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    Nexcare Acne Patches Suck All The Goo Out Of Your Zits And It's The Most Satisfying Thing I've Ever Seen

    Warning: pictures of pimple pus ahead.

    We've all had them β€” those zits that we need gone, like, NOW. Maybe it's super painful and swollen, maybe it's an ever-growing whitehead that's grossing you out, or maybe it's relatively small but oh-so-tempting to pick at. Regardless, it's making you wish it were safe and possible to go like this:

    When I've had one of those lately, I've been turning to Nexcare acne patches. I've tried a few brands of pimple patches (we've written about several here on ye ole BuzzFeed), but these are my fave so far. They stay on well and are transparent enough to wear in public (I feel like they're often even less noticeable than the zit itself!).

    Most importantly, of course, they're hella effective at absorbing the gunk that was once festering under your skin. Here are some I have taken off my own face, each one with a different popped-pimple-pus pattern, each one beautiful like a snowflake.

    And clearly, I'm not alone in my obsession. These babies have over 2,400 positive reviews, and the general consensus seems to be that these patches are magic.

    Is it weird that I kind of think these perfectly round globs of skin goo are low-key works of art????

    Whether you're dealing with cystic acne or whiteheads, these tiny patches can make a BIG difference.

    Honestly, think about all the $$$ you've spent on acne products over the years. Apparently, you could have saved on all those splurge-y spot treatments and just gotten one pack of enough of these wonders to zap tens of zits for under $5. You're never going back now.

    And in case you don't believe me about them being discreet, can you even tell these reviewers have them on???

    One more pus picture for the road:

    Get a box of 36 patches from Amazon for $4.05.

    How you'll feel after pulling all that ick out of your pores:

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