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    Literally Just 34 Of The Best Graphic Tees I've Ever Seen

    Warning: graphic content ahead.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A soft tee that's a big meow-d for any pet-owning introvert.

    2. And a sweet baseball tee in a similar vein for those who prefer pups.

    3. A glam option to wear on those days when you can't makeup your mind about what to wear.

    4. A badass tee for anyone who is so beyond ready for the years to come.

    5. An adorable heart script tee from Ellen DeGeneres' clothing line you're sure to fall head over heels for.

    6. A cool BuzzFeed Unsolved tee inspired by the look of your old fave Saturday morning cartoons. I'm basically expecting Shane to blurt out "Zoinks!" in this picture.

    a white graphic t-shirt that reads "BuzzFeed Unsolved" with a graphic of the two hosts

    7. A ringer tee that'll spare you from having to raise your hand.

    8. A painterly pupper tee with a gorgeous portrait of your fave breed.

    9. A LOL-worthy Groot T-shirt sure to have everyone marveling at your wide range of emotions.

    a grey groot t-shirt

    10. A throwback-inspired tee to remind the world that we stan an educational icon. Even Arnold wouldn't want to stay home if he were wearing this.

    11. A bold message tee that asks perhaps the most important question of all.

    12. A whimsical pocket tee I'm going Peanuts over.

    13. An absolutely amazing and empowering ovary shirt sure to have everyone who sees it fallo-peein' themselves with laughter, and you'll just be ~egging~ them on.

    a black t-shirt that reads "ova-achiever"

    14. A BuzzFeed Good Advice Cupcake rainbow tee here to brighten your day.

    15. A message tee featuring a classic Oscar Wilde quote that I'm totally wilde about.

    16. A fitted Rolling Stones tee to actually give you some style satisfaction.

    17. A clever Harry Potter style in the format of a classic band tee, with the names of the books listed like show dates on the back. Dude, you didn't go to J.K. Rowling's 1997-2007 world tour? You missed out BIG TIME.

    18. Or a slightly cheekier HP-themed option for folks who have their own way of coping with never getting their Hogwarts letter.

    19. A cotton jersey tee featuring a sweet little cup of joe who truly believes in you.

    20. An Andy Warhol soup cans tee that's souper chic.

    21. A sassy tee emblazoned with your response when someone tells you you need to cool it with the animal puns.

    a blue graphic t-shirt that reads "zero *fox illustration* given"

    22. A sweet white tee depicting love in its truest form — a girl and her Frenchie.

    23. A Tyrion Lannister quote tee to remind everyone you meet not to question you.

    24. A gaming-inspired Disney Princess tee featuring all the classic badass ladies and their weapons of choice. Rapunzel's is a frying pan...who knew right?

    25. A truly regal option, which I sincerely hope you just read in Julie Andrews' voice. Otherwise we can definitely never be friends.

    26. And this floral-lettered beauty, which if you didn't read in Meryl Streep's voice, ditto.

    27. Matching Betty and Veronica tees to share with the BFF you text every Wednesday night after Riverdale.

    28. A tie-dye Fall Out Boy tee that this whole damn city thinks it needs, but not as much as I do.

    29. A cheeky option for anyone who loves period dramas just as much as they love regular drama.

    30. A rainbow tee with truly excellent advice (repeated over and over again because you need to hear it).

    31. A punny version for anyone who ABBA-solutely adores hoofed mammals and watching the "Dancing Queen" number on repeat.

    a white graphic tee that reads "Llamamia! Here I go again!"

    32. A colorful tee to help every ~moody~ former '90s kid get everyone to leave them the heck alone.

    33. A metallic foil Black Panther tee you should absolutely own — without question.

    34. And an aww-worthy T-shirt featuring a unicorn studying up on how to be extra magical ✨.

    Here's hoping you amass a collection of graphic tees larger than Sheldon Cooper's.

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