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    Nexcare Acne Patches Suck All The Goo Out Of Your Zits And It's The Most Satisfying Thing I've Ever Seen

    Warning: pictures of pimple pus ahead.

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    We've all had them β€” those zits that we need gone, like, NOW. Maybe it's super painful and swollen, maybe it's an ever-growing whitehead that's grossing you out, or maybe it's relatively small but oh-so-tempting to pick at. Regardless, it's making you wish it were safe and possible to go like this:


    (It's not, btw, unless you're a sponge with opposable thumbs).

    When I've had one of those lately, I've been turning to Nexcare acne patches. I've tried a few brands of pimple patches (we've written about several here on ye ole BuzzFeed), but these are my fave so far. They stay on well and are transparent enough to wear in public (I feel like they're often even less noticeable than the zit itself!).


    I've even been in the shower and forgotten I had one on, only to find it still securely in place.

    One box comes with two different sizes, so just find the one that fits the zit, pop it on, and go about your business! They're super gentle and don't hurt like popping a pimple can.

    Most importantly, of course, they're hella effective at absorbing the gunk that was once festering under your skin. Here are some I have taken off my own face, each one with a different popped-pimple-pus pattern, each one beautiful like a snowflake.

    Katy Herman/BuzzFeed

    These pics were taken after leaving the patch on overnight, which is how I find them to be most effective. They need several hours to really knock out a blemish. I also use them during the day, but often find I take them off too early. They also work best on pimples that are already a little bit open β€” a sucker that's not quite ready to pop won't usually yield results as dramatic as this. Still, putting on a patch during the day or on a non-open zit can still help an acne emergency. I find that they mask the zit a bit and help prevent you from picking at it or making it worse. If nothing else, the blemish is usually a little less huge and swollen when a patch comes off.

    And let me say, I am slightly obsessed with them. I accidentally ordered several boxes at once a couple months ago, and it may be the best thing I ever accidentally did. Now, I keep a sheet of 'em in my work bag, my purse, my toiletry bag, and my bathroom shelf. When I'm out somewhere and have a pimple that's bugging me, I want to use one right away. It's basically as much of a purse necessity as lotion or Chapstick. Sometimes I find myself almost wishing to get a zit so I can use them, because they're just so dang satisfying. Like I said, obsessed.

    And clearly, I'm not alone in my obsession. These babies have over 2,400 positive reviews, and the general consensus seems to be that these patches are magic.,

    "Okay, what is this sorcery?? I can't believe I never knew these existed. I seriously felt like a teenager again last weekend. Literally days after talking about how great my skin has been, this giant, painful, bulging zit was starting to form right in the middle of my chin. A week before my cousin's wedding, naturally. It was like it wouldn't stop growing, and spot treatment solution was doing absolutely nothing. It hurt so bad, and I couldn't help trying to pop it, but it refused. Then I heard about these. I placed one on my chin the second they arrived in the mail. After a few hours, I saw the white forming and I was curious and peeled it off. Then I put a fresh one on before bed, and come the next morning...HOLY COW, the entire dot of the patch was now a giant white blob. This zit was no joke. It's amazing how much fluid/pus had to get sucked out. Like I said, this is some magic. The zit completely went away within a day." β€”Heather R. Weather

    "I don't know how these little guys work, but work they do. I had one blemish for so long that I assumed it and I would be cremated together when that time came. Two of these guys later, and not only was the blemish gone, but the portal through which it came from the underworld and into my life was miraculously not only closed, but healed. I'm now working on my new identity without the devil's own blemish, which is a refreshing change from my usual daily partnership with that soulless eruption. Thank you, Nexcare." β€”BMac

    Is it weird that I kind of think these perfectly round globs of skin goo are low-key works of art????,

    "Leave on overnight and wake up with all/most of the pus on the patch instead of in the pimple. Way better than any other brands I’ve tried! They stick really well and don’t fall off like other brands." β€”Emily

    Whether you're dealing with cystic acne or whiteheads, these tiny patches can make a BIG difference.,

    "I’m in my mid-twenties with severely oily skin that results in acne spots, and nothing I've ever tried beats these little stickers at spot treatment for acne. I've tried these on both whiteheads and cystic acne and they work great with both, either getting rid of the bump or taking it down a huge amount. I put them on after my skin has fully dried from my nightly skincare routine and peel them off whenever I get up. I personally find them work best with popped acne, with the sticker acting as a bandage to seal it and allow the skin to start healing, but I have used it with non-popped cystic acne before and it does work to take it down quite a bit. I highly suggest that you at least try these if you have acne problems." β€”LR

    Honestly, think about all the $$$ you've spent on acne products over the years. Apparently, you could have saved on all those splurge-y spot treatments and just gotten one pack of enough of these wonders to zap tens of zits for under $5. You're never going back now.,

    "Amazing product. Would pay a lot more for it, LOL! Plus, I'll save money because I won't have to spend so much on acne products. Overnight, the patches absorb the gunk out of pimples, even the deep cystic ones. Usually, it takes two consecutive nights to heal a pimple. It must be applied to clean, product-free skin. There's no discoloration is left behind or scabbing that you will be tempted to pick at. I just can't say enough good things about this product. You've got to try it to believe it. It's not too good to be true." β€”S. Harmon

    And in case you don't believe me about them being discreet, can you even tell these reviewers have them on???,

    "These little, almost invisible stickers really work! Leave one on a zit for about six to eight hours and the zit is GONE! I've tried a lot of products over my 30 years of having acne and I am so impressed with this one." β€”Terryoke

    One more pus picture for the road:


    Get a box of 36 patches from Amazon for $4.05.

    How you'll feel after pulling all that ick out of your pores:


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