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    29 Products That Deserve An Award For Being So Multitalented

    These wonders are like Phineas and Ferb — stick with them, cause they're gonna do it all.

    1. Genius, as-seen-on-TikTok storage scrunchies, because we've established that the pockets in most clothes are simply insufficient. Pop this baby on your wrist or in your hair for a hands-free and discreet way to keep all your essentials close. Plus, your cash and lip balm will appreciate their George Costanza–approved new life of being draped in velvet.

    2. The cult-fave Instant Pot Duo, a programmable wonder that can cook pretty dang much anything and be the only kitchen gadget you need — it'll serve as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, sauté pan, steamer, and rice cooker. All you have to do is toss in your ingredients and hit a button, and let this baby take it from there.

    3. An under-desk mount to organize *and* charge your must-have devices. It's got three USB ports, two arms to hold over-ear headphones or a smartwatch, slots for cords and earbuds, and three wire clips included! Wow, tech you and your fabulous, do-it-all desk out.

    the black port stuck under a desk, holding headphones and a a watch and charging a phone

    4. Bio Oil, an amazing vitamin A and E formula that over 4,000 5-star reviewers swear by for working all sorts of skincare miracles, from fading scars to smoothing and moisturizing. Basically, it's the secret ingredient your self-care routine has been missing.

    5. A game-changing wine gadget that's a stopper, pourer, aerator, filter, and recorker all in one and a must-have addition for anyone who drinks wine. It's under $10, so wine not?

    wine being poured from the stopper

    6. And an ingenious champagne stopper, which doesn't just reseal your precious bottle but also increases the pressure inside to preserve the bubbles. It even features a dial to help you mark the date you opened it on the top of the stopper! Because honestly, nothing should stop you from pouring an individual glass of bubbly for you and you alone.

    7. A wall-mounted bathroom organizer that'll pretty much handle all your latrine needs in one fell swoop. It comes complete with several storage compartments and hooks, a towel bar, a phone holder, 2–3 sleek cups, room for up to four toothbrushes, and even a toothpaste dispenser!!

    the white organizer on a reviewer's wall, with three colorful cups and holding toiletries and a towel

    8. Jane Iredale Just Kissed lip and cheek stain, a long-lasting, two-for-the-price-of-one wonder in a tube that may be all you need for an easy, natural makeup look.

    9. Or a creamy, jojoba oil–infused version from Subtl Beauty if you're looking for a richer pigment. Each tub can last up to 60 uses, and it's vegan!

    model applying bold pink shade from tub to lips and cheeks

    10. A roll-up dish rack that's so much more than a dish rack. It'll save you a ridiculous amount of counter space, both during cooking and cleanup, since you can use it to dry dishes, thaw meat, and strain veggies, or even as just another place to put cutting boards and dishes during meal prep. And when you're done, you can just roll it up and put it under the sink!

    11. Nizoral shampoo, which markets itself as anti-dandruff but can also be used as a game-changing wash-off mask to clear up fungal acne breakouts. Just look at these pics — it's miraculous either way.

    12. A tub of The Pink Stuff, aka an all-purpose paste you can use to scrub anything from cookware to cooktops and bathroom fixtures to rubber shoes shiny clean and free of stains. Just ~pink~ of all the icky things in your home you can finally clean with this stuff!

    13. A clever blending bottle that can take over every single part of the pancake-making process. It's got a cap that doubles as a stand to fill it with mix, plus a built-in whisk ball so you can just shake it to mix your batter. Then you can squeeze out the perfect, mess-free amount into the pan. Batter up!

    14. Durable all-purpose wipes made with aloe vera and vitamin E for everything from your hands to your car to tricky stains like grease, makeup, adhesives, and permanent marker. Paper towels are cancelled.

    15. The marvelous Alleyoop Pen Pal, aka an incredibly fun and convenient 4-in1 makeup pen that'll remind you of the multicolor pens of your youth. Just click down the various levers for eyeliner, lip liner, highlighter, and an eye/eyebrow pencil, all in one portable and adorable package.

    16. Mike's Hot Honey, a chili-infused honey that may make you realize you've been eating food wrong all your life — because pretty much anything is better with this stuff on it. Time to throw out all your other condiments, because you've found the one topping that works just as well for pizza and chicken as it does for ice cream and even in cocktails.

    17. A 4-in1 hole repair product that is a squeeze bottle of spackle with a built-in primer, plus has a built-in putty knife on the top and a sanding pad on the cap, so even the least handy people ever (me) can easily keep their walls looking like new.

    diagram of how it can apply spackle, smooth, and sand
    On the left, a wall with a triangular dent in it and the text

    Promising review: "Lifesaver! I recently moved from the apartment I'd been in for five years. It had faced some wear and tear. I like art so there were many holes in the walls. I was not looking forward to the daunting process of wall repair. Then I found this amazing little guy. It is so easy to use that I found myself searching for more holes to patch (it was oddly kind of fun too). Simply squeeze a little of the white primer onto the hole, flip it to the flat side, and smooth it out. I actually didn't use the sandpaper much at all. Only used it a couple of times to sand down two particularly ragged holes. I was able to fill all the holes in my apartment and still have plenty left, and it helped me get my security deposit back. Well worth every penny." —Julie

    Get it from Amazon for $6.97.

    18. An amazing and super-stretchy maxi dress with long straps you can wrap, tie, and drape in over 24 (!!!) different ways. Finally, the excuse you've been waiting for to order 24 new dresses (you can fit them all on one hanger 😉).

    19. A sleek toilet paper holder featuring a handy basket for storing your phone, a book, wipes, or whatever your on-the-john must-haves are without having to worry about dropping 'em in the bowl. A poem for you: It's 2023, I always bring my phone with me, and I think all toilet paper dispensers should be designed this way — hear my plea.

    The product in rose gold mounted on the wall. The toilet paper is held on a hook under the storage tray

    20. A sheet of oh-so-clever window film that puts the fun in "multifunctional." Not only will it give you the privacy you've been desperate for (hello, walking around in your undies in the middle of the day), but it'll also provide a unique decor element to your home by projecting a cool prism effect when the sun hits it just right.

    21. A multifunction pocket tool to keep on hand, because Scar may have been evil and all, but he had a point — you should always BE PREPARED. Even if you are someone (like me) who can't tell different types of wrenches apart, you'll be glad to have several at your disposal so you can be a hero next time you're at a party and something breaks (or, ya know, someone needs a bottle opener).

    The tool sliding into a wallet pocket

    22. A handy-dandy dish squeegee sure to make anyone who has ever done dishes and touched icky leftover food or struggled to clean up a spill say, "Where have you been all my life?!?!" One side is curved so it works on bowls as well as plates, and it can clean up sinks and countertops just as easily as it can dishes.

    23. An absolutely brilliant mini masterpiece that's both a bookmark and a reading log. The adorable illustration features 50 blank book spines for you to color in and write in titles as you make your way through your reading list, and then you can save it as a permanent record of your bookworm tendencies.

    24. A sleek and versatile pan with a built-in steamer and colander basket and a spatula that rests right in the handle. It's designed to be able to sear, braise, sauté, boil, fry, and serve all in one, so you'll get a ton of use out of this wonder. And even with all that practical stuff's sooooooo pretty.

    25. A worth-the-splurge Roomba robot vacuum to really and truly clean your home for you. It is compatible with Alexa, works with an app that allows you to fully customize its routine and make a map of your home, and even EMPTIES ITSELF (!!!) into its docking port for up to 60 days. Yup, all you gotta do is program it and change out the bag every two months — I think even you have time for that.

    26. A 3-in-1 avocado tool that's a splitter, de-pitter, and slicer all at once, because the only bad part about eating avocados is actually trying to get all that goodness out of the skin.

    27. Versatile and glitzy celestial ear jackets with optional cascading stars in the back. Rock 'em with the fringe for a bold statement, or wear just the front for a simpler stud that still packs a punch. Heck, you could even use the fringe part with different stud earrings. However you style 'em, your lobes will look ~out of this world~.

    reviewer wearing the gold and rhinestone earrings with constellation shaped studs and backs with chain fringe and matching star charms

    28. A genius butter dish and grip set that'll put your butter knife out of business. This is all you need to both store and spread buttery goodness — just pop the stick straight onto the grip and spread away for hassle-free pan greasing.