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    27 Gloriously Geeky Products Under $10

    Because oftentimes fandom makes you broke, but it doesn't have to.

    1. A Harry Potter origami book for anyone interested in trying a magical new hobby (or who just needs something to do with their hands other than munch Bertie Botts during their next HP movie marathon).

    2. A fun Funko Pop! figure of a favorite TV character to add to your ever-growing collection. If you're anything like me, your desk and shelf space at home are already filled with Funkos, but you just can't help yourself!!!

    3. LOL-worthy Superman socks complete with a cape that'll have everyone saying "It's a bird, it's a plane,'s novelty footwear!"

    4. A squee-worthy set of mini glow-in-the-dark Kodama figures to guard any Princess Mononoke fan's desk or plants.

    5. A LOL-worthy pair of socks any self-respecting member of S.P.E.W. should own.

    6. A badass Wonder Woman tiara necklace to make you feel powerful every dang day.

    7. A set of Game of Thrones Hand of the King bottle openers, because the first step to drinking and knowing things is to actually open the bottles.

    8. An "Ew, David" sweater sticker you should buy just for ~Schitts~ and giggles.

    9. A sweet Totoro decal who's happy to take a ride in your car and gaze out the window, since the cat bus wasn't available.

    10. The Unofficial Harry Potter Insults Handbook so you can be as hilariously sassy as Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince-era Harry.

    11. A positively gorgeous enamel pin paying homage to a true national treasure, one which you could ~marvel~ at all day long.

    12. A cool Hogwarts Express ticket coin purse that will be perfect for stashing your Galleons, Sickles, and Knuts, but unfortunately may not actually grant you access to Platform 9¾.

    13. A duo of itty-bitty Bulbasaur planters you won't be saur-y you bought. Prepare for cuteness, and make it double.

    14. A set of clever Disney charger stickers to make your charging plug about a zillion times more magical. Plus it comes with bonus stickers to use on everything you own and turn your space into the happiest place on Earth.

    15. An out-of-this-world Darth Vader apron you should get for yourself, and maybe also for your father. But you know what he'll say when he puts it on.

    16. A whimsical set of stickers featuring perfume bottles with the adorable Eeveelutions inside, for anyone who is a fashionista and a Pokémon stan in equal measure. Just @ me next time.

    17. A Black Panther-inspired necklace which may not be made of genuine Vibranium, but will help ensure you never freeze.

    18. An inspirational Dr. Who quote poster sure to make you say "awww." Because, like the Tardis, your heart is bigger on the inside.

    19. Cuddly Iron Man and Black Panther Beanie Babies so you can begin to assemble your own crew of fuzzy Avengers.

    20. A pretty enamel pin for anyone who has at least one AO3 tab open on their computer at any given time (it me).

    21. An adorkable How To Train Your Dragon necklace sure to throw a ~hiccup~ in the plans of anyone else trying to win the title "Most Geek Chic."

    22. A beaded friendship bracelet any Jughead stan needs in their life.

    23. An unbelievably adorable Niffler earring and ear cuff set depicting two of these fantastic beasts and a trail of jewels they've taken from unsuspecting victims (unfortunately, there's no mention of exactly where they found them).

    24. A set of Stranger Things sticky tabs sure to make everyone in class or at work rate your organizational skills an ~Eleven~ out of ten.

    25. An acrylic pin that's an absolutely huge mood.

    26. An OMG-worthy bar of D20 gaming dice soap, because being Dungeon Master doesn't mean you have to smell like a dungeon.

    27. And finally, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh! card you always wanted as a kid but could never get anyone to trade to you. Or maybe you had one that was your prized possession, but your mom sold it on eBay the second you moved out.

    When someone says you have to spend a lot of money to get great geeky merch:

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