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    27 Hilarious Mother's Day Gifts That'll Probably Make Her Laugh Out Loud

    Mom jokes might be even better than dad jokes.

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    1. A straightforward mug that'll celebrate one of her greatest accomplishments: you, obviously.

    2. Some very helpful socks so she can literally put her feet up and get the pampering she deserves. Just note that your dad may not love this gift as much as she does.

    3. Or some fun earrings for the wine-loving mom, which she'll surely never get Bordeaux of.

    4. A "cool mom" sticker to thank your favorite momager. You're doing amazing at this gifting thing, sweetie.

    5. Super cute and realistic animal slippers that come in pretty much any creature you can imagine, so you're sure to find her favorite. She'll think you getting her a gift this perfect is quite the ~feet~.

    6. A genius bottle stopper featuring a fellow who's had a little too much — he'll fall over if she presses the stopper down! She's about to be the biggest hit of the wine mom Zoom call.

    7. A set of pencils emblazoned with grandma-appropriate swears, if you've got a wholesome matriarch who (almost) always keeps things PG.

    8. Or, for moms who are cool with getting more R-rated, Fifty Shades of Chicken, a hilariously steamy cookbook full of 50 Shades of Grey parody passages (from the point of view of the chicken) before every recipe. Oh, plus pics of shirtless dudes handling the bird. Yes, really.

    9. A soulful "Bohemian Rhapsody" card she might actually get mad at you for giving her — now she'll never get that song out of her head!!!

    10. A not-cheesy necklace for the biggest badass you know.

    11. OMG-worthy RBG socks so she can rep her ~supreme~ icon.

    12. A *terrifying* (if you're a gnome) landscaping kitty statue to bring a smile to the face of the woman who's been there for you gnome-atter what.

    13. A cheeky oven mitt available in several LOL-worthy styles that are equally perfect for the moms who love to cook and the ones who...don't love it so much.

    14. A mom-themed coloring book to help her unwind after a long day of being the best (but also most stressed) mama ever.

    15. A freaking fabulous flower cat cap any cat mom will want to put on their fur baby ASAP. Also, if your mom doesn't already run an Insta for the family kitty, this is the perfect reason to start.

    16. Squeal-worthy socks covered with your (or your pet's) beautiful face so she can just show people her feet instead of digging a picture out of her wallet to brag about her favorite child.

    17. And a funny-because-it's-true tote for the mom who's fed up with sexist crap.

    18. Toddlers Are A**holes: It's Not Your Fault, a book that'll make anyone who has (or has ever had) a young kid absolutely crack up. And let's face it, they REALLY NEED a break from "Baby Shark."

    19. A Mean Girls quote tee that the mom who always knows the 411, the hot gossip, AND the cool jams straight up deserves.

    20. Ready, Steady, Sculpt! Celebrities, which is basically a modeling clay version of Pictionary that your fam will have a blast playing with your pop-culture obsessed mama — whether she's crafty or not. TBH, this game will probably the funnier the more you both suck at sculpting.

    21. A punny card sure to beaver with a huge grin on her face.

    22. A dish towel for the mom whose cooking is so fabulous, you'd prefer it over anything Seamless has to offer.

    23. An honest cross-stitch kit she can display to let future guests know that she values her bedtime (or her Netflix time). I mean, you had to get it from somewhere.

    24. I Am More Beautiful Than... — a cheeky book of adorable illustrated affirmations listing a bunch of random stuff she is, in fact, more beautiful than. She'll LOL but also be very touched.

    25. A fuzzy corgi butt heating pad for moms who enjoy thicc pups and being cozy — two of life's greatest joys.

    26. A silly spoon rest ~hair~ to bring a touch of whimsy to her next culinary endeavor.

    27. And finally, an absolutely incredible float for anyone whose mom has both a pool and an impeccable sense of style. I'm sure she'll feel an incredible Birkin-ship with this prezzie.

    Your mom opening her gift:

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