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    34 Cheap Things To Treat Your Mom To This Mother's Day

    Perfect prezzies under $25.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Beautiful, opalescent studs with major sparkle and a mini price tag.

    2. An out-of-this-world Baby Yoda card sure to cement your status as ~The Child~ she loves the most.

    3. An adorable little book that asks you to respond to prompts about your wonderful mama — from favorite memories to inside jokes — to create a tome she'll treasure way more than a super-pricey gift.

    4. A hilarious (and accurate) mug from which she can drink her precious, precious coffee.

    5. A chic nail polish set full of versatile shades but WITHOUT a lot of the unnatural stuff that's in other polishes — this brand is made without 10 major chemicals. After all, you mom is a ~natural~ beauty.

    6. A KeySmart tool that can hold up to 10 keys, clip onto other key ring items, and allow her to easily pop out the one she needs. Because right now, her key ring is so crowded and noisy you can hear her coming from miles away.

    7. Cheeks Out, Fenty Beauty's new cream blush, which is perfect for the makeup maven mom who's on top of the 411 and the cool trends.

    8. A foot massage roller that over 3,500 reviewers swear by, so she can take a load off at the end of a busy day. After all, being a mom is no easy feet.

    9. A set of heartfelt letters you can fill out for her to read now and later.

    10. A hydrating sheet mask set so she can give herself the pampering she deserves.

    11. Quirky cute cloud earrings perfect for the unique mama who ~rains~ supreme.

    12. A One Line A Day journal so she can record memories in seconds. She's a busy lady, after all.

    13. A beautiful deck of rainbow playing cards she'll love so much, she won't be able to keep a poker face.

    14. An eco-friendly candle set in a repurposed wine bottle, because wine not?

    15. An enamel pin that'll prevent her from even having to say a word to let the world know she's in charge.

    16. A gorgeous initial journal to ~letter~ know you're thinking of her.

    17. Glossier Balm Dotcom, the cult-fave lip balm and moisturizing salve sure to become one of the new must-haves in the survival kit/general store/pharmacy that is her purse.

    18. A spill-proof, insulated travel tumbler that you can personalize with any photo for the ~picture perfect~ gift.

    19. A vinyl sticker proclaiming the title she very much deserves. Putting up with you as a preteen? Downright heroic.

    20. A clever oven mitt so she can root for her favorite team even when the game gets ~heated~.

    21. A custom friendship bracelet beaded with any name or word close to her heart. They're so affordable, you may as well gift her a whole stack!

    22. A sweet little messenger bird containing a personalized note that'll definitely have her all in a twitter.

    23. A cute multitool that's a screwdriver, bottle opener, five-position wrench, ruler and file all in one and that outdoorsy moms will surely find to be ~doggone~ useful.

    24. A funky statement necklace she'll think you splurged on way more than you did.

    25. An adorable and magical bookmark set for anyone whose mom re-reads Harry Potter as often as mine does (in other words, at least once a year).

    26. A whimsical sugar spoon for any mama whose morning is not complete until she ~dives in~ to her caffeine fix.

    27. Fizzy, glittery, Prosecco-scented bath bombs so she can literally bathe in luxury for under 10 bucks. The only way to make it better? Bringing her a glass of real prosecco to go with it.

    28. Cheerful socks for a good cause — they're made from environmentally friendly materials by a cool brand that employs homeless youth.

    29. A set of beautiful file folders the master organizer in your life will absolutely adore.

    30. A fun inflatable foot spa kit so cute and luxe, she won't even miss going for mani pedis — the best spa in town is now her house.

    31. A marbled barrette set for a mom whose personal style totally ~rocks~.

    32. A clever tulip tea infuser that'll look pretty and practical on her Mother's Day breakfast-in-bed tray.

    33. A glittering crescent pendant she'll be ~over the moon~ to receive.

    34. A stunning bar of soap shaped like her birthstone for a gift that's useful yet personal — in other words, your status as the best gift-giver is set in ~stone~.

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