled mess of cords won't get in your way when you're working on a project and it's coming down to the wire.

    6. A Rocketbook Everlast smart notebook, which allows you to upload your handwritten notes to your devices and reuse the pages over and over just by wiping them clean with water. Seriously.

    7. A set of erasable pens because, in the immortal words of Queen Hannah Montana, everybody makes mistakes.

    8. A Panda Planner, which has over 3,000 positive reviews and might not just be a planner, but rather a way of life.

    9. Or a tear-off planning pad for folks who prefer to take things one day at a time.

    person writing in the tear off planner

    10. A minimalist eraser that looks way more grown-up than the pink ones you used in school, because you're an adult. An adult who has never once spelled the words "occurrence" or "guarantee" correctly on their first try, mind you, but an adult nonetheless.

    11. Ingenious highlighters with partially clear points so you can actually highlight perfectly every time — you can see clearly now the bulky marker tip is gone.

    12. A colorful faux leather desk organizer that looks way more expensive than it is.

    an orange desk organizer housing office supplies and electronics

    13. A game-changing hanging wall organizer with six removable folders for holding every last one of your papers, plus a handy clear pocket for displaying must-see documents.

    14. A set of colorful fine-tip pens that over 9,000 reviewers think have the write stuff for everything from color coding to bullet journaling to coloring to note-taking.

    15. An aww-worthy kitty tape dispenser definitely worth taking some time to paws to admire even on the busiest of workdays.

    the cat tape dispenser

    16. An electric pencil sharpener that doesn't require the elbow grease that the manual sharpeners of yesteryear did, nor will it cause your pencil tips to break immediately. You could say it gets ~straight to the point~.

    person sharpening a pencil in the electric sharpener
    person taking tin out of the sharpener to reveal all of the contained pencil shavings

    Promising review: "Great little electric pencil sharpener. My children have used, and broken, about 8 of the small, plastic manual pencil sharpeners. Those never seems to last and frankly, I'm shocked one of my kids hasn't sharpened a finger. This is a little loud (in my experience they all are) but it works very quickly. I wish I had thought to purchase this for our home office years ago!" –LaurenSLP

    Price: $17.12+ (available in three colors)

    17. A no-slip mouse pad with over 9,000 (!!!!!!) positive reviews, designed to be super fast and smooth for gaming, but works for less entertaining tasks (read: the work you're supposed to be doing instead of gaming) just as well.

    18. A clever cube that can fit up to 96 pens, pencils, markers, brushes, or whatever utensils float your boat. The days of having stray pens all over your desk are history.

    19. A huge box of cool gel pens sure to make everyone else gel-ous.

    20. Oversized cheeky sticky notes that'll motivate you to kick your work's butt today, while still being honest about the likelihood of not finishing absolutely everything on your to-do list.

    the green to-do sheet

    21. A pretty metallic phone stand to keep your most prized possession on convienient display even while charging.

    22. A sleek faux leather desk mat that'll not only protect the surface of your desk, but have your office looking CEO-level sharp.

    23. Work-themed affirmation cards to keep at your desk for when you or a coworker needs a boost, because the best way to spread office cheer is by reading one of these for all to hear.

    24. A trusty pair of scissors that are a cut above the rest.

    person using the scissors to cut through teal paper

    25. Some sleek, rose gold binder clips, paper clips, and push pins to add some major style to your mountains of expertly organized papers and documents.

    the rose hold paper clips, a binder clip, and a push pin
    the rose gold paper clips, push pins, and binder clips in a clear container

    Promising review: "I was being picky about my desk supplies and wanted rose gold supplies and marble accents. I ordered these and they are so perfect! The paper clips have a little 'lip' that separates the papers a little bit, but everything is so cute and I love the container it comes in as well." —Theresa

    Price: $10.98

    26. A portable dual monitor for your laptop, if you're working from home and have been missing the multi-screen setup from your in-office gig (or if you could simply use an extra screen).

    A laptop with a small black monitor attached to the existing monitor on a desk

    It's compatible with Mac, PC, and Chrome laptops between 13 and 17 inches, and attaches with device-safe metal plates. The magnetic pull is strong and durable, but has an easy removal process when you need to pack up for work equipment. You can also adjust and angle the monitor to your liking.

    Promising review: "This product is great and makes working remotely so much better. I have two monitors at my office desk and I am simply not as fast and efficient when I work from home or while traveling only using my laptop. This second screen is an easy way to get that second monitor back. Pair it up with a wireless mouse and keyboard and it feels like my office setup from anywhere I work." –Juan Mac Donald

    Price: $299.99 (available in black or silver)

    27. Or a document clip that attaches to your computer and holds your paper notes at monitor-level.

    This gadget holds up to 30 sheets of paper and can swing back and forth.

    Promising review: "This lightweight arm holds at least 20 pages without falling out. I use this to prioritize things I need to get done and it keeps me from losing paper in piles. I have neck issues because I am constantly looking down and this keeps my head up and makes data entry easier because it's right next to the screen. It also pivots so I can adjust the angle." —Life Is Short

    Price: $11.29

    28. And finally, your very own Dundie award to display on your desk with pride.

    a gold dundie award

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